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This district's known for commerce and corruption, with plenty of both for everybody. Most people come here for the stores, but I tend to do my shopping after everything's locked up for the night. There's the Clocktower, one of the tallest buildings in the City, a good landmark day or night... And finally the Stonemarket Plaza. More vendors, more people. -- Garrett

The Stonemarket area consists of two separate parts. It is more crowded than other areas.

Stonemarket PlazaEdit

The west end of Stonemarket, with a Tavern that takes up most of the southern area. There's a gate leading back to South Quarter in the south west. There are three separate passages which lead to the north, which contains Terces Courtyard (marked by a gargoyle statue), and the Keeper Library. Large pipes descending from the Stonemarket Clocktower reach over the east wall of this area.

Known LocationsEdit


Stonemarket Plaza

Stonemarket ProperEdit

The east end of Stonemarket; this area is mostly devoted to St. Edgar's Church in the center. In the southwest corner is a guard station and a cell. Behind the church (east side) are both Black Market Bertha the fence, and Marla's Shop. The north end, past the gate to Old Quarter, contains Cothron's Armory and the Clocktower's front entrance. The Stonecutter's shop runs along the western wall, overhanging the partition gate.

Known LocationsEdit

TDS header stonemarket

Stonemarket Proper

Known StreetsEdit

  • none

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