TDS Rutherford-Medallion

The Rutherford Medallion in TDS

TDS loot Rutherford-Medallion
TDS Rutherford-Medallion-table

The two Rutherford Medallions are identical bronze medallions stamped with a griffin, owned each by Lord Julian and Lord Ember Rutherford. They are keys to the Rutherford Castle's basement vault holding the family's Bloodline Opal. On a tip from Heartless Perry, Garrett first steals Lord Julian's copy at the Blue Heron Inn--enclosed in a velvet bag--and takes it to Perry for appraisal. Garrett learns of its purpose and the Bloodline Opal, then goes on a mission to the castle to steal Lord Ember's copy and gain access to the vault.

Julian's medallion does not qualify as loot and is lost to the vault door, which cannot be shut.


Worth: 150g

Loot Type: Metal - Special Loot

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