Doctor Sandbridge was one of the Doctors that worked at the Shalebridge Cradle. He focused mainly on finding new ways to cure patients. One of his methods was to induce Electro Therapy as well as performing lobotomies. There was a large surgical theatre dedicated to lobotomy treatment. Many of his notes on the patients are found when Garrett enters Shalebridge Cradle.

In the other Doctor's notes he is apparently well respected by most of the Staff working there, although of some his patients fear or dislike him because of his methods, and also fear or dislike the rest of the Staff there.

He gave Treasurer Riley a bottle of Gravecourt Red to "sweeten" an anonymous deal between the two.[1]

Sandbridge reminded Doctors Pettihue and Hanscomb, after the Elliot incident, that subjects can not be left alone during heat remedies (in the case of Doctor Hanscomb) and water treatments (in the case of Doctor Pettihue) in order to collect data before, during and after experimental therapies.[2]

Sandbridge sent Doctor Ranker a letter, agreeing that lobotomy was the best way to suppress violent cases in an "uprising" at the Cradle. He also informs him of the arrival of the new surgical kit, waiting in the theatre. Several other physicians would have observed him that day. Sandbridge also agrees that botched surgeries can yield more information, so it was suggested that training be kept to a minimum.[3]


  • Case No. 1 - Poshtoll E. - Arrived via City Watch escort, perpetrator of the Tallow Man murders, and deemed unfit for trial. Wore a wax mask to cover extreme facial deformities. Sedatives and electrical treatments appeared ineffective and Sandbridge noted his 'cunning intelligence' and stated that he was extremely dangerous. He refused to answer to his name, so the other patients took to calling him 'King No-one'. Recommended to the seclusion chamber. Tricked two nurses into taking his medication. Nurse Sorrel died, and he disfigured Nurse Lovewell's face.[4]
  • Case No. 4 A. Solzer - While not in his care, he recommended electrical treaments despite the first leading to total psychosis.[5]
  • Case No. 6 - F. Topper - Brought in by the City Watch for hysterics and put in Sandbridge's care. She became destructive when her urn was taken away, which was believed to carry the ashes of her dead infant, so he let her take it with her during her walks in the exercise yard. Sandbridge authorized Doctor Hanscom's experimental heat therapy to be used on her.[6]
  • Case No. 7 - C. Pins - Referred to his care by Dr Hanscomb, due to sensitive age. Told the family that she would never be well enough to return home and gave proof in showing her room, of which she had decorated with the murder scene she had observed. Family seamed to act relieved. Later gave her access, with the board's permission, to the balcony with her 'bird house'.[7]
  • Case No. 8 - Elliot V. - Brought in by her late husband's family in order to 'avoid a murder trail'. She was brought in by her late husband's family to help cover a murder scandal. Her appearance was declared unfit for public appearances and Sandbridge recommended no glass or mirrors in her cell. She was allowed to give monthly supervised recitals for the orphans in the Lobotomy Theater using an old Mechanist Viktrola.[8] [9] She almost died in the treatment room after one of Doctor Hanscomb's experiments, prompting not to let patients be left alone, especially one from a rich family. Sandbridge reprimanded him for this[10]


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