Serpentyle Torc
Special Loot
a house in the North end of The Sealed Section
in a chest upstairs
Original Owner

The Serpentyle Torc was a golden necklace artifact of greater traditional value than material, belonging to an old man that lived in the sealed section of the Old Quarter before the Cataclysm. A journal entry by a covetous neighbor in another area claimed the old man refused to sell it to him, stating it was priceless, and that it was a custom of his people to present a gift of such beauty to their brides-to-be before marriage.

When Garrett visited the sealed section of the Old Quarter, he found the Torc on the second floor of an abandoned mansion on a barren side street west of the Cathedral Street drawbridge. For some unknown reason, the mansion was carefully guarded by two Haunts, making the retrieval of the Torc quite challenging.

Related QuestEdit

From The Haunted Cathedral objectives: "A valuable item called the Serpentyle Torc is reputed to be somewhere in these ruins. Find it. (Hard/Expert)"

Real World ReferenceEdit

A torc is a kind of rigid jewelery worn around the neck.

The Serpentyle Torc can be compared to the ancient symbol Ouroboros, or the self-devouring serpent. It has been used to represent many things over the ages, but it most generally symbolizes ideas of cycles, unity, or infinity.

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