Description: Letter from Edwina Moira to Curtis


Curtis- Thank you for agreeing to stay on without pay. Robert will be most grateful when he returns from his voyage.

Once you find out where Garrett lives, you should wait outside for him.  He'll come out eventually, if only to rob

someone else, and when he does, kill him.  Then say ‘That's for robbing Mrs. Moira!' or perhaps there's something

more customary to say at such moments. Either way, I feel he should know why he's being killed, don't you? After

he's dead, try looking around his apartment for anything of mine that might still be there. In particular,

I'm hoping you recover a rather large sum of money. 

Edwina Moira


Description: Dock sign

Location: On the right side of the gate

SQdocksgate location



Description: Letter from Lady Elizabeth


M- Soon the Opal will be mine. The fence told us the thief's name is Garrett and that he'll try for Stonemarket.

But my men have barricaded the gate and are ready for him. When I return to Castle Rutherford with the Opal, I'll 

watch Julian and Ember suffer.  For a time anyway.  Later I'll poison them.  Never leave loose ends.

Lady E.


Description: Plaque on South Quarter fountain

Location: In front of the South Quarter fountain

SQfountainplaq location

South Quarter Fountain

Near This Site, the First Stone Was Believed to Have Been Laid in the Building of the City


Description: Prison sign

Location: Next to the entrance of the Pavelock Prison

SQpavelocksign location

Pavelock Prison


Description: A peasant's journal


SQpeasantjournal location

Still no jobs to be found.  I might have to pawn more stuff.  Somebody was in here yesterday when I was out looking for

work.  I bet they was up to no good.  I just wish they had left behind something good to drink.  Ain't nothin' ever 

goes my way.


Description: Quarantine warning

Location: On the gate leading to the Docks

SQquarantinesign location

No Passing - Quarantine Area

By order of the City Watch

No inquiries please

Violators will be prosecuted


Description: Dock sign


To Docks


Description: Stonemarket sign

Location: Next to the gate to Stonemarket

SQtosmsign location

To Stonemarket

Crime ReportEdit

Description: The local crime report for South Quarter

Location: One opposed to the South Quarter fountain, the other one next to the way leading into Black Alley

SQcrimereport location1 SQcrimereport location2

City Watch Crime Report
District of South Quarter

The following criminal incidents occurred
last evening in the vicinity of South Quarter:

X citizens were murdered.
X citizens were rendered unconscious by a
blow to the head.
X items of valuable property were
reported stolen.
X locks were unlawfully picked open.

The above is a true and complete record
of events. All residents are encouraged to
report suspected incidents of crime to the
nearest City Watch authority.

The Office of the Commissioner