The Scouting Orb is Garrett's third eye. It gives him the unique ability to spy any place from a limited distance without revealing himself.

Though used by Garrett, it is manufactured by The Mechanists. Outside of its probable use of optics for The Builders Children, other uses for the Orb aren't made clear.

Basic InfoEdit


Cost: 300 gold in T2 (not present in T1/TG/T3)

Attack: No

DromEd Name: Camera Grenade


  • observing characters from a distance
  • viewing locations over walls or where one cannot enter at the moment

Tactical InformationEdit

The Scouting Orbs have a useful bouncing nature, which allows them to be thrown around corners. They can be thrown high over balconies or walls, but they also tend to slide a bit once they hit the ground. Once the Orb stops its motion and stands still, it begins to transmit visual images from the location it has landed, which will replace the point of view. Press the use key to stop the visual transmission to see from the normal point of view. Then the Orb can be picked back up again (if it is possible) for reuse. Note that when using the Orb to spy, the player still can hear through Garretts ears, but unable to see through his eyes.

The Scouting Orbs are unmatched in their aid to the thief, but are rarely required during missions. In fact, a single Orb would be enough in the mission, let alone the fact that sometimes the starting inventory contains more. If the Scouting Orbs are used properly, and are not tossed into a well or some abyss, and are carefully hidden while spying, they can prove a very useful tool for studying NPC's patrol paths.


BLUEPRINTS: Scouting Orb

Obtain a bolt of Spring Wiring, a Bantam Node, and a canister of Acidic Mixture.

Put the Spring Wiring and the Acidic Mixture through the Fusing Machine in Factory Bay E.

A Flux Spheroid will be manufactured.

Put the Flux Spheroid and the Bantam Node through the Bellowing Machine in Factory Bay C. [1]


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