Hammer Casting at Cragscleft

This apparatus is generally found in Hammerite and Mechanist factories. Although normally just for display these can sometimes be used to create items using metal molds. The three cauldrons in the factory level of Cragscleft Prison produce long-handled hammers, which the three operators retrieve and place into a crate at the end of the hall. In Return to the Cathedral, The cauldron in St. Tennor's can be used to manufacture doorknobs, sword hilts, lever handles, gears, keys to the wine celler, and holy symbols in virtually limitless numbers.

The procedure for working the cauldron is simple; there are two levers, a mold stand, a gauge, and a red light.

  • The MultiMold is placed open on the stand
  • The left lever is pulled, closing the mold
  • The right lever is pulled, tipping the cauldron
  • The right lever is returned when the gauge is in the red (this also occurs automatically when the gauge reaches maximum)
  • The left lever is returned, opening the mold
  • The product is removed from the mold

Note however that the product does not need to be taken out before another is poured, but will protrude from the mold when closed. Also, if the right lever is activated instead of the left in stage 5, the cauldron can continue to pour indefinitely.

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