Friend Sabine was a member of the Mechanist Order. They were serving at the KD site when Garrett visited in order to Kidnap Brother Cavador.[1]

They claimed to have found a scroll, not less then 100 years old showing someone else had been to the city not long ago. A fellow Mechanists wasn't impressed claiming that any visitor would have taken the many riches there. In reply, Sabine figured they might have been a Thief, only interested in the easy profits of Gold and Jewels and too lazy to dig for real treasures that the Mechanists were finding. It was also decided that no-one was able to either survive the burricks or Fire Elementals, nor could that have gotten there without the Cetus Amicus.[2]


  • It seams possible that it was Garrett that left behind the note, from his visit in Thief: TDP or, less likely, the Hand Brotherhood, who visited the site at the same time as Garrett.


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