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A collection of transcripts commonly used by Thief fans for years, gets updated for greater accuracy. Now a Work In Progress.

Scripts for the briefings and cutscenes
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Thief I: The Dark Project

1. A Keeper's training

The essence of balance is detachment.

To embrace a cause, to grow fond or spiteful, is to lose one's balance,

after which, no action can be trusted.

Our burden is not for the dependent of spirit.

--Mayar, Third Keeper

I was a kid. No parents, no home. Running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs from meeting my spine. One night I saw a man...folks just passed him by like he wasn't there. I thought he must have something valuable, so I snuck up on him and made a grab.

G: [Gasps]
K: "That's not for you."
G: "Please, Sir, I'm hungry. Don't tell the Hammers. I promise-"
K: "What is your name, boy?"
G: "Garrett."
K: "You have talent, lad."
G: "Let go of me, old man!"
K: "To see a Keeper is not an easy thing-especially one who does not wish to be seen. We have a need for those as gifted as yourself. If you've grown tired of how you live, then follow me, and we will show you a different way."
G: "Leave me alone!"
K: "As you wish."

I caught up with him just before he vanished into the crowd. It was the beginning of a very long education....

2. Lord Bafford's Manor

The most promising acolyte left us, not out of the lesser folly of sentiment,

but the greater folly of anger.

His heart was clouded, and his balance was lost, but his abilities were unmatched.

Even then, we knew to watch him most carefully.

- Keeper annals

I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, steal another fat nobleman's priceless trinket, and leave quietly. Lord Bafford is out of town, and rumour has it that the captain of his house guard went with him, as a bodyguard. The time is ripe for a bit of burglary.

The front gate of Lord Bafford's manor is always guarded, and the main street is far too exposed. But Cutty tells me there's a better way in...around to the side, more out of the way. One guard, and likely no witnesses to...complicate matters.

The piece Cutty wants is a scepter- silver, jewels...the usual adornments. It should command a high price. Bafford, like most of his kind, probably keeps his treasures on the top floor of the place. Close to his heart...and far from his servants.

No point in waiting. I have Cutty's old sketches of the place, and everyone who's going to be asleep inside already is. It's time to begin....

3. Break from Cragscleft Prison

Before death came,

the liars were made to feast upon the hands of the thieves,

and the thieves were made to ingest the tongues of their liar brothers,

and we praised the Master Builder for his judgements.

- The Hammer Book of Tenets

I went to Cutty's place to deliver the scepter, but Cutty wasn't there. He'd been arrested by the Hammerites. Apparently they didn't approve of his occupation, and I doubt they approve of mine. So hopefully they'll never catch sight of me when I break him out of their prison. Which is what I'm going to do.

They're holding Cutty in a mining complex carved out of a quarry. The quarry's flooded, but the Hammers still work the top level mines, and have converted part of the complex into a penitentiary for those who...violate their tenets.

An associate of mine was confined there, and has provided me with a map. It would be difficult to get in by way of the main gate, but there is another option. The mines break the surface of a hill south of the quarry. I'll drop into the mines and head for the prison, which will be found somewhere uphill and to the north. The Hammers don't venture into these lower mine levels because they're reputed to be haunted.

I'd rather not have to do this job, but Cutty's a reliable fence, and I don't appreciate the Hammerites abducting him. And he owes me money for the Bafford job....

4. Down in the Bonehoard

...and the manfools piled rock on rocks and raised a treesie roof,

hammers saws tear the skin of goodsie wood...
...and laughs at the Woodsie Lord.

...and when learns the Lord of this, He sends His beastesses to the manfools...

...who attacks and hammers saws their use-less fleshes,

and build him a house of they rotting skins.

--Unattributed Trickster song

I was pissed at Cutty for a good while after the...prison debacle. But hey, you can't blame him for what the Hammers did to him. So I decided to go after that horn Felix talked about. Not like I had a whole lot of choice, really...the rent is due...and my landlord's even tougher than the Hammers.

The map's pretty specific about where the entrance is. Too bad it's not as clear about where the horn is. Felix did some scrounging before he left, and his notes say the horn is in the tomb of some nobles...the Quintus family. Guess I'll just have to explore.

Felix, always helpful, also said that the catacombs are supposed to be haunted. Think I'll go make some inquiries about where a "heretic" like me can get some holy water. Always go prepared....

5. Assassins

The ancient corruption was again contained.

To do more would have upset the balance, but we knew to remain ever vigilant lest it resurface.

Neither the Hammers nor the pagans could be trusted not to meddle.

--Keeper annals

I had some money to spare after disposing of the Horn, so it seemed time to invest in some Farkus is one of the few merchants willing to risk selling to an independent like me, and his prices are steep...but the other choice is to let one of the so-called "City Wardens" give me orders...and take a cut of my profits. They'd been after me for years to join one of their stables, but I'm not interested. Maybe they'll get the idea and give up. More likely they'll just ramp up the threats. Nothing I can't handle if I'm careful...and lucky. And my luck seems to have finally turned for the better....

TG1. Thieves' Guild

In the beginning we lived as thieves,

Stealing fur and fang of beasts for survival.

Then came the Builder who brought us the Hammer,

And with it we forged a new way of life.

To reject the Hammer is to denounce the Builder.

--The Hammer Book of Tenets

I was going to pay Lord Randall and his vase collection a visit, but the
Downwind Thieves' Guild beat me to the score. Word is that they haven't divvied the booty yet. Apparently their leaders, Donal and Reuben, are arguing over the prized sapphire vase. Sounds like they could use a third party to settle their disagreement. Since I'm no mediator, I'll just steal the vase from them. They'll be so busy blaming each other no one will suspect an outsider.

The Downwinders run a gambling den called the "Overlord's Fancy," which operates under a nearby restaurant. The Guild's hideout is beneath the casino. I have a rough map of the complex I got from "sources" from the inside. Once I'm in the "Overlord's Fancy" I'll have to search for the secret entrance to the hideout. Have to be careful...the Downwinders know me all too well. If they catch sight of me they'll know who took the vase. Assuming they don't just kill me for trespassing.

Finding the vase may prove difficult, since I have no idea where it is. Should be a hot topic of conversation among the Downwinders. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to overhear where they're stashing it. Time to make a living....

6. The Sword

Builds your roofs of dead wood.

Builds your walls of dead stone.

Builds your dreams of dead thoughts.

Comes crying laughing singing back to life, takes what you steal,

and pulls the skins from your dead bones shrieking.

--Clay tablet in an abandoned Trickster temple

I was contacted by a woman named Viktoria. She claims to represent a client who was impressed by the way I took care of Ramirez, and now wants me to steal something for him. The target is a magical sword, owned by a nobleman and collector named Constantine. Little is known about Constantine except that he is an eccentric new face in this city, and mostly keeps to himself. Viktoria says the sword will probably be on display, but it will be well protected by guards and security systems. She also mentioned that the guards are tough and organized, and the mansion is confusing to navigate in.

The house was constructed recently, so I've had to piece together my own map, from observation and hearsay. Sounds like the place is a bit of a maze. I guess if you're rich enough you can build any sort of madhouse to live in.

This is going to be a challenging job, but it will pay better than the last few I've taken. As usual, the front entrance is heavily guarded, but I've managed to find another way in. 'Course once I've picked up the sword I'll still have to worry about getting back out....

First cutscene

[Scene: View of the city. View pans downwards towards the window to Garrett's apartment, a lamp flickering on the windowsill. View then moves inwards, still focused on the lamp. There is soft knocking on the door. When no reply comes, it repeats.]

Viktoria: "Garrett? It's Viktoria. I trust you made it back alive? You've done well, Garrett. Come with me, and bring the sword."

[As she speaks, the scene pans to the right, to show Garrett, face hidden, left hand braces against the wall, the right hand lifting a dagger. The Sword is seen in the foreground. The panning view stops at the closed door.]

Viktoria: "There is someone you have to meet. It's time for the payment you've been promised."

[As she speaks, Garrett moves into the view and opens the door. A woman is silhouetted in the light from the hallway.]

Garrett: "Yes."

[Scene changes. View moves down past a stained glass window depicting a hanging man who's blood feeds the tree he's hanging from and is used to grow fruit, then past a rafter with vines twined around it. The view settles on Garrett, lounging in a chair before a fireplace, Viktoria and another man standing in front of him, all shown as silhouettes.]

Man: "A refreshment, Mister Garrett? I'm in the possession of a superior brandy that has the most...restorative...effect."
Garrett: "I prefer my payment in cash, not liquor, Mister-uhh...."

[View switches to Garrett, lounging in the chair. No longer a simple silhouette, his face is still partially shrouded in shadows. The unknown man is silhouetted in front of him, only partially shown.]

Man: "My apologies."

[The stranger reaches down and lifts up a bottle.]

Man: "I've been watching you, Mister Garrett. So closely, in fact, that I'm afraid I'd forgotten we haven't actually met yet. I am...Constantine."

[As he speaks, the view changes to the wall behind him, which has an old parchment with images like cave drawings depicting a crowd of people fleeing and falling before a stampede of elk-like beasts. The sound of a drink being poured is heard, as well as that of a fly buzzing around. The view settles on the face of the stranger, an elderly, balding man, who smiles and offers Garrett a drink.]

Garrett: "All this time I thought you were going to pay me."

[View returns to silhouettes of the three. Constantine extends the drink to Garrett.]

Garrett: "You've brought me here to kill me?"
Constantine: "But you have it all wrong, Mister Garrett."

[Garrett reaches up and accepts the glass from him.]

Constantine: "Would it surprise you to know that it was I who hired you to steal my own sword?"

[As he speaks, the view changes to the table, where Constantine places the bottle. A few drops of the deep-green liquor land on the table.]

[View changes to Garrett, still seated, Constantine still a partial silhouette, then switches to the face of the beautiful Viktoria.]

Constantine: "Yes. You see, Viktoria and I are-" [pausing to find the words]
Viktoria: [Eyes moving to look at Constantine] "-old associates."

[View returns to the lounging Garrett, Constantine still a partial silhouette.]

Constantine: "Yes. You were being tested. Do you understand? And I must say, you more than live up to your reputation. You are quite an extraordinary thief."

[As he speaks, the view moves forward towards Garrett slightly, then changes to the floor, focused on one of the legs of Garrett's chair. There are small vines growing out of the vine pattern of the carpet, beginning to twine around the chair leg. Garrett moves his leg just as the vines reach it. The view then returns to the silhouettes of all three of them.]

Garrett: "Testing me? What is it you want from me, Constantine?"
Constantine: "I am a collector, Mister Garrett."

[He gestures towards a mantle behind him. The view switches to that mantle.]

Constantine: "But there are some...items that are not available for purchase.
They must be acquired using other means. In this case the item in question would be best acquired by thieving. Not simple I need an artist. Like yourself."

[As he speaks, the view moves slowly down the mantle, which displays several odd and curious objects, one of which appears to be a grunting shrunken head. We can see more of the parchment behind these objects on it, but the drawings are difficult to make out. The view settles on what appears to be a chubby foetus, with a somewhat simian

face, encircled in vines. The camera pulls back to reveal the clock at the far right end of the mantel, showing the time is 8 o'clock on its shiny face, which shows the reflection of both Garrett's and Constantine's silhouettes.]
Garrett: "What exactly is this...item?"

[The view changes to the three silhouettes again.]

Constantine: "It is the gemstone called 'The Eye', for its unusual-"

[The view moves again to Viktoria's face.]

Viktoria: [Filling in again] "-appearance."

[She turns her eyes towards Garrett. Then the view returns to the three silhouettes.]

Constantine: "Yes. Kept hidden in the sealed cathedral deep inside the halls of the scum Hammerites. Oh, but forgive me. You are, possibly...friendly with the Order of the Hammer?"
Garrett: "No. Fanatics make unreliable friends."

[The view moves to Garrett, still lounging, with Constantine still only a partial silhouette. The view moves slowly towards the right.]

Constantine: "Excellent. I am prepared to offer you quite a sum. A hundred thousand, upon receipt of The Eye."

[The view returns to show the three of them as silhouettes.]

Garrett: "I don't see how I can refuse such an offer."

[As he speaks, Viktoria turns towards the right, and starts to move slowly in that direction.]

Constantine: "Marvelous. Viktoria can fill you in on all the particulars. And Mister Garrett...the sword...keep it."

[As he speaks, Garrett stands, and the two of them shake hands. The view changes to the table where Constantine spilled some drops of liquor. The view focuses on these drops.]

Constantine: "You have earned it. But also...I believe you'll find it useful in your quest...."

[Some small growth, like grass, appears to have sprouted from these drops. Soon, the same growth appears in the other drops, and growth is quick. Then thicker growth, like small branches, is shown growing out of them as well. The scene then fades to black.]

7. The Haunted Cathedral

Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us.

Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not,

and some did doubt the Builder's plan.

But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph,

and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum.

--Collected letters of the smith-in-exile

The Eye that Constantine wants is in the abandoned cathedral of the Hammerites. The cathedral is located in the section of the city that was deserted years ago, after some kind of catastrophe. I've heard stories of the incident...most are wild rumours about hordes of zombies and raging fires. Now that part of the city is walled one's allowed to go in. Not that many people would dare to in the first place.

Maps of the area are easy to attics, and old trunks...but, like all of them, the one I've got is over fifty years old. I'll make my way through the ruins to the Hammerite cathedral, and find a way inside. Once I get inside the cathedral, I'll have to locate The Eye.

Something tells me that this is not going to be easy. But for the amount I'm getting paid...I'm willing to take some serious risks....

TG2. The Mage Towers

From unknown origins they came

They live isolated beyond the city

The extent of their arcane power is unknown

We must be very cautious in dealing with them

Close observation must continue

--Keeper Xavier, Treatise on Mages

The Talisman of Earth is guarded by a foreign mages' sect known as the "Hand Brotherhood". They reside in a compound of huge towers, where they practice their arts of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The Talisman is likely kept in the Earth tower...but there's little chance it'll be that simple. No doubt the Talisman is heavily guarded and probably protected by magic. But mages love to write everything down...I should "stumble" on something useful about their precious trinket.

I bribed some servants to get me a map of the common grounds...the best I could do since only the mages are allowed in the towers. I'll enter the courtyard just outside the central keep entrance. Once inside I'll need to move quickly to find the Talisman. I wouldn't last long in a fight against the mages....

8. The Lost City

[T1 version]

The knowledge of those who came before could neither be disseminated or destroyed.

Its power would be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands,

but would also insure against future cataclysm.

At that time we chose to maintain it with writings preserved in extant locations.

- Keeper annals

The Keepers have hidden the Talismans of Fire and Water in a place they call "The Lost City". Some kind of cataclysm buried the place underground ages ago. The Keepers have sealed the access to the city: a cleft in the river bottom near the east side. If the materials in the library are right, the strange stone I found can be used to open that seal.

I've also got a's so old the edges crumble in my hands. It shows the city...or at least how it was back then. I hope the old place hasn't changed much....

[TG version]

The knowledge of those who came before could neither be disseminated or destroyed.

Its power would be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands,

but would also insure against future cataclysm.

At that time we chose to maintain it with writings preserved in extant locations.

- Keeper annals

The Keepers have hidden the Talisman of Fire in a place they call "The Lost City". Some kind of cataclysm buried the place underground ages ago. The Keepers have sealed the access to the city: a cleft in the river bottom near the east side. If the materials in the library are right, the strange stone I found can be used to open that seal.

I've also got a's so old the edges crumble in my hands. It shows the city...or at least how it was back then. I hope the old place hasn't changed much....

TG3. Song of the Caverns

Blindness is the manfools

theys gathers up treasures and greeders themselves on gold rocks and fetters
The Woodsie One wreaks thems with lilacs and nettles

and gathers theys bones for His porridge and feathers.

--Text Unattributed, Sumac on Parchment

The Keepers stashed the Talisman of Water in a series of hidden caverns located deep below the city. According to their map I'll find it in a shrine located in the lowest cavern. I don't expect to run into anything too threatening other than a few venomous spiders, however the map does contain this note: "Stand not against us, lest you feel the sting of ignorance's barbs." Heh...sounds like Keeper talk for "We've rigged the place".

An informant of mine, Giry, made a home for himself in these caverns after he lost his job tending the ticket counter of a nearby opera house. He should know these caverns better than anyone, so I'll pay him a visit, to see if he has any useful information for me....

9. Undercover

[T1 version]

Having pledged our honor as shield over Earth and Air, we must be ever mindful.

Let them be locked away and safe, but ever in view of the faithful.

Future generations are hostage to our care.

--Sermon of the Talismans

Getting the Talismans of Air and Earth will be an interesting challenge, but I'll need them if I want to get The Eye for Constantine. They're well-hidden inside the city's Hammer Temple, so I'll have to do some scouting around. Problem is the place is fully active, day and night...not even I could stay undetected for very long.

Well, they say that the best place to hide a letter is on the mantelpiece. With that in mind I'll be going in by the front door...dressed as a Hammerite Novice. That should be perfect since Novices aren't allowed to speak while on the Temple grounds.

My contacts can get me a Novice's pass to get me through the gate. Once inside I'll be free to take my time, explore the place thoroughly...and find the Talisman. As long as I don't do anything violent, or get caught somewhere I shouldn't be. Because as the new arrival I'll be the first person they suspect if anything goes wrong....

[TG version]

Having pledged our honor as shield over Air, we must be mindful.

Let it be locked away and safe, but ever in view of the faithful.

Future generations are hostage to our care.

--Hammerite Sermon of the Talisman

Getting the Talisman of Air will be an interesting challenge, but I'll need it if I want to get The Eye for Constantine. It's well-hidden inside the city's Hammer Temple, so I'll have to do some scouting around. Problem is the place is fully active, day AND night...not even I could stay undetected for very long.

Well, they say that the best place to hide a letter is on the mantelpiece. With that in mind I'll be going in by the front door...dressed as a Hammerite Novice. That should be perfect since Novices aren't allowed to speak while on the Temple grounds.

My contacts can get me a Novice's pass to get me through the gate. Once inside I'll be free to take my time, explore the place thoroughly...and find the Talisman. As long as I don't do anything violent, or get caught somewhere I shouldn't be. Because as the new arrival I'll be the first person they suspect if anything goes wrong....

10. Return to the Cathedral

And he did say, "Shall we not use this power, as our enemies used it unto us?

Do we not carve their wild forests into our beams and boards?

Do we not tame their raging streams to carry our boats?"

And in their youth and foolishness, did his brothers say, "Yes, let us."

--Collected letters of the smith-in-exile

With the Talismans, I'll be able to break the wards on the Cathedral. It's time for me to retrieve The Eye and bring it to Constantine.

Last time I was here, The Eye was inside, in plain sight on the main altar. I just have to grab it, and leave. But that won't necessarily be easy if the place is as...haunted as it looked before. So if things get tough, there is another way out: through the gate in the Cloister, behind the Cathedral.

The sooner this ordeal is over with, the better. When I get paid for this job, I'm gonna retire in style....

Second cutscene

[A Will o' the Wisp drifts through the air to the right, towards a pair of hands, which close around it. The view

changes to show Constantine's face. His eyes turn towards the camera, and he smiles. The sound of a door closing is heard.]

[The Scene: The Temple/Altar room in Constantine's mansion. The view changes to show the room. The sound of

boots walking on wood is heard. The view slowly shifts towards the right, towards Constantine. A silhouette is shown to be the source of the walking noises, moving towards Constantine.]

Constantine: "I can't tell you how pleased I am with you, Mister Garrett. I simply can't find the words."

[View changes to show Garrett, his face hidden in shadows, holding The Eye, which is mounted on the end of what

appears to be a scepter of wood, as seen in the Obj/txt/eyew2 texture. He hands it to Constantine.]

Constantine: "But perhaps Viktoria can help me in that regard."

[View changes to show Garrett from behind, silhouetted, with Constantine brightly lit in front and to the right.]

Constantine: "She has such a way with them."

Viktoria: [Unexpectedly, from the shadows] "Yes, we are both so very pleased."

[Viktoria enters the view on the left, stepping from the shadows. Garrett shifts to the right, blocking the view of


Garrett: [Somewhat surprised] "Viktoria?"

[View changes to a close up of Garrett's face, only his mouth not covered in shadow. Behind him, in the

background, we can see some tree-like plant life growing rapidly from behind a pillar.]

Viktoria: "Even though The Eye is...defective."

[View changes to show Garrett from behind, silhouetted, both Constantine and Viktoria standing in front of him,

brightly illuminated.]

Garrett: [Incredulous] "What?"

Constantine: "Viktoria is quite right, Mister Garrett. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this Eye is completely blind."

[As he speaks, a creaking noise is heard. Behind Garrett, more creeping plant life is shown growing at an

accelerated rate.]

Garrett: [Annoyed] "It's a rock. It's what you asked for."

[View shifts to a close up of Viktoria's face, grimacing evilly.]

Garrett: "Am I gonna get paid or not?"

[Viktoria grins evilly. The view changes to a close up of The Eye in Constantine's hand. As Constantine speaks, the

view shifts upwards, along the buttons of his shirt, resting on his chest.]

Constantine: "Of course."

[Constantine's shirt stretches noticeably.]

Constantine: "Viktoria, are you prepared to give Mister Garrett his-"

[Smoke rises from his shirt, the buttons snap, the material falls away, and crimson sigils appear to form on his bare


Constantine: [In a very different pitched low voice] "-compensation?"

[The view pans up to Constantine's face. Horns sprout from his head, and a familiar middle eye symbol appears in

crimson on his forehead. He smiles wickedly.]

[View changes to Viktoria's chest, her clothes falling away to be replaced quickly by rapidly growing vines.]

[View changes again, Viktoria from behind. Her clothes fall away, her fingernails are now clawlike, and her pale

skin is rapidly replaced with a greenish wood-like material. As she speaks the view moves up her body, more vines can be seen growing around her. The view settles on Garrett, seen over her shoulder.]

Viktoria: [In a high-pitched and phasing voice, eyes glowing red] "Bow to the Woodsie Lord, and offer up your flesheye so that His Eye of stone may see, Manfool!"

[She flings her right arm towards Garrett, thick vines like branches and creepers project out, growing explosively.]

[View changes to a side view, showing Garrett thrown against a pillar, the vines and creepers coiling around him.

The tentacle-like branches from behind the pillar grip his wrists and pin them to the pillar. Plant growth continues to be seen around Viktoria's body.]

[View changes to a close up of Garrett's face, eyes widening in fear, vines growing around him.]

Viktoria: "Bids He then the spruces to singer Him an anthems! And the Woodsie
Lord binders them fleshes to stone!"

[View changes to a close up of Viktoria's left hand, moving slowly back, fingers growing long and sharp as we

watch. She flings her hand forward.]

[View changes to a close up of Garrett's right eye. Reflected in it are Viktoria's sharp fingers rushing closer.

Garrett screams, as her fingers flick in and out, plucking his eye cleanly from its socket.]

[View changes again to show Viktoria standing silhouetted, holding Garrett's eye up with her elongated left hand.

She withdraws her extended and branched right hand back into her arm, holding it up as it regains a normal human shape, but leaves Garrett bound and almost cocooned in the vines and creepers.]

Trickster: "Did you think those ancient phrases were mere words, Manfool? Look at me!"

[Viktoria blurs as the focus changes to Garrett falling to the floor, just as a hoof stamps on the ground, next to


Trickster: "I am The Woodsie Lord, The Trickster of legend!"

[View changes to show Garrett's bloody eye in Viktoria's claws. She passes it over to the Woodsie Lord's hand,

dropping it in, then both hands withdraw.]

Trickster: "If you be thirsty, fleshthing, drink of me."

[As he talks, the view shows The Eye close up, the twig-like prongs opening wide to accept Garrett's eye, which is

slowly placed into them by the Woodsie Lord. The prongs grab it eagerly, and the blue stone of The Eye starts to glow orange.]

Trickster: "If you be hungry, then feed for I am the Honeymaker, and the Jacksberry!"

[As he speaks, the view changes to a dead-on view of the cornea of Garrett's eyeball, held onto the tip of The Eye,

filling with the glowing orange light. Blood oozes down the sides of the eyeball, and the prongs close tighter around it, but never over the pupil.]

[Viktoria speaks, and the view changes to a fully-transformed Trickster, holding up the now fueled Eye. He looks

at it and smiles. Flies can be heard buzzing nearby.]

Viktoria: "He am the Leaf that feeders on the fleshed ones-"

[The Eye flashes, and the view changes to Garrett, trapped in vines, cowering on the floor, only a hand and his

remaining eye visible.]

Viktoria: "-Thems that calls themselves builders and wielded up a hammers against Him!

[View changes to one from Garrett's viewpoint, looking up at the silhouette of the Trickster, holding The Eye. As

the Trickster speaks, Viktoria steps into view, also fully transformed, eyes glowing.]

Trickster: "My poor Mister Garrett, you will not live to see the sprawling glory of it! Your sacrifice is not yet complete!"

[View changes to a close up of Garrett's eye and hand, shivering in fear. Vines continue to grow, and the Trickster

and Viktoria both walk past Garrett's view.]

Trickster: "Mine lilacs and mine thistleaids must feeds, and I-?"

[View changes to show The Trickster in profile, Viktoria walking up behind him. The Trickster raises his hand as

he speaks, and brings it down in a chopping motion, slicing a brightly-lit tear into the fabric of space.]

Trickster: "-Stands He then in the greens and festered Maw and speeds He out His judgments upon the weeps and writhing manfools!"

[View changes to show Garrett's eye and hand again, shivering. Lights flash around him. The view changes to a

close up of Garrett's remaining eye, and we can hear his scared breathing as lights continue to flash. The Trickster and Viktoria leave, the portal closes. Garrett's eye rolls back, as if he's fainted, and the vines twine and continue to grow and cover him.]

11. Escape!

Danced we in joys and triumphs.

With us the Woodsie Lord danced the stringsie foolsie man

Rose the storms in shouty glee, the darkness in feary glooms, the fires in happy greed.

Danced we away, and fed the sad stringsie man-fool to their devourings for our thanks.

--Final fragment of the 'Notyets' manuscript

[Blackness. The sound of a door opening. Distant voices, getting closer as they speak.]

1st Keeper: "This way?"
2nd Keeper: "Look here. Our path is true."

[Sounds of Garrett's ragged breathing, and footsteps.]

1st Keeper: "In here?"
2nd Keeper: "Yes."

[View changes to show Garrett's vine-shrouded view. More footsteps, and Garrett gasps. As the Keeper speaks to

Garrett, we are shown images of him being cut free from Viktoria's vines with a blade.]

3rd Keeper: "Since you left us, you've been a stone rolling downhill. Now you must aim this remarkable momentum. It is past time for the balance to shift."

[Odd animal noises are heard in the distance.]

2nd Keeper: "They come."
Garrett: "Wha-? Wait!"
3rd Keeper: "The Trickster will not forgive you for doing what he could not. Nor, I trust, will you forgive us."

[Scene shows the Keepers leaving. Garrett gives a monologue.]

Garrett: [Contemptuous] "Keepers. Looks like I'd better get moving, or whatever those things are will waste a perfectly good rescue...."

12. Strange Bedfellows

The stone cannot know why the chisel cleaves it;

the iron cannot know why the fire scorches it.

When thy life is cleft and scorched, when death and despair leap at thee,

beat not thy breast and curse thy evil fate,

but thank the Builder for the trials that shape thee.

--The Hammer Book of Tenets

This was not the way things were supposed to go. Constantine has The Eye-and my eye-and I doubt he has anything wholesome planned for it.

The Trickster is real after all. I don't think anyone but those crazy Hammers really believed in the old gods.

Those crazy Hammers. You know, it wouldn't hurt to have a few dozen heavily-armed fanatics on my side just about now. If I drop by their temple and explain things, maybe they'll be so distracted by the Trickster's return that they'll forget to hold a grudge. And even if they don't...I know how to get out of Cragscleft prison already....

13. Into the Maw of Chaos

The weights in each pan of the balance had increased greatly.

As he approached his triumph, our foe had made himself vulnerable.

We were unable to directly influence, and could only watch and wait

to see whether his pridefully chosen pawn would prove his undoing.

--Keeper annals

Well, this is it. The Hammers say they've received word that Constantine's descended into his realm, to perform a ritual with The Eye. The Hammers have built me a booby-trapped, counterfeit Eye. If I can swap it for the real thing, it should cause him some trouble-if he doesn't notice me.

I've never robbed a god before. It'll be a challenge....

Third cutscene (end movie)

[The views pans upwards, revealing a sad-looking statue, one arm upraised, holding aloft a rust-red symbol in its

outstretched hand: A gear. In the background, it is snowing gently.]

[The scene changes to show an elderly man, sleeping in the snow, as it continues to softly snow around him, his

breath showing in the cold air.]

[The scene changes again, to show a man, his face shrouded, standing outside in front a fire, his breath also

showing. Behind him, some stairs lead up to a walkway, upon which someone moves past towards the right.]

[The scene changes to show footprints in the snow. The view follows these footprints, until it catches up with the

silhouette of the one making them. The view pans upwards to show this man, hooded, walking, some buildings shown in the background. The wind blows a small snow flurry across the view, and the sound of approaching footsteps is heard. The snow continues to fall gently.]

Garrett: [Contemptuous] "Keepers!"

[Another silhouette enters the scene from the right, also hooded.]

Keeper: "So you think you've won."

[Garrett turns to the right, and the Keeper stops moving.]

Garrett: "I think I've got my eye back."

Keeper: " are blind."

[Garrett turns to face the Keeper. The scene changes to show the Keeper, face illuminated except for the eyes,

Garrett's silhouetted back to the camera.]

Garrett: "If you hadn't noticed, I just saved the world. Yourself included."

Keeper: "As we knew you would. As it had to be."

[Garrett turns away, moving off screen to the right, speaking as he does so.]

Garrett: "Now I remember why I left the Keepers."

[The Keeper moves to follow him, speaking as he does so.]

Keeper: "And I remember why we let you go."

[The scene changes to show Garrett's silhouette, in profile, walking to the right. Behind him passes the view of a

building, behind an iron fence, a warm glow coming from the windows. A clock starts to strike the hour.]

Garrett: "What do you want from me?"

[The Keeper moves into the scene from the left, falling in step with Garrett.]

Garrett: [Sarcastically] "You come to congratulate me? Welcome me back to the fold?"

Keeper: "Very well. I will speak my piece plainly. You have accomplished that which was written, and yes, you've done it well. But there is no place for you with us any longer. Yet you will have a great need of us, and soon."

[The scene changes to look through a window down onto the street, snow built up on the ledge outside. The two

figures walk on, leaving footprints in the still-falling snow.]

Garrett: "I don't think so. I'm through with heroics."

[The scene changes to show the silhouettes of Garrett and the Keeper walking side by side, in profile. The building

has past, and they move past other, unidentifiable shapes.]

Garrett: "And with your kind as well."

Keeper: "You cannot run from life as you did from us, Garrett."

[The picture changes to show a closer view of the two silhouettes, still in profile, talking.]

Keeper: "Life has a way of finding you-"

[As the Keeper speaks, Garrett licks his lips.]

Keeper: "-no matter how artistic a sneak you are."

[The two start to move past a fire burning nearby.]

Keeper: "Listen...there is a book that you were not made aware of."

[The clock stops striking, indicating the time is midnight. The view changes to show a close up of Garrett's new

eye...a mechanical device, which reflects the nearby fire. It clicks and whirrs like a camera, and the pupil enlarges as the eye moves to look at something. All of this happens as the Keeper continues speaking.]

Keeper: "I'm here to tell you that it would be wise for you to read it now...if you can still read hieroglyphs."

[The picture changes to show what Garrett was looking at: a metal worker welding something. There are signs of

steel construction all around, there's an industrial feel to it all.]

Garrett: "I do try to forget, but you Keepers leave them everywhere for me."

[The scene changes. Both silhouettes in profile again, still walking to the right, moving past a building, softly lit by

the nearby iron workings.]

Keeper: "Yes. You have more friends than you know."

[Both stop, and Garrett turns to face the Keeper.]

Garrett: "Tell my 'friends' that I don't need their secret book."

[The scene changes to show the two silhouettes from the front, from a distance. A nearby rat scrounges in the

snow. A window to the right shows a warm glow from within. It appears that the snow has stopped falling.]

Garrett: [Continuing] "Or their glyph warnings, or their messengers! Tell them I'm through! Tell them it's over! Tell them Garrett is done!"

[Garrett waves his hand to emphasize his point, then walks away from the Keeper. The view then changes to show

Garrett's silhouette from the back, walking away into the city. The Keeper's voice comes from behind him.]

Keeper: "I will tell them this: Nothing is changed. All is as it was written.
The Trickster is dead. Beware the dawn...of the Metal Age."

[The view pans upwards, showing the workings of the upper parts of the nearby buildings, then to blackness.]

BP. Blooper Reel (Bloopers mission)

Bla bla bla

I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, steal another fat nobleman's priceless trinket, and leave quietly. Lord Bafford is out of town, and rumour has it that the captain of his house guard went with him, as a bodyguard. The time is ripe for a bit of burglary.

The front gate of Lord Bafford's manor is always guarded, and the main street is far too exposed. But Cutty tells me there's a better way in...around to the side, more out of the way. One guard, and likely no witnesses to...complicate matters.

The piece Cutty wants is a scepter- silver, jewels...the usual adornments. It should command a high price. Bafford, like most of his kind, probably keeps his treasures on the top floor of the place. Close to his heart...and far from his servants.

No point in waiting. I have Cutty's old sketches of the place, and everyone who's going to be asleep inside already is. It's time to begin....

Thief II: The Metal Age

1. Running Interference




I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"-they both get in the way of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as committed to their work as I am. An old associate of mine, Basso, the Boxman, wants to marry Lady Rumford's chambermaid, Jenivere, and live happily ever after. Guess prison life spoiled his taste for thievery.

Too bad for Basso that Lady Rumford has other plans. Marriage would void Jenivere's indentured service contract, so Rumford is keeping her confined in the estate with the rest of her "worldly possessions".

Basso has asked for my assistance on getting her out, since infiltration is my specialty. I make it a policy never to take a job so sentimental, but the Rumford manor could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me. It would also mean that Basso would owe me a favour. And in this line of work, you can never have too many of those.

I'll sneak in after dark, and clear a path for Basso, so he can rescue his "damsel in distress". Along the way I'll pick up a few "souvenirs" for the local pawn shops. That should make all this aggravation worthwhile. Otherwise, I'll make Basso wish he was still rotting in Cragscleft. Huh! This proves it...going legit is more trouble than it's worth.

2. Shipping... and Receiving




Business has been kind of slow these days, thanks to Sheriff Gorman Truart. He's been coming down hard on my competition-and anyone else he deems "unlawful". I've been playing it safe by keeping a low profile, but as my landlord recently reminded me, the rent is late. He says he's gonna pay me a visit tomorrow to collect, so I'll have to go amateur for some quick cash.

The warehouses by the docks should fit the bill. In addition to the usual shipping traffic there's also a small smuggling operation, sponsored by the local underground. Not too many guards, lots of dark corners, and several points of entry should make this job painless, and profitable.

Maybe I'll even have something left over for myself, once the rent is paid. Huh! Wasn't that long ago that I was planning on my retirement, now the only thing that's getting retired is my standards. If things get any worse I'll have to go back to picking pockets in the streets....

3. Framed




Last night an unusual opportunity knocked on my door. Naturally, I was a little suspicious, but my visitor said the job was too sensitive to go through the usual channels. He claimed that an old acquaintance of mine told him where to find me. I was about to ask him who our mutual friend was, when he managed to... distract me.

The job is to break in the Shoalsgate station, headquarters of the City Watch, and quietly frame a certain Lt. Hagen for robbing the Evidence Vault. Hagen is Sheriff Truart's number two man and has no doubt made life difficult for someone he shouldn't have. My unusually resourceful employer has given me all the information I need to pull this off, including a very detailed map of the building. All I have to do is choose a way in, plan my route and get back out... without alerting the bulls.

I realize that breaking into Shoalsgate is like looking down a Burrick's mouth with a lit match, but it would pay me enough to lay low for a while. And it doesn't hurt to be giving the police some dirty laundry to deal with either. Besides, with my luck if I don't take this job I could end up in there anyway.

4. Ambush!




Seems like the consequences of my occupation have finally caught up with me. I went to the Crippled Burrick Pub to meet Sammy about unloading some merchandise. The smell of ale and smoke from the place wasn't enough to cover up the stench of an ambush. A couple of Watch officers were there waiting for me. Judging by the look on Sammy's face, I'd say he sold me out.

They didn't seem interested in bringing me in either. The bluecoats were looking for swift justice. Fortunately, I always have an ace up my sleeve. I'd better get back to my place fast and try to figure out what to do next. I just have to get past these guys...and the rest of the city's "finest" out on patrol.

First cutscene

Keeper1: "By order of the Council of the Keepers, you must come with us. Garrett, be reasonable. Logic dictates-"
Garrett: "Leave."
K1: "But we must-"
G: "Now."
K2: "Has your wealth of knowledge grown so vast, that you've lost all hunger for more? Is there no more trust between us then?"
G: [Sighs] "Let's make this fast."


My hand is copper.

My brow is lead.

Suffer me in a red patina,

swept along in a molten flow

to a sad eternity.

My stride interrupted

my thoughts untimed

my tears are become drops of silver

and shattered the crystalline fern.

I plead the wind to sweep us away.

[Garrett and the Keeper talk above the following section]

My alabastrine limbs, useless and tired,

my carnelian heart, beatless and mired.

G: "Nice poem."
K1: "Not poetry...prophecy. The Metal Age is upon us."


I pick the gilded apple from the iron tree

I wipe the rust from my brow

[Garrett and the Keeper talk above the following section]

The earth rejects me, foul and changed,

the wind refuses me, unsightly and maimed.

My voice is corrupted, my tongue unwind,

my pulse is mercurial sickened, it slows.

G: "Iron trees? Not in my part of town."
K2: "Find the humour if you must. But can you tell me truly Garrett? Are there any trees in your part of town?"
K1: "I will answer for you: there are not."


Destiny and danger are stil focused on the one,

the renegade who is both brethen and betrayer.

[Garrett and the Keeper talk above the following section]

Beware the spider, for he weaves both labyrinth and lair.

G: "Well, you've got the danger part right, anyway. I'll tell you Keepers can plant a few shrubs about town. I'll take care of me. I'll find my own way home."
K2: "You're a fool! Do you not understand what is at stake?"
K3: "Did you not hear the Interpreter's words?"
K4: "Yes, Keeper Orland. He has heard. Don't despair. Let me go after him, alone. Not to persuade, but to leave the door open between us.... One more moment, if you will, Garrett."
G: "One...moment."
K4: "You have trouble, my friend. Danger from someone who hired Truart to kill you."
G: "Yes?"
K4: "Then take this. As soon you are done with your business, the sooner you will help us."
G: "Don't count on it."


My heart it ceases, my breath undrawn.

My eyes forever focused

on the sanguine metal dawn.

5. Eavesdropping




I headed back to my safe house and kept thinking about the letter. I know they're trying to manipulate me, but Keepers never alter the truth... just keep it in the shadows. Besides, it's not like I got a lot of leads anyway.

[Reading the letter]

If you seek the private knowledge of the Sheriff, go to the Eastport Mechanist seminary tomorrow night. With stealthy discretion, overhear what you may: a certain very timely meeting.

Looks like I have something useful to learn from a seminary for a change. There are two open towers and some back doors which might be helpful for getting me in. The catacombs below the church could be another way in but I'd rather not tread where the dead sleep.

The meeting will most likely take place in some sort of conference hall. Heh, there's no guarantee that I'll even be able to get inside but all I have to do is get close enough to listen at the door. I'd better pull this off quickly and find a new hideout before the bulldogs get my scent. This situation does have one advantage...things can't get any worse. Who could hire someone like the sheriff to kill me?

6. First City Bank and Trust




I'm not surprised that the Mechanists are not the saints they claim to be, no one in this city is. But at least they've done me the favor of recording the incriminating meeting they had with Sheriff Truart. That recording should let me exert a little pressure on Truart to find out who hired me to kill him. But I'll have to acquire it first. The Mechanists put the recording in a safety deposit box earlier today but since I have a copy of the key, I should be able to open it.

It didn't take much to learn that the Mechanists do all their banking with First City Bank and Trust, one of the wealthiest establishments in town, catering to the needs of the city's upper crust. The bank vault is a huge tower and I'm sure the safety deposit boxes are inside. Once inside the bank, I'll visit the Hall of Records and do a little snooping to find out which box belongs to the Mechanists.

Then I'll need to find a way to get inside the vault itself, grab the recording, and get out. No doubt the bank is well-protected by Mechanist security machines, in addition to the usual guard contingent. Risky, but you know...I've always wanted a good enough excuse to break into First City Bank and Trust. And I always thought I'd be taking the risk, just for the money.

7. Blackmail





It's time for a face to face chat with my old friend Sheriff Truart. Work out our differences, show him the little piece of evidence I lifted from the Mechanists. I'm sure he'll appreciate the consequences if this were to be made public. Truart was acting for somebody when his cronies ambushed me back at the Crippled Burrick Inn. I bet he'll be happy to tell me who that was.

It was cocktail night at Truart Estate, which meant I needed to wait until all the guests had cleared out. Truart has beefed up security since becoming Sheriff, so breaking in may prove to be a little...difficult. Hopefully some drunken guest left me an open door. By the time I find my way in the Sheriff will be fast asleep.

I watched the last guest leave about an hour ago and the servants are no doubt cleaning up while the rest of the house turns in for the night. Now to find my way over that wall....

8. Trace the Courier




Things are getting very complicated. Even if Truart's dead my problems are far from over and whoever hired the Sheriff to kill me is still out there. The keyring I found in Truart's house belongs to Lt. Mosley of the City Watch, but it turns out that she has an alibi for the murder itself.

Still, she's probably neck-deep in this whole mess. I don't know what's going on, and I don't like that. So I started following Mosley. I knew sooner or later she'd have to tip her hand and to contact her friends. And sure enough, she just left the local Watch station well before schedule carrying a letter. This is my chance.

If I can trail her without being spotted I should be able to find who's on the other end of this little conspiracy.

9. Trail of Blood




The portal from the graveyard deposited me in a grove of trees and the wounded pagan I was following is nowhere in sight. He's carrying Mosley's letter and I'd still like to know where he's heading with it, my plan is to track him and find out what's been going on.

The pagan has a head start in what is probably familiar territory to him, but there's some blood on the ground. I'm hoping he's in too much of a hurry to stop and tend to that wound so he'll leave a trail of blood that I can follow-that's unless he bleeds to death before he gets where he's going.

Meanwhile, I have no idea where I am or what I'll be up against and even if I did there's no going back for supplies. If I believed in it, now it would be a good time for me to wish for luck.

Second cutscene

V: "Garrett."
G: "Viktoria."
V: "Garrett. Who is it you wish to fight? Me, or my Thistleaids, or the Sycamore?"
G: "Just you."
V: "I am not the enemy Garrett, nor anyone here. Here's your enemy: Mechanists. It's no secret that they wish to destroy you too, hero that you are, regardless you will join us in our struggle against them."
G: "Join you? Not really my first choice."
V: "Choice? My choice is to avenge the death of a friend! You understand nothing of suffering and duty, pathetic manfool! In one moment I could-!
The past is the past. Now we have an enemy in common. Even you must see that it is so."
G: "I seem to have a lot of enemies lately. Anyway, you have matters well in hand."
V: "It is true that I am powerful, but I draw my strength from this place. Where the Mechanists are, I'm not so sure of victory."
G: "Pity."
V: "I have no time for your vengeful thoughts and biting words. But be assured,
Garrett, you're stronger with us than without us. We've been watching the Mechanists for three moons. Pagan agents are posted in every sector of the city.
Your report, Larkspur?"
Larkspur: "One loss in the old city, and two more in Dayport."
V: "Sometimes enemies must join forces to overcome a more terrible foe. So tell me, Garrett, yes or no. Are we agreed to work together, sharing knowledge and skills against the Mechanists?"
G: "I-"
V: "I've put vengeance aside. The earth keeps my promise for me. Now you have my oath on it, I'm cursed if I break the covenant, now your answer."
G: "I...agree...."
V: "Good. The Earth keeps your promise for you."

10. Life of the Party




G: "The New Scripture of the Master Builder?"
V: "Karras is rewriting ancient Hammer texts. But to what end, we don't know."
G: "So you want me to find out."
V: "Yes. But there's a more pressing problem. Karras is throwing a ball for the local nobility at Angelwatch, the new Mechanist tower in Dayport. We need to know what he is up to. You have to be there, Garrett, tonight, while the party is in progress."
G: "Angelwatch? Is this how our arrangement is gonna work, you coming up with ways for me to get myself killed?"
V: "Is this really Garrett the Master Thief I hear talking? If danger is going to be a problem for you, then-"
G: "Just...give me the details."
V: "Security at the tower will be extra heavy with the City's nobility in attendance, so gaining entrance will be difficult."
G: "For you, maybe. But I won't be knocking on the front door. The rooftops aren't called the 'Thieves' Highway' for nothing."
V: "I have some equipment for you. You should begin immediately. And also-"
G: "Remember to pickpocket the party guests?"
V: "-you must find out whatever you can about the 'Cetus Project', a name our agents have overheard repeatedly. Karras has an office in the tower. Try to obtain some information there."
G: "Brilliant idea, try to find information about Karras' Cetus his office."
V: "You do remember who the enemy is, don't you Garrett?"
G: "If your information is wrong, and I end up risking my neck for nothing, this arrangement is over. Then try asking me that question again."

11. Precious Cargo




G: "I hate to admit it, but you were right about the New Scripture of the Master Builder. Karras is up to something, and that book is his master plan. Too bad he's gone into hiding, or I'd make him eat his words."
V: "Karras is...fanatical by nature, but now I fear his ambition as well. You say he's giving these 'Servants' as gifts?"
G: "Yes, and they must be connected somehow to the scripture. The Servants are weapons, and the nobles have just invited them into their homes. I should be so lucky."
V: "And the schematics confirmed what my agents presumed: Markham's Isle is the staging area for the Cetus Project."
G: "You knew about Markham's Isle? Do you know what it took to get into that office? I don't appreciate you wasting my time."
V: "You are arrogant, Garrett. Yet, you underestimate your importance to the cause. Your actions have been invaluable."
G: "Do you know what the Cetus Project is?"
V: "The schematics are too technical to decipher, but the name they reference, Brother Cavador, is the best lead we've had in months."
G: "Then we need him. I'm sure you'd love to ask a high-ranking Mechanist a few questions. I'll go see if I can convince Cavador to come back with me."
V: "There is much we can learn from him. Lotus, my agent on Markham's Isle, may have information on Cavador. Unfortunately, we've had no word from him for some time."
G: "The he got careless. I won't make the same mistake."
V: "I have hope that Lotus is still alive. He's a faithful agent...and a trusted friend. If you could find him, we'd be in your debt."
G: "I just hope you realize the risks I've been taking for you. It's not everyday my services come so cheap."

12. Kidnap




I went to Markham's Isle looking for three things: Viktoria's agent, the Cetus Project, and Brother Cavador. There wasn't much I could do to help poor Lotus, at least he passed on his information to me. Now I now more about the Cetus Project than I ever wanted to. They built a ship that can can sail underwater.

Turns out this ugly iron fish is my link to Cavador. The only way I can reach him is to hitch a ride in its belly. Viktoria had better appreciate all the trouble I'm going through. 'Course it's not just enough to find Brother Cavador in this mysterious "K.D. site", I said I'd bring him one piece.

Maybe I should find some other way home, I'm cramped enough here without Cavador in tow. Besides, traveling Mechanist-style just doesn't agree with me, and as long as I'm going to their secret site I might as well as keep my eyes and ears open. Sometimes it's the smallest leak that makes the biggest difference.

13. Casing the Joint




V: "Our guest Cavador just spilled his guts."
G: "Not literally?"
V: "It wasn't necessary. Cavador was instructed to deliver two sorts of artifacts, brass masks and-"
G: "Those slave masks on Karras' Servants?"
V: "-and some sort of agricultural device called the 'Cultivator'. Thirty of each."
G: "Each? So they're connected."
V: "We have to assume so. Unfortunately, our efforts to secure a mask have been...frustrated."
G: "Hmm. Listen. I think I know where we can lay our hands on one of these masks. There's a collector named Bram Gervaisius with an interest in masks and headdresses. Last time I was down in the Lost City he had a commission out for that sort of thing."
V: "Gervaisius? I've had an agent on his case, and apparently the Mechanists have been making overtures."
G: "Three guesses why. What can your agent give me on his house?"
V: "Gervaisius is planning an exibition. He's bringing his collection with him from his summer home. The private exibit area is on the top floor, access is from an elevator controlled from the top floor. It's almost air-tight."
G: "Almost?"
V: "There's talk of a secret passage. Unfortunately, its location remains...secret."
G: "Then I'll need to find it. Now. We can't afford any delays later when the masks arrive. Karras is holed up inside the Mechanist cathedral and it looks like whatever he's up to, we're running out of time."

14. Masks




G: "Now that I've established such a close working relationship with Lord Gervaisius' security systems, going back in for those masks shouldn't be too much trouble."
V: "I hope we can count on the quality of this...working relationship."
G: "Gervaisius' security system is not the most dangerous thing I've ever worked with."
V: "Do I have to ask what is?"
G: "Hmmm, we're on the clock. How has Karras been using the time we've had to wait?"
V: "He's been making some modifications to the Mechanist cathedral... including some sort of valves or seals on the doors. Why, we don't know yet. Inside, it just looks like a huge factory, full of machines and equipment. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's tied in to those Precursor artifacts. The sooner we can get a hold of those, the sooner we'll know."
G: "And get Karras off our backs."
V: "And stop whatever he plans."
G: "Don't wait up. I'll be working late."

15. Sabotage at Soulforge

V: "Don't! The reaction will continue if it finds more organic material."
G: "For how long?"
V: "It seems that when all the rust gas settles into dust, then it is safe. Garrett...for what purpose would the Mechanists use these...Cultivators?"
G: "Well, we know Karras has installed them in the masks of Servants."
V: "Yes."
G: "And the servants have been placed in the homes of the wealthy."
V: "Yes! The homes with the gardens. The plants there could sustain a reaction large enough to destroy...everything!"
G: "Yes, we must think of a plan."
V: "No, there's no time to think. We must go to the Mechanist cathedral. The beacon you've heard about: you could find it, try to activate it, to draw the Servants to the cathedral! Then you must somehow get Karras to signal them; to release the rust gas! You see, if I fill the cathedral with plants, enough to start a chain reaction, then it should cause the same effect we just saw, but it would take Karras with it, instead of the City! Remember, the cathedral is sealed! Air-tight!"
G: "If we can get into the Mechanist cathedral, if you fill it with plants, if I can find, let alone activate, the beacon, all without being detected? It's too risky. We'll be killed!"
V: "Karras created these devices to destroy all that we know. And now they are in place: he must only say the word. There's no more time. We must act. Are you too blind to see that?"
G: "Your plan is suicide. I'll think of another way. And I work alone."
V: "Dyan...Larkspur...I need to speak with you now."

K: "I'm here against the wishes of the Keeper Council. I'm here as your friend, Garrett. Listen. Viktoria has begun an assault on the Mechanist cathedral."
G: "No!"
K: "I hope the glyphs are wrong."

Combat Bot: "And the leaves emerge [unintelligible]..."
V: "Face me yourself, manfool!"
G: "Viktoria!"
C: "[great leaders are meant to win]?"
V: "Garrett!"
C: "Karras didst-[explosion]-despite the [unintelligible]-And lo, the [unintelligible]"
V: "I've failed! This is not enough plant life to sustain the reaction. These mechanical beasts detected me. But there is one more thing I can do. Then it will be up to good thief."
C: "-betray your wiles to The Builder-!"
G: "Wait! Viktoria! Let's get-"
V: "[unintelligible reverse Viki-shout]"
G: "Viktoria!"
C: "-and the unjust are felled!"
V: "I'm plant enough! [Cry of intense exertion and pain]"
C: "Karras the Brave!"
G: "Karras...."

Third cutscene (end movie)

Karras: "Stood then the Master Builder upon the ground, and he saw that the ground was good, and clean. No grasses marred his path, nay, not a wisp of vilest weed did spoil his view. Let thy furnace be fueled."
Robots: "Builder fuel us."
K: "Let thy buildings be sound!"
R: "Builder fuel us."
K: "Let thy foes be vanquished!"
R: "Builder fuel us."
K: "And all thy endeavours be objected unto thee!"
R: "Builder, Forger, Father, fuel us now."

[Necrotic Mutox roars in like a storm. Karras is destroyed in the catastrophe triggered by his own hand.]

Combat Bot: "When I was very young, Karras took me away from the foundry mother and said, 'Thou art the child of my endeavours. Follow me and thou shalt...inherit the Earth....'"

G: "All of this? It was written?"
K: "All."
G: "Viktoria's death...and Karras...was it written? In your books?"
K: "All it was written."
G: "And there's more?"
K: "Yes."
G: "Tell me."

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