Reeves BALLS, Sutter! It's Me!

You may also be looking for Sutter, a thief who was a member of Felix's expedition into the Bonehoard

Front Door

Sutter (middle), Danno (left), and friend (right)

Sutter was a member of the Downwind Thieves' Guild. When Garrett infiltrated the Overlord's Fancy in the TG mission "Thieves' Guild", he was working as a door guard who took his job a little too seriously, demanding the password from everyone, even people he recognized as Downwinders.[1] His antics as a thief were also the topic of conversation among the Downwinders, particularly a job he did in which he accidentally stole a lady's cat, which clawed and scratched him in an attempt to escape, causing him to drop all his loot and leave a trail of blood across the city.[2]


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