Pagan tree1

The Tree Outside the Warehouse

This small exotic tree can be found on top of a large shipping crate in the Docks. It is an extremely rare plant, recently shipped in from parts unknown, and is being stored outside with some other cargo until a space is cleared in the warehouse.[1] The tree itself has strange magical properties that enable it to harvest powerful energy from deep within the earth. The Pagans are endeavouring to obtain this tree and plant it in the blessed soil on the ground floor of their Abandoned Inn.[2] The Hammerites, fearing evil sorcery, intend to incinerate it in the furnace of the Bloody Ears Tavern.[3] In the meantime, the local City Watch captain has given instructions that the tree be locked up on the wharf and guarded until the matter has been settled.[4]

Side QuestEdit

Pagan tree2

Later in the Abandoned Inn

This tree is part of a side quest that can be completed for either the Hammerites or the Pagans. If Garrett burns the tree, the Hammerites will be pleased and that will be that. If the tree is planted, it will grow to its full height in the span of one day.


  • If the tree is pushed into the ocean it will reappear after one day.
  • Its weight and shape cause it to have unusual properties when moved around, such as getting stuck part-way through walls and sending Garrett to Old Quarter.


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