Rivers are bodies of water that flow through the City and elsewere.

There are more than one river in The City. But is greater than the others. Ramirez comments that the rivers in the City are treacherous at certain times of the year[1]. There are at least two known rivers.

Garrett discovered the hidden passage at the bottom of a bend of a river near his Home Turf in South Quarter near New Market that lead to the Lost City.


  • River that flows mostly underground through areas of Old Quarter, Hightowne, New Market, and Old Quarter. Holds the secret entrance to the Lost City. Highly modified through human intervention the riverbanks are held together with reinforced stonework. Garrett refers to it simply as the river.[2][3] It has a high speed flow in the New Market area, it is a narrow river, several feet deep, but still treacherous.
  • The River is the main water and greatest river in the City. It flows north-south with Audale on one side to the east, and Stonemarket and Old Quarter on the other to the west. Very large river and wide from bank to bank.


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