Old Quarter Opera House
Owned by
Lady Valerius, formerly Raoul
Basement Floors

The Opera is a cultural establishment, situated in Old Quarter, oriented towards the rich clientele. It is a well known meeting place for the City's Nobility. The main attractions of the Opera House are the stage performances. Those can include ballet, operas, operettas and musical concerts. The actors that entertain the opera guests are considered from the so-called middle class - not nobility, but still having such a job that keeps them from the poor end. The actors are taken as one tier above the servants. The whole Opera House, like most other high profile buildings in the City, is safeguarded by mercenary guards.

The Opera House consists of 4 levels - one basement and three overground. The basement, like most public buildings in the City, houses the maintenance area. It is a solid stone, Bafford-like basement, but with wider corridors. It also houses the bath, kitchen, food and wine cellars, and the practice areas for the ballet dancers. The ground floor has the entrance areas, ticket office, dress-up areas for the actors, main guard station, and of course the stage and backstage areas. The second floor mainly consists of offices and reception rooms. The top floor has a library that also stores the scripts, access to the outside balconies, and the opera owner's office. The stage and viewer balconies take the whole central space from the first floor to the top floor.

Characters InvolvedEdit

Raoul, the former opera owner, was somehow tricked by Lady Valerius into giving the whole building away to her. Now she is the Opera House's manager. While Raoul seems to have a true singing talent and cares for the future of the establishment, Lady V seems a lot more arrogant and pretentious, and she seems to care only about herself. She has high approval of the music director and script writer Ian Cribs, whose works are met with mixed opinions even from the nobles. Lady V also seems to push Captain Colliard, the current chief of the opera security, into various difficult tasks.

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