DromEd Object Model lotpouc2

A common coin purse

The Purse is the most common pickpocket loot item in the Thief games. It is rarely found anywhere else than on the belt of characters. It has a huge variation of values as you can't always be sure what you will find in the purse and weather it be coins or gems.

Most Common Value:

  • Thief 1/Gold: 100 gold
  • Thief 2: 50 gold

Value Variations:

  • 16 or 25 or 40 Gold (Running Interference)
  • 75 gold (The Mage Towers)
  • 150 gold (The Mage Towers)
  • 250 gold (Ramirez's purse)
  • 50 gold, 25 gems (The Lost City)
  • 50 gems (Running Interference)

Loot Type: Gold and rarely Gems

Model Name: lotpouc2

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