This note is a rought placeholder for a prescripted conversation between Garrett 

and Lotus, the Pagancicle you see before you.

Garrett: Lotus?

Lotus (in shivering voice): Still alive, Mechanist....

Garrett: I'm no Mechanist. My name's Garrett. I....

Lotus: Garrett. Yes...the lady knew you would come.

Garrett: Knew I would come? But....

Lotus: Listen, friend. Time is short. There's a man named Cavador. He is supplying 

Karras with...wondrous technology. The...Cetus Project. Horror of the seas! Horror 

of the seas! Must...inform the Lady....

Garrett: Don't worry. I'll find Cavador. Karras will be stopped.

Lotus: You'll need...this key...for lighthouse. Beware! And..Garrett...

Garrett: friend. What can I do?

Lotus: The it burns.... So much pain... Garrett... KILL ME!



Entry 1 -- Today was indeed a fine day, for Karras was on hand for the commissioning 

of this, the finest of vessels -- the Cetus Amicus. In all my years as captain of 

seagoing craft, I never sailed a ship so sleek or strong. Verily, the Cetus Amicus 

mocks those wave-bound barges! To glide below the flotsam and stand 

safely in the womb of this steel shark as she cuts through the briny deep. Never 

again shall there be a vessel as fine as this.

Entry 26 -- Damn that Fretus! He has failed miserably in his duties as cargo master, 

and will be disciplined forthwith. To lose the only key to cargo locker 5! He 

claims he passed it to Senwith while in Subaquatic Outpost 1, but the key has since 

disappeared. I fear it may have slipped beneath the flooring into the bilge water. 

Until one of the men can locate the key, cargo locker 5 remains sealed.


Entry 30 -- Fish again. If only mutton would keep on our voyages....

Entry 31 -- Today we set course once again for the KD site, bringing Cavador back 

to continue his excavation. He wouldn't go into details, but apparently he's uncovered 

some new artifact that Karras is very excited about. This may be the last voyage 

we make in quite some time, as Cavador has been ordered to remain at the site indefinitely.

Entry 39 -- The crew is prepared for yet another voyage to the KD site -- this time 

to drop off special cargo for Cavador. He's ready to excavate another zone, and, 

as per standard Mechanist procedure, needs to cleanse the area with rust gas to 

prevent the growth of any flora. I must admit, however, that I have grown tired 

of these mundane cargo runs. I feel the time has come to refit the Cetus Amicus as 

a ship of war, and venture beyond the confines of established routes. I shall 

propose this change to my superiors upon my return from the KD site.


The New Scripture of The Master Builder (draft, page 16)

Karras saw that a person, an animal, a plant, anything ill-borne of nature, when consumed 

by the gaseous Necrotic Mutox would dissolve into rust. Karras had observed this many 

times, over and over again, for in it He felt the presence of Truth. Whether released by 

a container or through the lips of a Servant's mask, Karras would observe the action of 

the gas from a spot as close to the area of effect as He possibly could in safety. When 

the rust settled, Karras would zealously scrutinize the remains for meaning.

And now Karras looked back upon those investigations, and He spoke aloud, saying: 'Oh 

Master Builder, I have felt Your will. I know that I have been chosen to bring Your 

Paradise to the world. I know that I must not fail, or Your wrath shall consume me and 

I shall lie forever in the Forest You have saved for those who are unholy. Master Builder, 

My mind shall be sharp, My machines will not falter, and I will keep Karras from the risk 

of death. In Your name I shall construct a protective chamber in Soulforge Cathedral, and 

there, where I cannot be harmed, Karras shall stay. I shall reconsider every element of 

My plan - if any are weak, Karras shall make them sound.'


Friend Gorrick,

Please make thou haste in repairing this Child -- that treacherous Pagan didst harm it most 

grievously. But fear not that any more of thy companions will be harmed, for the saboteur 

hast been subdued...

 -- Friend Pendelus


Construction Journal

Our work on the underground facility doth proceed as planned. When first we arrived 

here on Markham's Isle, we found the cove deserted; the lighthouse stood inoperable 

and the house of its keeper lay in near ruin. Whatever pirates didst make this place 

their home departed long before we arrived.

The cutthroats didst maintain a hidden base 'neath the lighthouse, containing several 

shoddy buildings of poor wood. For the most, we destroyed these mockeries of 

construction, but those that were sound we left standing, to be used for our own 

purposes. Indeed, on the instruction of Cavador, our new facilities have been built 

directly into those structures that we didst take over. 'Tis sad indeed to see such 

powerful steel tainted by the touch of rotting wood, but need dictates our actions.


The new drilling machine is in truth miraculous! Its bit doth bore through solid 

granite, and the Builder's Children canst easily assemble and disassemble the machine 

wherever need doth compel it. This doth prove most useful when we must needs carve out 

isolated sections of the caves.

My eye spied another nugget of silver today. The veins are rich with the Builder's 

bounty! Methinks I'll keep this little discovery to mine own self....



Due to the recent mishap involving Friend Ventus, I hath installed mine own invention of 

non-slip mats in the subaquatic outposts. These devices are full soft as carpet yet also 

completely water resistant. I promise thee, these mats should allow all Mechanists to 

stand tall before Father Karras, and the Master Builder himself.

--Friend Manus


Cetus Amicus Cargo Manifest

Main Hold: Supplies for KD Site

Cargo Locker 1: Weaponry

Cargo Locker 2: Potions

Cargo Locker 3: Rust Gas (If moved from Main Cargo Storage)

Cargo Locker 4: Scouting Orbs

Cargo Locker 5: Miscellaneous Equipment


Captin --

Tuday we did run throo that scurvy litehouse keeper! We tride to reezin with him, but wine 

he did like a cripuld dog! Talk he did of his fair miss, who be skejooled to retern to the 

cove. Wen she arrives, I be sher to tern her over to ye! We also know of sum loot he did 

hide! We be keepin ya infermed.

Ye shood also no that the crew wishes to rename the cove aftir yoo! Tis a prowd day indeed 

fer the brutherhood of the sea!

-- Thomas


My dearest Virginia,

I beseech thee, my love -- return not to Starlight Cove! Those notorious pyrates are back, 

and I fear they mean to remain. Last night, I overheard two of the scoundrels -- I believe 

they're planning on establishing some kind of base in the underwater caves! I fear for my 

life, but the time has come to take a stand. To be safe, I've hidden our valuables in the 



My only hope is that the courier ship arrives on schedule, so that this letter is delivered 

to you in time!

-- Your Beloved Nathaniel


Articles of the good ship Catherine's Folly

 (as set forth by Captain 'Dark' William Markham)

Every man shall obey civil Command; the Captain shall have one full share and a half 

in all Prizes; the Master, Carpenter, amd Boatswain shall have one Share and quarter.


If any man shall offer to run away, or keep any Secret from the Company, he shall be

 marroon'd with one Bottle of Rum, one Bottle of Water, one cutlass.

If any man shall steal any Thing in the Company, or gamble, to the Value of a Piece of 

Gold, he shall be marroon'd or shot.


If at any Time we should meet another Marrooner (that is Pyrate) that Man that shall sign 

his Articles without the Consent of our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as the 

Captain and Company shall think fit.


That Man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force, shall receive 

Ludman's Law (that is forty stripes lacking one) on the bare Back.


That Man that shall snap his Arms, or carry a Candle lighted without a Lanthorn, shall 

suffer the same Punishment as in the former Article.


That Man that shall not keep his blade clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his 

Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the 

Captain and the Company shall think fit.


If any Man shall lose a Joint in time of an Engagement he shall have 400 pieces of 

gold; if a limb 800.


If at any time you meet with a prudent Woman, that Man that offers to meddle with her, 

without her Consent, shall suffer present Death.


Attention Subaquatic Crewmen:

Master Karras hath learned that the previous occupants of these caves left behind a most 

great quantity of wealth upon their departure. The local legend hath it that the leader 

of the pirates, Captain Markham, didst hide a sea chest of treasure somewhere neath the 

surface. The myth doth also state that this bounty be kept in a structure like a sailing 


All subaquatic crewmen shouldst consider themselves tasked to find this gold, for the 

good of the Mechanist order.


Watcher Control


In time of peril, breaketh glass.



Indeed, Father Karras's plan proves yet more brilliant than I hath imagined. The Father 

doth call it 'The Cetus Project,' after the Cetus Amicus. The project itself, however, 

is in truth the grand meshing of several operations, like two gears joining their cogs. 

At the KD site, Cavador hath uncovered the ancient power used by our Order to benefit 

all of humankind. Our vessel must needs transport those discoveries back here to Markham's 

Isle. Even the restoration of the lighthouse wast directed by Karras himself. When the 

Cetus Amicus returns from a journey to the KD site, the lighthouse beacon is used to 

signal Karras in Angelwatch. Everything doth prove so machine-like, so perfect...

 -- Friend Lorus


Friend Erlen,

Thou art hereby tasked with retrieving Father Karras' belongings from the flooded living 

area near Subaquatic Outpost #1. Of prime importance is his work in progress -- the New 

Scripture of the Master Builder. Retrieve it at once, and the Builder will surely bless thee.

-- Hellesse


Gate to Lighthouse


Gate to Workshop


If ye be readin this note, ye likely be here for the bounty of the good ship 

Catherine's Folly...the same as the fool before ye. Ye best be turnin' back now, 

and stay out of me vessel's hold, 'fore you suffer the same fate as he!

-- Capt. Markham

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