Frederick Juniper Rothchild III
First Introduced
For other characters with the same name, see Fred.
No no no no no!
  — Fredrick Juniper Rothchild, The Third, whining

Frederick Juniper Rothchild III was a nobleman who lived in a Dayport flat with his wife, Penelope Rothchild. He can be overheard en route to Angelwatch, complaining to his wife about how they had not been invited to the party at Angelwatch when even Mr. and Mrs. Bumbleson, whom he regards as commoners, had received such an honor. When his wife suggested they have their own party and invite everyone except the Bumblesons, however, he became quite pleased.[1] In truth, the Rothchilds had been invited and their invitations simply misplaced.[2]

Frederick Rothchild III had an account at the First City Bank and Trust, much to his banker's displeasure.[3]


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