Basic InfoEdit

Human Glyph Statue

The stone human statues are one of the several forms taken by the animated stone statues that were created by Gamall during Garrett's investigations into Keeper Orland as the possible "Brethren and Betrayer." Near the end of the mission (Of Brethren... And Betrayers), in the hall of statues, a then-unknown hag animates the statues using Keeper Glyphs. They appear as bearded male human shaped statues, wearing robes like those found on aristocratic people around the city. Their intelligence is limited, patrolling set areas under simple instructions to attack anything they see, or to investigate any loud sounds. Though they are able to speak their speech is fragmentary and simple, repeating simple statements repeatedly concerning whatever they happened to be doing at the time. The statues are very strong and are able to break a great speed if alerted, making them quite a formidable opponent to deal with.


Prior to obtaining the Glyph of Unbinding, a stone statue should be avoided if possible, as most weapons are ineffective at damaging them, and those that are able to harm them may require many hits, as the statues have a large amount of hit points.

  • Fire Arrows – two direct hits are required
  • Explosive Mines – one is sufficient if detonated directly under the statue
  • Moss Arrows - can drastically reduce a statue's speed, but are not entirely reliable

After obtaining the Glyph of Unbinding - A stone statue can be taken out with a single stealthy hit with the Blackjack to the back of the head, causing the statue to stumble and roar in agony before finally falling apart. Indeed the blackjack is the only truly effective weapon against them, with careful maneuvering an alerted statue can be destroyed with 4-8 strikes.

Statues attack with invisible "swords", sometimes seen as a rectangular shadow when dropped. These, like all melee blades in TDS, will destroy any breakable object that strikes them.