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Serpentyle Torc
Special Loot
a house in the North end of The Sealed Section
in a chest upstairs
Original Owner

The Serpentyle Torc was a golden necklace artifact of greater traditional value than material, belonging to an old man that lived in the sealed section of the Old Quarter before the Cataclysm. A journal entry by a covetous neighbor in another area claimed the old man refused to sell it to him, stating it was priceless, and that it was a custom of his people to present a gift of such beauty to their brides-to-be before marriage.

When Garrett visited the sealed section of the Old Quarter, he found the Torc on the second floor of an abandoned mansion on a barren side street west of the Cathedral Street drawbridge. For some unknown reason, the mansion was carefully guarded by two Haunts, making the retrieval of the Torc quite challenging. (TDP/TG: "The Haunted Cathedral")

Related QuestEdit

From The Haunted Cathedral objectives: "A valuable item called the Serpentyle Torc is reputed to be somewhere in these ruins. Find it. (Hard/Expert)"

Real World ReferenceEdit

A torcis a kind of rigid jewelery worn around the neck.

The Serpentyle Torc can be compared to the ancient symbol Ouroboros, or the self-devouring serpent. It has been used to represent many things over the ages, but it most generally symbolizes ideas of cycles, unity, or infinity.

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