Basic InfoEdit

Cost: 150 gold in T2 (not present in T1/TG/T3)


  • Reduces the walking and falling speed of the drinker, thus reducing any damage from high falls.

Tactical InformationEdit

Potion Slow-Fall

The Slow-Fall Potion is basically an alternative way to descend from high places, introduced in Thief II: The Metal Age. Once drank it, the drinker magically becomes lighter and therefore falls and moves slowly. This allows a safer descend when Rope and Vine Arrows are not available. However, the player will move very slowly, so it is not advised to drink when being pursued or being fired at.

If drank at a very high decent, the potion may wear off, so judgement should be made as to when the potion is drank. Too soon, and the player will possibly take fall damage when it wears off, too late and the player may receive fall damage from the potion not slowing in time, as well as running slowly on impact.

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