Reuben's Mansion
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Basement Floors

Reuben's mansion was a mansion located in Downtowne[Fact Check] owned by Downwind Thieves' Guild co-leader Reuben. The mansion had two above-ground floors and one basement floor.

Garrett broke into this mansion to steal the key to Donal's safe, which contained Lord Randall's prized sapphire vase. (TG: "Thieves' Guild")

Ground FloorEdit

The ground floor contained several large chambers, a sitting room, the kitchen, and storage rooms. There were also extensive living quarters for guild members.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor held Reuben's library, his bedroom and personal bath, his personal gambling room, an extra bedroom, and a living space for his personal guards. The guard quarters were connected via a staircase with the guild living quarters.


The basement was mostly for storage, but also contained a meeting room, two jail cells, one of which held a Green Spider, and a secret torture chamber. The basement was connected to the guild's tunnel network.


This mansion was connected to the extensive network of tunnels operated by the Downwind Thieves' Guild, and as such, was also connected to the Overlord's Fancy and Donal's mansion.