Description: Last wishes of Moresy Blander

Location: In the rafters beside Ramien's Fence Store

OQarchitectwill Location

Being of sound mind and failing body, I hereby set down on paper my last will and testament. For my possessions, 

of which there are few, that they be given to charity, as I have no family. For my entombment, I wish only to be

buried with my map - my architectural layout of the Shalebridge Cradle. The design of that great building was my

life's work. Additionally, I wish for an ordinary burial, with no specifications - except that I have a fondness 

for the Catacombs underneath the Hammerite Fort, if there is room. And, if there is time, I would consider it

quite satisfactory if someone were to say a few words at my funeral about the Shalebridge Cradle, something pleasant

- perhaps that its design is most sublime.


Description: Letter from Derk to Ramien

Location: Above the box outside Ramien's store, if the quest is failed

OQbodyfound Location

Ramien you burrick brain - I told you that no one should ever find that body! Well, it's been found. Or seen by 

somebody, I dunno. But I do know there's a whole investigation, City Watch and all! You're a dead man! If I ever

see you around, you'll be sorry. Real sorry! I'm gonna pull your teeth out one by one, then stick a knife in 

your chest.


PS - I TOLD you not to taff it up!


Description: Note on murder investigation

Location: On the gate to Auldale

Stop! Murder Investigation Under Way.
Bridge to Auldale Temporarily Closed.

No Passing. No Loitering. By order of Inspector Drept of the Hammerites.

(In co-operation with the City Watch.)

No inquiries please.


Description: A letter from Brother Constance to Brother Vault


Brother Vault It hast come to our attention that the Pagans art after a small tree that recently arrived by boat to thy

district, Docks. 'Tis imperative they don't obtain it! If 'tis anything like the Pagan magics thus far, 'twill be bad

for us indeed. The cursed thing is being held by the City Watch. Methinks they must side with the Pagans, or perhaps

greed hast o'ercome their sense of righteousness. If though thinkest an offer of more money would set things aright, then

'twould be a goodly plan. Brother Ondilot thinkest we should burn the tree in a furnace. That the furnace, most blessed

vessel of the will of the Master Builder, will destroy the tree and consume its terrible magics. 'Tis a furnace in the

Tavern there in Docks--and perhaps, by the Builder's grace, 'twill do the job. Though, 'tis a poor substitute for a 

Hammerite furnace.

Brother Constance


Description: A catering list for the Waldorf Mansion


Waldorf Mansion

4 Platters

20 Goblets

14 Knives

1 Punch Bowl


Mutton Leg for 20


Fig Pie

Liver Spread



Description: A letter from Derk to Ramien

Location: Above the box outside Ramien's store

OQcleanupnote Location

Ramien - I got a job for you. There's a guy I just killed. The body's on the second floor of the Bloody Ears Tavern. 

I need someone to go to Docks, and dispose of the body so's no one will ever find it. Drop it in the water around there.

Any water'll do. There's a lotta blood that's gotta be cleaned up too. Oh, yeah, here's the most important thing. Don't

let anyone see you carrying the body around. Don't let nobody see that body at all, get it? Just drop it in the water and 

clean up the blood. It's gotta get done tonight. I'll put some money in the drop box outside your place when the job is

done for you to pay whoever you hire to do the dirty work.


PS - Don't taffin mess this up. It's important.


Description: Note at the tavern

Location: Beside the tavern door, if bartender is killed

OQclosedsign Location

Will Re-open Soon

Devoted patrons - we are closed on account of the terrible murder of our bartender.  

Please be patient while we make arrangements to find a replacement. 

The Management


Description: A business letter from C. Brackit to Lord Percival Pitwick

Location: On a porch near the Shalebridge Cradle entrance

OQcradle Location

To: Lord Percival Pitwick, landowner

From: C. Brackit and Sons, odd jobs

Dear Sir - About your request to enter into a contract to tear down the old Shalebridge Cradle building in Old Quarter

- I must respectfully decline, as that building is cursed and worse than haunted, and I wouldn't step foot near it, and

I wouldn't never send my sons there neither. Don't you remember that awful fire there way back when? I say it was a

demon fire, and so say the few survivors. Plus, there was poor Wallace Crumb, who I'm sure never made the acquaintance 

of a fine Lord like yourself, but who was a decent chap. He made a bet to spend a night in that place. Well, that was 

nine years ago, and I ain't seen him since. Awful sorry we can't be of help. But if you got any odd jobs round your 

house, you can count on Brackit and Sons.


Description: Sign indicating Fort Ironwood

Location: Beside the front door

OQfortironsign Location

Fort Ironwood


Description: Diary of R. Hauknor

Location: Inside the Old Quarter guardhouse

OQhauknorjounal location


The whole thing's running smoother than I could have hoped. Every night I show up, they hand over the stuff.  

I'm happy, and them? Well, they get to stay in business. It's a sweet arrangement, and the best part is, I'm the

sole beneficiary of the deal. Don't have to add it to the City Watch pool - 'cause they don't know about it. See,

it takes real brains to pull off a good profitable scam. And if nothing else, I got real brains.


I was just thinking to myself, why not drink a little of the stuff? Say, every third bottle or so. Won't cut in to

my profits too much, and besides, I'd just end up spending the dough on liquor anyway. See, now that's real brains

again. Probably just saved myself a bunch of coin.


Description: The City Chronicle

Location: On the table by the front door, tavern

OQquarantinearticle Location

Quarantine Lifted - City Watch gives the All Clear

The quarantine that had our City paralyzed was finally lifted yesterday, and officials report that all districts are

'safe and clear'. When asked what we are now safe from, however, officials still declined to comment. Commissioner 

Blaine told a group of reporters that the quarantine had been 'more successful than we could have hoped for', calling 

the City Watch officers who imposed the blockades 'heroes'.  Although no mention of the ghost ship was made, sources

confirm that the lifting of quarantine exactly coincided with the strange and sudden departure of the Abysmal Gale.


Description: A note to patrons of the Old Quarter tavern

Location: By the back door

OQsecondfloor Location

Stop! No Patrons Beyond This Point!

The Management


Description: A sign indicating the Shalebridge Cradle

Location: On the door to the Cradle grounds

OQshalebridgesign Location

Shalebridge Cradle


Description: Journal of a Pagan shaman

Location: On a shelf in the Old Quarter sewers

OQshamanjournal Location


I made them enchantings with my magicer wand to raising them undead again. Them hammerheads bes battling them all day 

and nights! Bes a good thinger I do.  It bes keeper them from burying friendsy Alfred in thems Hammerfool graveyard. 

Bes I no want him buried in a hammer spot.  Bes I want him to resting in goodsy earth – where hims flesh can feeders 

them trees and vines. If I coulds just getting to them cornerstone - and bes starting the greensy. Then the hammery

graveyard bes will turn greens and goodsie. Then will let friend Alfred bes buried there. But bes too risky – them 

hammers bes too manied. I bes must stay hidings in them sewers in Old Quarter for nows. It bes safe for me there – and

I bes close enough to raising more undead with my magicer wand.


I bes not able to get to them cornerstone agains.  Bes a hammerhead near theres.  What bes I will do? At least I still

havers my magicer wand – I bes will keep raisings them undead to stoppers them hammerheads. Them Woodsie Lord will guider



Description: A letter addressed to Garrett.

Location: On a shelf near the bed, Ramien's store.

OQsplinternote Location

Garrett - Return to your dwelling in South Quarter. Trust us, we will help you. We cannot risk saying anything further.

A Friend


Description: A letter from Fey Weaver to Grundholm


Grundholm - You dog! Those helmets you sold to us is junk! A feller is better off wearin a dainty kerchief on his head.

We want our money back, or better helmets! You got until Friday.  After that, if we ain't satisfied, then you're a dead


Fey Weaver – Thieves Guild


Description: Sign pointing towards Auldale

Location: By the only gate to Auldale

OQtoauldsign Location

To Auldale


Description: Sign pointing towards the Docks


OQtodockssign Location

To Docks


Description: Sign pointing towards the graveyard


OQtograveyrdsign Location

To Graveyard


Description: Sign pointing towards Stonemarket


OQtosmsign Location

To Stonemarket


Description: A letter from Brother Agnus to Brother Anvil


Brother Anvil - At thy services this morning, thou should address the issue of our fallen clocktower. Your flock will

no doubt have heard of its toppling, and wilt be wondering if the Builder hast abandoned us. 'Tis not the case, for

I feel His presence most heartily! Indeed, I believe the clocktower wast his way of calling us to war 'gainst the

Pagans! For if we do not, then the whole city may fall as the clocktower did. Yes, the Builder hast sacrificed a

beloved building to awake his sleeping flock! To arms 'gainst the heathens! Let thy hammers swing!

Brother Agnus

Crime ReportEdit

Description: The local crime report by the City Watch

Location: On the wall of the Old Quarter guardhouse

OQ Crime Report location

City Watch Crime Report
District of Old Quarter

The following criminal incidents occurred
last evening in the vicinity of
Old Quarter:

X citizens were murdered.
X citizens were rendered unconscious by a
blow to the head.
X items of valuable property were
reported stolen.
X locks were unlawfully picked open.

The above is a true and complete record
of events. All residents are encouraged to
report suspected incidents of crime to the
nearest City Watch authority.

The Office of the Commissioner