Description: Main Atrium plaque.


MUSatriumPlq LocationMUSatriumPlq Location2MUSatriumPlq Location3

Main Atrium


Description: Sir Clive Mandrake.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Sir Clive Mandrake 

Inks on Paper, 

Vanessa Remington


Description: Carved Cornelian antiques.

Location: By a display case in the West Wing of Porter Hall.

MUScornelian location

Carved Cornelian Oddities Antique. From the early period. 

A donation of the Captain and Mrs. Moira.


Description: Information on the Crown.

Location: On a wall beside the Crown display, West Wing.

MUScrown location

The Crown

This exquisite example of the pre-imperial style of goldworking was purchased by the Museum with funds donated by the

Bafford and Rutherford Families.  The artisan is unknown, but from the detail, one cannot help but note the influences

of the greats.


Description: The Crown plaque.

Location: On the Crown's pedestal, West Wing.

MUScrownplaque Location

The Crown


Description: Curator's office plaque.

Location: On the office wall.

MUScuratorPlq MUSnewpaper location

Curator's Office


Description: The Duchess Ambrose.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

The Duchess Ambrose

Oil on Canvas, 

Clarence D'Abergene


Description: East Wing plaque.


MUSeastWingPlq LocationMUSeastWingPlq Location2

East Wing


Description: A note from curator Milton.


MUSexhibits location

Welcome to the Wieldstrom Museum of Arts and Antiquities Exhibits of particular note are now on display in the 

East Wing, the West Wing, and the Main Atrium. Please refrain from touching any of the exhibits, as it may damage

them and decrease their value. 

Thank you, 

Curator Milton


Description: The Eye plaque.

Location: The balcony railings on either side of the Main Atrium, second floor.

MUSeyeplaque LocationMUSeyeplaque Location2

The Eye


Description: A list of comments made by visitors.

Location: On a table in the East Wing, second floor.

MUSguests location


We thought that refreshments would be served. Otherwise, the collection is adequate.

-Lord and Lady Van Vernon

Interesting. Might any of the objects be available for sale? 

- Lady Valerius

A very fine time. Very fine.

- Lord Bafford


I think that the space would avail itself nicely to a party of some sort. I should like to know if the museum is

available for private evening events. 

- Lady Rumford

Muriel, you should call on me, I have some pieces that might be more safely held here at the museum. I find your 

safeguards fascinating, and indeed, they do seem utterly thief-proof.  


-Lord Gervaisius


We thought there would be more paintings. We like paintings.

-Lord and Lady Randall

Ironwork, really? It looked more valuable than that to me. 

-Countess Von Crete


Description: Information on the Burrick's Heart Ruby.

Location: On the wall directly behind the Heart display, East Wing.

MUSheart location

The Burrick's Heart Ruby The Heart was donated by the Warwick family after the death of Master Clive Warwick, of a

wasting disease. This stone is the largest ruby in known existence, usually deep red in appearance, but lapis in 

certain light. The origin of the stone is unknown, and the Warwick family could offer no explanation.


Description: Burrick's Heart Ruby plaque.

Location: On the Heart's pedestal, East Wing.

MUSheartplaque Location

The Burrick's Heart Ruby


Description: Early ironwork.

Location: By a display case in the East Wing.

MUSironwork location

Early Ironwork Jewelry

Donated by the Countess Von Crete, whose servants found them while excavating a new wine cellar. 

Origin and artisan unknown. Probably pre-dates early period antiquities.


Description: A Bafford family donation.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Antique Jade and Alabaster Plates, Goblets, and Vases From the Early Period.

A donation of the Bafford Family.


Description: The Taciturn Lady.

Location: Beneath a painting on the second floor, East Wing.

MUSladycase location

The Taciturn Lady 

Oil on Canvas,

Francis Orbetti


Description: Report of things which where lost in the museum.

Location: On the curator's desk, top floor of Main Atrium.

MUSlostfound MUSmonocle location

Lost: One red silk lady's glove, reported by Lady Angelina. Found on Tuesday, under a display case. Returned via 

messenger. Lost: One man's dress hat, reported by Lord Wishmont, says it's black and needs to return it to his cousin 

before he sees that he borrowed it without asking.


Description: A short note on the Mechanists inventions.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Mechanists Though short-lived, the Mechanist movement brought advancements into wealthy households, until both the sect

and the technology associated with it came to an abrupt end. Now curiosities, these steam and lightning powered niceties

comprise some of the labor saving and security devices deployed by the Mechanists.


Description: A letter from Lord Gervaisius to curator Milton.

Location: On a side table in the West Wing.

MUSmedallion location

Curator Milton 

I was very impressed with some of your new exhibits, in particular, the Cyclopean Magistrate Statue in Tesero Hall.

How large! How solemn and impressive! Hanging the Coethe Medallion around its neck was a brilliant touch. One cannot

but help to think of the Baron himself. The medallion has found, at last, a suitable spot in which to flaunt its rare 

beauty. Bravo to you for displaying something so inestimable in such a daring manner. However did the Museum function 

before you arrived?

Fond Regards,
Lord Gervaisius


Description: A letter from Richard to curator Milton.

Location: On the curator's desk, top floor of Main Atrium.

MUSlostfound MUSmonocle location

Curator Milton - You left your monocle in Porter Hall when you were examining the Cornelian Oddities exhibit.

I'll leave it right where you left it, so you'll know where to retrieve it - and so I don't get any smudgy fingerprints

on it, like last time. Come get it as soon as you can, I hate leaving valuables out in the open.   



Description: Visitor from the Netherworld.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Visitor from the Netherworld

Marble and onyx,

Grace Averill


Description: The City Chronicle – Evening Edition.

Location: On the wall of the curator's office, Main Atrium.

MUScuratorPlq MUSnewpaper location

Museum Proves Thief-Proof, Would-Be Thieves Dead, Curator Milton Couldn't Be Happier. A robbery attempt at the

Wieldstrom Museum failed when two intruders were killed by the security mechanisms recently installed there. 

According to Officer Mitchell of the City Watch, the two men were identified as Morgan and Eddy Graham, petty

street criminals and lifelong hoodlums of the worst sort. Their mother, Widow Graham, was not available for 

comment. Museum officials would not expound on the robbery attempt and subsequent deaths, but Curator Muriel Milton

did offer this brief statement: 

‘We at the Wieldstrom Museum hope these events will serve as a warning to all the other criminals out there. We are 

completely thief-proof, and my decision to upgrade our security has been vindicated completely. I couldn't be happier.'

When asked how the brothers got past the gate and into the Museum in the first place, both Museum officials and members

of the City Watch had no comment.

- C. Mavenstock


Description: A letter from K. to P.

Location: On a shelf in the storage room, East Wing.

MUSoilpainting location

P - I've just been to the second floor of Porter Hall, and you're right! The painting's a forgery.  If you hadn't 

pointed it out, I never would have known.  Just think of the implications! Francis Orbetti's greatest painting, The

Taciturn Lady, the most valuable portrait in the museum – a forgery! But I'm convinced it would fool anyone – even an

art dealer. This gives me an idea – The Taciturn Lady is going to be our meal ticket for the next few months.  I'll 

need another week or so to work out the details.  In the meantime, don't discuss that painting with anyone else - and 

burn this note when you're done with it! 



Description: A detailed description of The Eye.

Location: On a stand beside the rotating statue, Main Atrium.

MUSorb Location

The Eye

The Eye is the gemstone you see held by the imposing statue before you. This piece was donated by an unknown 

benefactor. Its shape suggests both a claw and a human eye. The composition of The Eye is unknown, but experts suspect 

a combination of onyx, quartz, and bloodstone. Some suggest that proximity to the stone has a deleterious effect on 

the weak-minded, who claim to hear voices in its proximity, but this is unlikely.


Description: A detailed description of The Eye.

Location: Unused?

The Eye

This piece was donated by an unknown benefactor. Its shape suggests both a claw and a human eye. The composition

of The Eye is unknown, but experts suspect a combination of onyx, quartz, and bloodstone. Some suggest that proximity

to the stone has a deleterious effect on the weak-minded, who claim to hear voices in its proximity, but this is



Description: A note from curator Milton to all museum personnel.


MUSpowernote location1MUSpowernote location2MUSpowernote location3

To: All Museum Personnel

From: Curator Milton The new security systems are now operational. As a reminder, there are two power stations. 

One in the northwest corner of Porter Hall (top floor), and the other in the southwest corner of Tesero Hall 

(on the second floor). If the power is shut off, all electric security and lights in the corresponding Hall will be

disabled. However, power will resume automatically within a reasonable time period. Security gates reset to their 

default positions when power comes back on. If you have questions, please consult the watchman in charge.


Description: Power station plaque.


MUSpowerPlq Location1MUSpowerPlq Location2

Power Station


Description: Cyclopean Magistrate Statue plaque.

Location: On a pedestal beneath a large statue, Main Atrium.

MUSstatueplaq Location

Cyclopean Magistrate Statue


Description: Knowledge begets.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Knowledge begets 

Superiority Marble with gold inlay,

Mansfield Underhill


Description: Curator's Office plaque.


MUStoCuratorPlq Location

To Curator's Office


Description: Porter Hall plaque.


To Porter Hall


Description: Tesero Hall plaque.


MUStoTeseroPlq LocationMUStoTeseroPlq Location2MUStoTeseroPlq Location3

To Tesero Hall


Description: The Triumph of the Upper Classes.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

The Triumph of the Upper Classes 

Marble, Margot Clayton


Description: Wedding attire of the Lady Isabel.

Location: Unknown. Cut material?

Wedding attire of the Lady Isabel Martingale White silk with embroidered filigree. Note the detail on the gloves and 

matching shoes. A donation of the Martingale family.


Description: West Wing plaque.


MUSwestWingPlq LocationMUSwestWingPlq Location2

West Wing