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Warden Stout was the warden of City Watch Precinct 12, Pavelock Prison. Stout was a cruel and relentless warden, placing Pavelock security and the confinement of its tenants far above their comfort or well-being. The prison could be heard to echo with the groans and screams of its prisoners. He was also known to press for extremely harsh sentences for inappropriately minor infractions.[1][2] He was also a known nepotist, holding his cousin Albright in cell 8 only until sober, and only by request of his wife.[3][4]

Stout was probably most infamous for his orders regarding the odd escaped prisoner. Rather than mounting a recapture, he would charge the City Watch to kill on sight anyone who was not officially released from Pavelock.[5][6]

Stout received a letter from Captain Blaine, stationed at Fort Sewell, about how the quarantine is taxing him and his men. He asks for some extra men for Stonemarket and the Docks. The warden appears to have been on friendly terms with Blaine, as he had confided in him with regard to his foot gout.[7]

He probably took control of the City Watch after Sheriff Truart was killed, which explains why the City Watch was so drastically changed in uniform and strategy.


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