TDS take oilflask

A stealable Oil Flask, in TDS

TDS loot oilflask The Oil Flask is a bottle of oil, that creates a puddle of slippery oil when thrown.


Cost: 175 gold in Thief: Deadly Shadows

Maximum amount in inventory (TDS only): 5


  • provides a slippery surface for traps
  • can be set on fire when spilled on the floor

Tactical InformationEdit

This equipment was introduced in Thief: Deadly Shadows and unlike the Gas Bomb or the Holy Water Flask it provides a totally new trickery available to the thief. When thrown to the ground, the glass flask breaks upon impact, spilling the oil inside on the spot where it broke. The oil itself has two features. It is extremely slippery and any character that walks on it will lose balance and slide towards the direction he is facing, until he eventually falls on the ground or (more comically) hits a hard object. This is a new trap that Garrett can set up for his enemies and it proves a useful tool for distracting their attention for a few moments. Also the oil itself is flammable and can be set on fire with a single Fire Arrow. Any character (including Undead) will avoid walking on the burning patch. This provides a new feature to the gameplay as one can set up potential path barriers and walls.

If oil is spilt near or on a slope such as staircases, enemies or civilians can slip and fall down the staircase, knocking themselves out.

There is a glitch where The Hag can be knocked out if she slips on the oil puddle.