Thieves' Guild
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Sara Verrilli
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(6th mission in Thief Gold)
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They'll be so busy blaming each other, no one will suspect an outsider.

Thieves' Guild is the sixth mission in Thief Gold and the first mission that does not appear in Thief: The Dark Project. Garrett must infiltrate the secret underground hideout of the Downwind Thieves' Guild and steal Lord Randall's sapphire vase, which they stole before Garrett had the chance.

This is the first mission to feature the Thief Sword Guard and Thief Bow Guard.

Mission BackgroundEdit

Garrett had planned on robbing Lord Randall's vase collection but the Downwind Thieves Guild beat him to it. However, Garrett hears that dividing the score has caused some problems and the guild's leaders, Donal and Reuben, have had a falling out over the prized sapphire vase. Garrett plans to settle this disagreement by stealing it from them.

The mission consists largely of extensive sewer tunnels and associated facilities with vaulted rooms providing the makeshift living quarters of the thieves. Connected to these sewers are the houses of the guild's leaders. After negotiating a guarded restaurant and the Overlord's Fancy gambling den that it fronts, players must find their way through a maze of bricked sewer tunnels heavily populated with guild members.


  • Break into the Downwind Thieves' Guild by breaking into the gambling den the Overlord's Fancy.
  • Retrieve Lord Randall's sapphire vase.
  • Get out of the Guild and back to the streets when you are done.
  • The Guild made stealing the vase more difficult - make them pay. Don't leave with less than 1000 in loot. (Normal)
  • Steal at least 1500 in loot. (Hard)
  • Steal at least 2000 in loot. (Expert)
  • They also stole Lord Randall's prized bracelet. It'll fetch a good price on the market. (Hard/Expert)
  • Violence is the mark of the amateur. Don't kill anyone who is unarmed. (Hard)
  • Violence is the mark of the amateur. Don't kill anyone. (Expert)


Starting GearEdit


Characters present in the MissionEdit

Type Count Notes
Normal Hard Expert
Thief Sword Guard 30 37 44 One patrolling the sewers on Hard is sleeping in Reuben's on Expert.
Thief Bow Guard 8 10 11 2 less observing the Overlord's Fancy on Normal.
Servant 8 9 10
Green Spider 1 1 1 Always in a cell in Reuben's basement.
Yellow Spider 2 2 2

Difficulty AlterationsEdit

There are no major changes depending on the difficulty level, except for the number and position of the guards. The M15KEY papyrus as well as the money box usually found near it, change their locations a little bit between the settings. There is one more Flash Bomb behind a banner in Donal's, on normal. The key to Reuben's area changes its location a little bit between the settings. One of Reuben's guards will not have his belt key on normal.


Keeper's Chapel

Loot ListEdit

There is a total of 2766 loot in this mission where 1886 is in gold, 530 in gems and 350 in goods.

Keeper's Chapel



  • The m15sdoor and M15LED1 notes mention a "Brosius Job". This is likely a reference to Terri Brosius and Eric Brosius, respectively providing the voice of Viktoria and composing the soundtrack for TDP and TMA.