Ramirez Manor
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Ramirez Manor was a home in Hightowne owned by Ramirez, a City Warden. Garrett infiltrated the mansion to steal Ramirez's purse right off his belt, as well as his prized silver fire-poker as a personal insult to Ramirez after he attempted to have Garrett assassinated. (T1: "Assassins")


The mansion was built in a ring shape, with a courtyard in the middle. Both the top and bottom floors had a corridor running around all or most of the ring. The manor also included a rather expansive basement.

The mansion was mostly surrounded by a moat and a lawn, which was in turn surrounded by a very large wall to keep intruders out. The only way in was through the front gate.

Ground FloorEdit

The main entrance to the mansion was at the front area of the ground floor. This floor also included several sitting rooms and art galleries, the kitchen, the guardroom, and the living quarters for the guards and servants. In the middle of this floor was the courtyard, a large green space with a water fountain in the middle. At the back of the mansion there were also a few storage rooms. Almost the entire floor was encircled by a hallway except at the back, where the courtyard opened up to the lawn.

Second FloorEdit

There were three bedrooms on the second floor, including Ramirez's expansive bedroom and bath, as well as his personal library, and a sitting room a large, mostly empty room, perhaps used for parties. There was a hallway that ran around the entire floor, as well as a balcony looking out over the courtyard.

Third FloorEdit

The only area in the mansion that could be considered the third floor was the upper level of the library. It contained more books, as well as a desk and a treasure chest.


The basement was not even in height, and some parts were significantly deeper underground than others. The highest parts were comprised entirely of storage rooms, while the lower levels contained Ramirez's private office and his burrick chamber, where he kept his two pet burricks.

The basement was connected to the ground floor via three different staircases, one of which led directly to the kitchen.

Outer WallEdit

The outer wall surrounded the mansion on three sides, and connected to it at the front. The only way to the walkway along the top of the wall was through one of the four guard towers.


The Mansion was equipped with a highly effective alarm system which could be activated from several places and would instantly alert Ramirez and all his guards to any disturbances.

There were also two secret passages in the mansion. One of these passages connected the library to the guardroom, and the other was a dead end from Ramirez's bedroom, where he kept his most valuable treasure.

Ramirez also had a bell installed in the kitchen that he could trigger from his office whenever he was hungry.