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Old Quarter

The name Old Quarter, sometimes mentioned as Olde Quarter, speaks for itself, as it is one of the oldest parts of The City. It was once the thriving center of The City and the place which is rumored to be the first area settled by its people. Common knowledge says that the rest of the City just grew up around it. Buildings are packed close together and the streets are narrow and cluttered. This district was once home to the City's main Hammerite cathedral, and is still considered a Hammerite stronghold. Most of the district is believed to have been built by the Order.

The most notable event related to Old Quarter in recent history is the so-called Cataclysm, a horrifying invasion by an Undead horde that poured out of the Quarter and threatened to destroy the whole city. Fortunately the incident was contained, but at the expense of many lives. Now a part of Old Quarter is kept sealed off behind stone walls, keeping whatever still walks there at bay.

There's a gate to Stonemarket at the northwest end of the area, a gate to the Docks at the southeastern corner, and a gate to Auldale in the northeastern corner. Major landmarks include the Keeper Compound at the west end and Fort Ironwood in the southwest corner. There is also a guard station in the center of the area and Carmen's Store at the northeast end. Finally, in the far east is the abandoned Shalebridge Cradle.

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In the sealed section of Old Quarter:

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In the sealed section of Old Quarter:



The Thieves' Highway in Old Quarter

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