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General Location of Shalebridge

Shalebridge is a district between the Old Quarter and the Docks. The Shalebridge Cradle Orphanage is located in or near Shalebridge and is its only known landmark. Shalebridge is one of Raputo's districts.[1] It is located along a shallow point in the River and can be waded across in times of severe drought.[2]

The district is first mentioned in the T1/TG mission, "Assassins", but does not appear on a map until T2.[3]

After Garrett's ambush at the Crippled Burrick Pub, and with the watch knowing his apartment location, he moves and sets up a safe house in Shalebridge [4].

Shalebridge is treated as a complete district in the early Thief games, but only a small part of part of Old Quarter in TDS.

Known LocationsEdit

Known StreetsEdit


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