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DromEd Object Model lotpouc2
A common coin purse
SxerksAdded by Sxerks

The Purse is the most common pickpocket loot item in the Thief games. It is rarely found anywhere else than on the belt of characters. It has a huge variation of values as you can't always be sure what you will find in the purse and weather it be coins or gems.

Most Common Value:

  • Thief 1/Gold: 100 gold
  • Thief 2: 50 gold

Value Variations:

  • 16 or 25 or 40 Gold (Running Interference)
  • 75 gold (The Mage Towers)
  • 150 gold (The Mage Towers)
  • 250 gold (Ramirez's purse)
  • 50 gold, 25 gems (The Lost City)
  • 50 gems (Running Interference)

Loot Type: Gold and rarely Gems

Model Name: lotpouc2

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