Description: Barracks plaque


HIbarracksPlq location



Description: A letter to Brother Partis


HIbooks location

Brother Partis,

I have gleaned what information I could about these volumes: -Homilies of the Jeremites, illustrated.   

Priory of the Forge.

-Glendower Volume.  Missing in Karras' Upheavals.
-Glory of St. Edgar.  Damaged but legible.
-Codex of the Admonitions.  A gold-bound and valuable text.  Stored in the prayer room on the west side 

of the church, top floor.


Description: Orders how to store the Chalice


HIcageplaque location1 HIcageplaque location2

Suspension Cage

The Chalice shouldst be kept suspended, away from the sullied earth, and in greater safety. Mayst be lowered 

only by permission.


Description: A Hammerite morning ritual


HIceremony location1 HIceremony location2

All brethren must receive the blessing of High Priest Greidus before morning.  When thou seekest thy blessing,

summon Greidus with the chapel bell.  Until thy own flesh is purified, speak not to Greidus with thine own tongue, 

but use instead the iron tongue of the bell, forged and purified in flame, to speak for thee.


Description: Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 112.


HIcompendium location

The chisel is but naught, save thou hast a hammer.

The hammer is but naught, save thou stretch forth thine arm.

The arm is but naught, save for thy will to serve the Builder. 

If the Builder takes thy coin, dost thou renounce His work to beg on the street?

If the Builder crushes the walls that guard thee, dost thou flee to sleep in the rain?

If the Builder slays thine offspring, dost thou slay thyself?

Guard not that which thou hast made for thyself, more than the faith that burns in thy heart.


Description: Inspector Drept's Notes


HIdreptfile location

Mine investigation, in truth, continues apace into years long gone.  More deaths hath I learned of that fit the pattern. 

The City Guards care for naught beyond the tips of their noses, so no connection didst they see. In a death thirty years

past, the skin of the victim wast destroyed or removed.  Another case twas six years later, and the report says only that 

the body wast 'mutilated', though it dost note a bent and aged woman was seen nearby."


Description: Journal of Inspector Drept


HIdreptfret Location

Tis another winter gone by, and I hath found naught more of the hag.  Couldst it have been mine imagination? 

Twas so long ago, mine memories dim.  Couldst the hag have been but a figment?  No. NO. I cannot doubt these beliefs,

for none but me follow them.  Lauryl, mine dear friend, wast killed, as so many others hath been in the years since, 

and if I do not seek justice, then there shalt be none.  The crimes I pursue, surely they are more than children's 

rhymes and rumors.  I wilt not turn aside.


Description: Inspector Drept's office plaque


HIdreptPlq location

Inspector Drept


Description: Regulator inscription


HIelecPlq location

Transform Regulator


Description: Factory plaque


HIfactoryPlq location



Description: Bellows Interchange Grill plaque


HIfirePlq location

Bellows Interchange Grill


Description: Hammerite prayer


HIforge1 location

And so did the son come unto his father, and sayeth he:  ‘Woe unto me, for hath I nothing to eat.  Father, give me that 

which I need.' And so didst his father give to him an iron chisel and sayeth he:  ‘Go into the world, and Builder grant 

thee the fruits of thy labor.' The next day did the son come unto his father, and sayeth he:  ‘Woe unto me, for I can

do naught with this chisel.  Father, give me that which I need.' And the father didst give him a hammer of fine wood

and metal, and sayeth he:  ‘Go into the world, and Builder grant thee the fruits of thy labor.' And so did the son 

return, and sayeth he:  ‘Woe unto me, for I cannot eat these, I cannot use these to catch fish or gather crops.

Father, give me that which I need.' And the father didst cleave the begging hand from his son, and sayeth he:

‘The Builder hath granted thee the fruits of thy labor, which is naught.'"


Description: Old Hammerite story


HIforge2 location

The Condemned Man spake upon his day of execution to the Brethren: ‘I am innocent!  Do not cut off my head on 

this day!' A wise brother tested the man, saying ‘If thou art innocent, thou canst set thy soul to rights by 

reciting the Builder's holy prayer.' Fearful, the Condemned Man spake: ‘But I am too afraid to remember!  

I cannot!' The wise brother replied: ‘Fear never visits the innocent man. Even if thou art innocent of crime, 

thou art surely guilty of heresy. A righteous death shall cleanse thee of sin.' So was the Condemned Man's 

head cleft from his body, and was innocence visited upon him that day.


Description: Furnace sign


HIfurnacePlq location

Charnel Furnace


Description: Stamping machine readme


HIgearmaking location1 HIgearmaking location2


Be all of thee reminded, none may use the Stamping Machine, save they are permitted by Chief Worker Roland.  Shouldst

thou have permission, thou mayst obtain an unstamped gear from the Storage Area, but be sure to place the object

squarely in the center of the machine and be wary the sparks and shards when the machine doth activate.


Description: Letter from Brother Thorgrim to Brother Roland


HIgettingrelics2 location1

Brother Roland,

Praise be, thou and High Priest Greidus hath secured the Chalice in the factory. I hath destroyed the stamped gear as 

thou instructed. 

Another canst be made in the stamping machine, but e'en a stamped gear is naught without High Priest Greidus's holy

symbol to open the cage.  Both must be used to activate the mechanism, thus while the symbol rests in High Priest 

Greidus's chambers, surely our relics can be no safer. 

Brother Thorgrim


Description: Letter from Brother Thorgrim to High Priest Greidus


HIgettingrelics2 location2

High Priest Greidus,

Praise be, thou and Brother Roland hath secured the Chalice in the factory. I hath destroyed the stamped gear as

instructed.  Another canst be made in the stamping machine, but e'en a stamped gear is naught without thy holy symbol 

to open the cage.  Both must be used to activate the mechanism, thus while the symbol rests in thy chambers, surely 

our relics can be no safer.

Brother Thorgrim


Description: The story of Saint Edgar


HIglory location

The Glory of Saint Edgar

Twas the dawning of the last day of battle, and Saint Edgar didst see that his forces hadst but a few men left hale

and unwounded. Then, didst he kneel before the Chalice, and didst give entreaty to the Builder to gift him with death

to his foes, or his own death. If it be thy will that the foe fall, grant me thy strength to seek victory for thee. 

If it be thy will that the foe overcome, give me death by Thy will now, for the foe shalt not have it. Then he sup't

from the Chalice, and didst light and glory fill his limbs, and the foe fell as winter before the spring.  

And Saint Edgar gave praise to the Builder, and didst he walk amongst the wounded and captured enemy, and didst he 

give them sup from the Chalice. And they wert consumed utterly by the fire of the Builder's forge, and the dead were

beyond counting. That Saint Edgar shalt be praised above praise, and gloried above glory, was his visage graven and 

sculpt in purest gold, that all who saw it shouldst also know the glory of that day, and the value of his deeds.


Description: Letter to all Hammerites in St. Edgar


HIholysymbol location1 HIholysymbol location2


High Priest Greidus doth keep the Holy Symbol now in his chambers. The Holy Symbol of the Masterforger hath 

the imprint of the Builder's grace direct from blessed St. Edgar. Tis the mark of leadership, and hath many 

other uses. Pray for he who shoulders this burden, High Priest Greidus.




HIkarras location

All that is metal is not of the Builder alone, as all that is wood is not of the Trickster alone.  

Wood canst be shaped and carved, so that it serveth as part of a great house for the Master Builder.

Even iron canst serve contrary to its nature, for the glory and service of false gods.  If thou doubtest

these words, turn thine eye only to the ruin of Soulforge, where the Builder himself smote down the 

workings of the heretic Karras and his wicked crafts.


Description: Lauryl's plaque


HIplaque location




Description: Letter describing some Pagan prisoners


HIprisoners location

We didst take another pagan today. The wretch had no dignity; his screams didst summon forth a crowd of gawking

onlookers as he wast carried inside. But I didst note the flower peddler nearby, that she showed not vacant 

curiosity but a more intent concern. I shalt have her taken and put to the question in the next sweep.  Mine 

thoughts turn again upon the prisoners. 'Tis proper they be put to work, but canst still be proper to work them past

the point of honest effort, that they die of the labor, and rise as the accurst undead?  Still, hadst they been 

faithful, 'twould never have come to such a pass.


Description: Reliquary plaque


HIreliquaryPlq location1 HIreliquaryPlq location2 HIreliquaryPlq location3



Description: Stamping machine plaque


HIstampingPlq location

Stamping Machine


Description: Letter from Brother Roland to High Priest Greidus


HIstatue location

MasterForger Greidus: 

Twice in the span of this week hath I spied Brother Reginald pass by the statue of Saint Edgar, without pause to offer

a prayer of thanksgiving. So that he may achieve penitence with toil in the Builder's name, I hath sent him to work

a doubled shift at the factory. I trust this has thy blessing. I have also a matter of doctrine for thee. Knowst

thou of the smaller effigy of St. Edgar that the Lady Warwick hath bestowed upon us. Dost this artifact require also

the recitation of the prayer? Wilt the value of the object compensate for the lack of size? I shall secure it near

my bed in the bunkroom til I hear back from thee. 



Description: Storage area plaque


HIstoragePlq Location

Storage Area


Description: Letter from Brother Imbrel, Partis, Mendus and Raphael to High Priest Greidus


HItoken location

High Priest Greidus, 

Thou hast served tirelessly these twenty years to impart thy wisdom to the world.  Indeed, there hast been no initiate

to leave St. Edgar's without the mark of thine own particular brand of teaching, blazoned in the stripes upon their

backs. In recognition thereof, this token, a jeweled cat o' nine tails.  Carry it ever with thee, as needs must thou

use it often. 

Brothers Imbrel, Partis, Mendus, Raphael

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