Basic InfoEdit


  • 500 gold in T1/TG
  • 300 gold in /T2

(not present in TDS)


  • Doubling walking and running speed for approximately 9 seconds
  • Boosting jumping distance

Tactical InformationEdit

Potion Speed

The Speed Potion is a muscle stimulating cocktail, that gives the user a momentary burst of speed. He will be able to run faster and jump further for a very short period of time. If Garrett has been discovered, and the Gas Arrow or Flash Bomb won't do the job (or there are not any in the inventory), the player will need to rely on running for escape. Drinking a speed potion can give one the edge over his pursuers, especially if they are fast like the Haunts. The potion will wear off in just a few moments after it has been drunk, so the user must find a hiding place very quickly. Another use for the potion's properties is the ability to jump further due to the increased running speed (the increase in long-distance jumping ability is enough to reach the windowsill of the Lost City tower from the hole near the start of the mission). This is good for climbing stacked crates, but there are few places in the missions requiring a long jump. Apart from those applications, the Speed Potion is not extremely useful like the Healing Potion or Water Arrow are. One should consider carefully if spending money on speed potions in the shop is a necessity, especially in T1/TG. But when they are found in an old chest or on a dusty shelf during a mission, they are always a welcomed friend.