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Outer Sunken Citadel

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Sunken Citadel Core


The Compendium of Reproach needs a Glyph Key to be opened. The Key has disappeared underground some time too long ago to think about. According to the missing Keeper Rafe, the Key is hidden in a "Sunken Citadel", the entrance to which is in the underground drainage in the Dock area, sealed behind a secret door. Rafe described the location as "swarming with strange creatures", which are the fish-like people called Kurshok.


Looks like I've found the entrance to the "sunken citadel" Keeper Rafe talked about in his journal.  According to him, the Glyph Key disappeared underground some time too long ago to think about. Rafe also mentioned caverns "swarming with strange creatures" guess that's why the Keepers put a glyph lock on the entrance.  It would be nice to know what sort of creaturres, but the Keepers have never been much for useful detail.

Turns out, not only did the Glyph Key disappear down here, but so did Rafe.  The Keepers never sent anyone after him, but I don't expect he's still exploring the place.  I don't have any good leads on where to look for the Key, but I can start by looking for Rafe's remains.



Loot ListEdit


Entry Plaza
Ruby: 125g, near west wall of northern tunnel.
Bird Statuette: 125g, on altar against SE wall.
Diamond: 150g, floor near SW wall.

Northern Halls
Silver Candlestick: 50g, beside Pagan orders, on altar.
Gold Nugget: 150g, among rubble east of Theatre.
Silver Nugget: 100g, at the top of southern stairs.

Large Diamond: 500g, protruding from wall above stage.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, in southern chest.
Gold Coins: 75g, (x2) in southern chest.

Southern Halls
Ruby Tiara: 100g, in open coffin, central chamber.
Copper Bracelet: 75g, underwater, central chamber.
Silver Urn: 150g, on SE altar, central chamber.
Silver Candlestick: 50g, (x2) on table near window, east hall.
Red Jade: 100g, behind fallen support, east hall.

Gold Urn: 175g, in upper window of central walkway.
Golden Dagger: 50g, in chest below central walkway.
Pagan Battle Horn: 50g, on altar below arena floor.
Gold Goblet: 75g, in NW corner of northern sitting area.
Silver Nugget: 100g, among rubble in southern sitting area.


Bath House
Cat Statuette: 100g, in NE corner.
Ruby Goblet: 100g, on chair in pool.

Library Basilica
Purse of Coins: 50g, next to skeleton in NW study area.
Copper Bowl: 100g, on shelves below statue.
Silver Candlestick: 50g, on shelves below statue.
Silver Urn: 150g, in window behind statue.

Rare Book: 100g, (x2) in bookshelves in NE and SW corners.
Copper Coins: 25g, (x2) in bookshelf on southern end.
Golden Dagger: 50g, by Rafe's skeleton, western offshoot.

Eastern Basilica
Jade: 100g, underwater near blocked drain.

Eastern Stairs
Silver Nugget: 100g, among rubble near east doorway, mid level.
Kurshok Tapestry: 50g, on wall beyond south doorway, mid level.

Throne Room
Red Diamond: 150g, on top of giant column in SW.
Silver Coins: 50g, (x2) in NW chest.
Handful of Gems: 200g, in NW chest.
Gold Coin Pile: 75g, (x2) in eastern chest.
Kurshok Crown: (Latent Loot 600g), floating above throne.

42 items total, 4100 loot (+ 600).


Day 3Edit

Well, I didn't make any new friends, but I found the Glyph Key that the Keepers have been searching for.  Plus I picked up a little something extra for myself - not really my style in hats, but the gold it's made of should be worth a fair bit.  With the key, the Keepers will be able to open their Compendium after all.  I wonder what it says? Something tells me it isn't entirely good news.

Day 4Edit

Well I didn't make any new friends, but I found the Glyph Key that the Keepers have been searching for.  Plus I picked up a little something extra for myself - not really my style in hats, but the gold it's made of should be worth a fair bit. According to Rafe's journal, the Keepers lost the Key decades ago.  Only took me a day to find it.


  • The ruby-coloured diamond on top of a huge leaning column in the throne room.

Easter EggsEdit


  • Map file names are labeled dungeon1 and dungeon2.
  • The Crown is not solid while it is floating above Gruliac's throne, and so cannot be climbed upon.
  • There is a way to finish the mission without having to steal the Kurshok Crown. Firstly, do not read the Pagan book that says about the Crown. Secondly, when approaching Rafe's remains to get the Glyph-Key, do it carefully from the lefthand side of the library, past the column; this way you will not get into the area where the game tells you to read Rafe's journal (which includes information about the Crown and triggers the objective to steal it). After getting the Key and fulfilling all other objectives, you can head back to the Citadel Outskirts and towards the entrance without the Crown, and in the debriefing Garrett will still say that he stole it. This will also make the Crown appear in the Wieldstrom Museum later on, as you obviously won't have it with you.

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