DromEd Object Model rock

Rubble generally has the appearance of a large, vaguely elliptical, brown stone. It has no value and is useful only for distraction, although its weight does not allow it to be thrown far, and demolition when thrown at breakable objects. In Thief Gold, rubble is found frequently in the mines of Cragscleft Prison, as well as in the Sealed Section of Old Quarter. Also, the furnace below the Old Quarter Opera House is fueled by small boulders representing coal. 13 boulders are found beneath Markham's Isle and a limitless supply is produced in Soulforge Cathedral (although they are difficult to grab, due to the fact that items in motion cannot be "frobbed").

Fragments of a broken statue outside of the secret Keeper headquarters in the mission "The Haunted Cathedral" are termed "rubble", and include a head, a book, and a section of torso.