For other characters with the same name, see Smith.

The Smith-in-Exile can be assumed to be a past member of the Order of the Hammer. The Smith-in-Exile declared the Journals of Morgan anathema, for unknown reasons. Also wrote letters[1] and set forth precepts, the most famous of which is "Once sin hath entered thy heart, thy life's work is at an end."[2] Both letters and precepts were later collected. It is thought that the Smith-in-Exile either was present during or lived concurrently with the Cataclysm, as some of the letters might refer to this event.

The name may be an official or self-appointed title meaning 'The former head of the Hammerite Cathedral'. Hammerites use craft-themed ranks so 'Smith' may mean 'a moderate to high-ranked official'. Each Hammerite temple has a high priest who is tightly bound to the facility (renowned as a Builder's representative for it). So a former high priest of the Cathedral is likely to be perceived an exile since he was forced to leave his home because of the Cataclysm.


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