Blooper Reel
Designed by
Dorian Hart
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The Blooper Reel is the bonus mission of Thief Gold. Set in the Lord Bafford's Manor level, it shows several bugs encountered by the team during the game's development, as well as humorous and parodied elements.

To quickly access the level, the line "starting_mission 16" must be added to the "USER.CFG" in the game folder, then a new game started. If it doesn't work, try to add the line "mission_map 1,2,3,4,5,15,6,7,16,9,17,10,11,12,13,14,18" to the "USER.CFG" (if it's not already there).


The briefing is the same as that shown before Lord Bafford's Manor, except that the images have been replaced by childish renditions.


  • Tour the level and see some of the things that cropped up as bugs during production of Thief - and some others that existed only in our rather twisted imaginations. When you've seen all you care to, press the button in the main entrance.


Starting GearEdit


  • 36 Broadhead Arrows
  • 9 Healing Potions
  • a Blackjack and a Sword


  • 8 Water Arrows
  • 36 Broadhead Arrows
  • 9 Healing Potions
  • a Blackjack and a Sword


  • 8 Water Arrows
  • 36 Broadhead Arrows
  • 9 Healing Potions
  • a Blackjack and a Sword


  • 20 Broadhead Arrows
  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 4 Water Arrows

Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Bafford Front Gate Guard 3 3 3
Bafford Guard 4 4 4 3 drunk guards in the southern guard room and 1 sober guard in the back streets.
Burning Guard 1 2 2
Apple Bowman 1 1 1
Pool Guard 1 1 1
Plaid Guard - 1 1
Shrimp 1 2 2 Absent from northern guard room on Normal.
Bafford Sergeant 2 3 3 1 fewer "Doof Sergeant" patrols the second floor on Normal.
Servant 3 3 3 "Holey servant" and 2 ninjas.
Cutty 1 1 1
Zombie 8 8 8 Non-hostile dancers.
Bugbeast 2 2 2
Living Crate 4 4 4
Fire Elemental 1 1 1 Non-hostile, stuck in fireplace.
Frogbeast 4 4 4 Non-hostile street patrol.
Burrick 6 6 6 3 non-hostile and 3 farting burricks.

Most AI are harmless. Only the pool guard, burrick-voiced guard, and bugbeasts present any threat.

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

Playing the mission on the Normal setting is not advisable, as some of the silly characters are removed. Garrett's starting supply of water arrows is also missing. There is an extra throne room key in Bafford's bedroom (as in the original mission) but it is not needed because the doors are unlocked.


This mission is just a stripped-down version of Lord Bafford's Manor, filled with strange and silly things.

Street Level (1 & 2)Edit

Most of the area is walled off and missing various features, including several street lamps and a pedestrian. The sewers are all gone and the wind sounds have been replaced by crude whistling. A tame Burrick patrolls the street in front of the manor, herding four Frogbeasts whose heads always face north. The default texture, "Jorge", covers many of the walls and windows. Includes grafitti, seen below.

The front gate guards will try to attack Garrett, but are unable to move their arms and legs. They will follow him and grunt in frustration until dispatched.

Foyer (3)Edit

In the small anteroom at the front of the manor is the mission-ending button labelled "DON'T PRESS THIS BUTTON!". Beyond this is a troupe of Dancing Zombies. They won't attack, but can sometimes follow Garrett upstairs. In the same room is a bowman who shoots apples instead of arrows.
5 plaid

Side Rooms (4 & 5)Edit

Room 4 (left of the stairs) contains two burricks stuck together, exhibiting what appears to be mating behaviour. Room 5 is home to a hostile guard named Plaid1 who patrols around the front end of the building; his texture being Jorge. He can injure Garrett, but has only 1 health.

6 paints

Picture Gallery (6)Edit

Most of the colour is faded from the paintings here and crude stick-figures have been drawn over them. The door on the north side opens very fast, while the south door opens very slowly.

North Hall (7 & 9)Edit

The two guards that wander this area have patrol routes that go directly under super-hot torches. If left alone, they will eventually burn themselves to death.

In the NE side passage is a drunken guard whose body is compacted around a single point. His voice is a sped-up version of an ordinary guard's.

Atrium (8 & 22)Edit

The otherwise ordinary guard here is aquatic and walks around the bottom of the pool which is filled with extra dense water. Falling in will cause Garrett to bob along the surface, leaving him open to attack.

A diving board has been installed two floors up. It looks like an ordinary plank, but is actually a fiendishly disguised material called "evilwod" (evil wood) which causes objects to slide at constant speed. Running onto this will make Garrett slip off, hopefully into the pool below.
10 trans

Kitchen (10)Edit

In this room is a servant with an invisible midriff preparing an unusual meal of rotting burrick carcass and human bones. The stack of wine bottles in the next room will not fall over even if the lower bottles are removed.

Servant's Quarters (11 & 12)Edit

In the middle room (11) are two defective burricks whose toxic breath comes out the wrong way. The enclosed space and wide minimum firing range quickly leads to fatality.

The servants in the room just south of this look quite ordinary, but are actually karate masters whose hands (actually invisible Blackjacks) are honed into lethal weapons. They are not much of a threat, however because their health is set to 2.

The room at the north end is completely filled in.
13 ballet

South Guard Room (13)Edit

This room contains 14 guards; 11 dead, 3 too drunk to notice. On the table are 17 bottles of Fine Wine. Killing any of the survivors (1 hp each) will cause him to wave his arms and spin like a ballerina until he finally collapses.

M18cutty location

Upper NE Tower (14)Edit

Cutty is in this room, moaning and stirring. He's too weak to stand. Instead he's hovering in the air like a magician's assistant.

Library (15)Edit

On one of the tables is a set of five special Gas Arrows. When fired, these have velocity equal to Garrett's velocity; releasing an arrow when Garrett is not moving causes it to have zero velocity, and it hangs in the air, where it can be picked up again. The only way to get the arrow to move is by running or jumping with the bow strung. A scroll on one of the side tables simply reads "TAFFER!".

Upstairs Pool (16)Edit

On the ledge are three Fire Arrows that emit an extra heavy type of heat disc (a warping effect like that of hot air; unfortunately it isn't visible during normal gameplay). When the arrow explodes, the disc rebounds at high speed. Colliding with it can be fatal.

A semi-defective burrick usually sits in the middle of the pool. This one alternates between "burp" and "fart".

M18bug location

Bedroom (17)Edit

Most of the furniture is gone, the floor is dirt, and two Bugbeasts are spitting insects at one another. The one at left is normal, while the one on the right looks like a huge nude woman with a big round head and wavy stick-like arms. Both are immune to their attacks and will turn their attention to Garrett if they see him.

Inner Vestibule (18)Edit

This room has been converted into a Basketball court with hoops positioned over the two gongs. Unfortunately the hoops are solid objects, so the ball won't pass through them. There is also a guard here with the voice of a burrick.

Opening the doors leading to this area will cause them to rotate into the floor or doorframe.
19 throne

Throne Room (19)Edit

The "throne" is a checker-pattern toilet. A small switch on the side of the tank makes flushing sounds. On the wall is a poster depicting the playbox. This is what Garrett actually looks like in the game.

North Guard Room (20)Edit

Another shrimp stands by the fireplace which contains an inert Fire Elemental. The sleeping area upstairs looks exactly the same as it did in the original. At least until the foot lockers at the end of each bed come alive and chase after Garrett. These are actually Craybeasts in disguise that react whenever someone comes close. Although hard to kill, they are completely harmless.
21 firew

A Private Fireworks Display

North Terrace (21)Edit

Near the middle of the stone railing is a rotating switch. Turning this will send a volley of water and gas arrows into the sky where they burst against the invisible ceiling. Turning the switch back will launch a batch of fire arrows. The arrows are shot up from an invisible launcher in the garden area below.

Secret Passage (23)Edit

On display here is a mistake that went unnoticed in the original mission. Jumping in the short segment near the entrance will reveal that the roof of the building is raised considerably.

The passage leads back to room 18 and although the north-south crossbeams are normal, the east-west beams are made of evilwod, making them very difficult to traverse.

Loot ListEdit

850 loot in total, found only at the second floor, in the room filled with drunk guards (# 13).


Easter EggsEdit

The whole mission itself is an Easter Egg.


Read the in-game plaques.

  • The watchman patrolling the back streets is named "BackSober" in DromEd, implying that he was the drunk guarding the well-house.