Rumford Manor
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Rumford Manor was the home of Lady Rumford and also the residence of Jenivere. It was located in New Quarter near the edge of The City.[Fact Check]

Garrett visited Rumford Manor in order to release Basso's fiancee Jenivere, who had been locked in her room by Lady Rumford (Running Interference).


The building was constructed in an unusual crescent shape and had a large courtyard in the middle. The courtyard was closed off on the open end by a locked gate. The only entrance outside of the gate was the door to the butler's quarters on the east side of the basement.

Ground FloorEdit

In the middle of the mansion there was a large hall with a fireplace. The west wing of the building contained a music room, bath and parlor, while the east wing contained the dining room and an additional parlor.

Second FloorEdit

Although the majority of the mansion was only one storey, the front wings each contained a second floor. The bedrooms were located in these two second floors.

There was a second floor area above the great hall as well, but it did not appear to contain any rooms and may simply have been decorative.


The basement was mainly used by servants. It contained quarters for the butler, servants and guards, the kitchen, the steam and electronics rooms, and multiple storerooms. Jenivere's room was in the basement.