Precursor Masks
DromEd Object Model mask01
Special Loot
120 each
Original Owner

These rare masks date from the time of the Precursors. In The Lost City (TDP/TG), two of these can be found in the theater (a plain one and a partially painted green one) and another in the arena (a green fish-like one); all appear to be made from clay or a similar material. The famous collector Lord Gervaisius covets these for his collection of ritual head-dresses and masks and has contracted Sangar to find some[1]. Sangar is willing to sell the commission (without which the masks are worthless) to Garrett for 150 gold and Gervaisius will pay 120 gold for each specimen recovered. During the Metal Age, Garrett is required to steal Precursor masks from the exhibition rooms of Gervaisius Estate in order to reveal Karras' secret plan, but the masks found there are entirely different from those seen in the previous game, consisting of a brass "servant" mask, a (probably brass) fire-spirit mask, and what is probably a wooden sun mask.

Loot Type: Goods

T2 Value: 120 Goods

Model Name: mask01, mask02, mask03, nmask01, nmask09, nmask10


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