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Rutherford Castle

Rutherford Castle is owned by Lord Ember Rutherford of the Rutherford family. The castle itself shows traits of a Late Medieval-period castle, as the caste has little in the ways of proper walls, but rather, two connected keeps surrounded by a wall. The frontmost keep appears to be built later on, but still many years before Garrett's time. There are three entrances to the castle, one is the front door, which is guarded, another is the door on the balcony to the right (standard entrance) and a third is an open window to the left of the gate, reached by climbing on some crates.

The castle is filled with luxurious items and loot, which clearly suggest that Lord Ember is a wealthy man. Lord Ember has many personal guards with specialized uniforms bearing the Rutherford Family Emblem.


Family castle of the Rutherfords, one of the Seven "Great Families", who are neither great, nor "family" and have a nasty reputation for turning on each other.[1] Lord Ember owns the castle and resides there protected by his loyal and fierce guards. Lady Elizabeth also lives there surrounded by her servants, although she secretly wants to steal the Opal for herself and poison Lord Ember,[2] but that goes wrong when Garrett steals the Opal.

The Castle has three floors and is separated into two parts: the Castle Front and the Inner Quarters. The Castle Front has many Key Areas such as The Vault (Which is guarded by a portcullis which can be opened by a switch in Lord Ember's Chamber), The Barracks, The Armory and The Courtyard.

The Inner Quarters Key Areas are Lord Ember's Chamber, Lady Elizabeth's Chamber, The Kitchen, The Dining Area and The Garden. This area was designed for Guests and Lord Ember to reside.


  • Rutherford castle takes up the whole of the Second mission in Thief: Deadly Shadows. The main objective of the mission is to steal The Bloodline Opal in the Vault, which Lord Ember's entire family is trying to steal from him.
  • Although it is not explicitly stated, Rutherford Castle is most likely situated on Rutherford Street, and is noted to be "as old as South Quarter".[3]

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