Tavern Conerstone

Tavern's Northwest Cornerstone, illuminated with flashbomb

Cornerstones are small green blocks at the bottom corners of walls. Firing Moss Arrows into them increases Faction status with Pagans, after gaining the Pagan Blessing ability. They are darkly colored, and have the Pagan symbol for moss on them.

Activating a cornerstone causes a solid brown veil to appear over it. This was probably intended to have a vine-like texture upon it, as suggested by Dyan's instructions in the Docks.[1]

Where to find themEdit

  • On the corners of some parts of the town.
  • At the bottom of certain walls around The City.
  • A Rust Mite can often be found nearby.
  • Not available in any Mission levels.

Cornerstone Locations, within Thief: Deadly Shadows:

  • South Quarter, at the spot where Lady Elizabeth and her thugs were waiting.
  • South Quarter, right near Pavelock Prison.
  • South Quarter, in Black Alley between the store and the fence.
  • Stonemarket Plaza, the northwest corner of the tavern.
  • Stonemarket Plaza, just south of the gate to Stonemarket Proper.
  • Stonemarket Proper, west of the gate to the Old Quarter.
  • Docks, at the top left of the stairs just east of the South Quarter keeper door.
  • Docks, northwest of the Pagan Sapling's original position, in the small corner alley.
  • Docks, north of the Tavern.
  • Old Quarter, just north of Fort Ironwood.
  • Old Quarter, west of the Auldale gate.
  • Fort Ironwood, in the graveyard, northeast of the memorial (part of the zombie side-quest).
  • Auldale, east of Inspector Drept's window.
  • Auldale, south of the museum entrance.
  • Auldale, in the Plaza, beneath the sign about it.

Side QuestEdit

Pagan Reward

Earth Crystal Shrub

If Garrett activates all 15 cornerstones, a small shrub will appear in Garrett's Apartment, sprouting from the raised section of planks in the main room, along with a note from a grateful Shaman Singreen on the table. Three earth crystals are generated at the base of the shrub.[2]. It does not obstruct the Hammerites' reward which appears in the same location.


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