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Seesie you mines plumsies?
Thems plumsies mines.
No! Plumsie taker! Givin' them backsies!
I eaters thems. Plumsies all gone.
  — Apebeasts arguing, Trail of Blood

The Plum, or Healing Fruit, is a delectable food item found scattered around Pagan locations in both TDP/TG and T2. It instantly restores two points of health when eaten and therefore is listed in DromEd as a healing potion. It is deep violet and similar in shape to a silver/gold nugget. It may have other magical properties, as the Cobbletons were compelled to let the Pagans have their way when given some plums.[1] These plums also appear to feature largely in the diet of Viktoria's Ape Beasts.[2]


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