Lord Randall was a Nobleman of The City.

During the 5th month of the year XX34[1], Garrett was planning on robbing his place and stealing his vase collection when he was beaten by the Downwind Thieves' Guild. This lead to their leaders, Donal and Reuben to argue about who gets Lord Randall's Sapphire Vase. Thom, Reuben's second in command, also had Lord Randall's Bracelet which was stolen.

Donal's accounts showed only 167 gold was made from the job.[2]


  • Lord Randall may be named after Josh Randall, who was not only the producer, Localization direct & cutscene co-ordinator of Thief, but was the face model for Garrett.
  • The amount reported as made doesn't seem to include the Vase, and might not include the bracelet, as the Vase is worth 200 Gold (300 in Gems) and the Bracelet is worth 50 Gold (25 in goods).


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