Lay down
thine hammer,
lay down
thine awl

Thy yesteryear
are splintered
and old.

Now rise up
thine mace!
And sword
thusly brandish!

The Builder fuels
those who unite
against malice.

Taken from
The New Scripture
of the Master Builder

T2D B11 01

Sometimes living in The City is more trouble than it's worth.

T2D B11 02 T2D B11 03

There's a new sheriff in town, and he's waging his own personal war against crime.

T2D B11 04 T2D B11 05

Dodging the law is part of the game, but Sheriff Gorman Truart's changed the rules.

T2D B11 06

He's enlisted the aid of a separatist sect of the Hammers called..."Mechanists".
Every bit as fanatical as Hammerites, and twice as industrious.

T2D B11 07

They've been supplying Truart with some really nasty contraptions,
like slaves of copper and brass that hunt and kill at his bidding.
Tonight I even the odds.

T2D B11 08

The Mechanists have set up a shop in a wealthy section of town called Dayport.
Word has it that somewhere inside their tower are the plans for a new creation,
a toy for the sheriff that's so deadly it will bring every honest thief in The City to his knees.
I intend to break in and steal the schematics before the project ever hits the assembly line.
But there's more to it than...goodwill for my fellow criminals.

T2D B11 09 T2D B11 10

To win supporters the Mechanists are throwing a posh banquet for the local nobility.
And I've just invited myself.

T2D B11 11 T2D B11 12

With so many rich countesses and lords in one place, I'll be like a kid in a candy store.

T2D B11 13

The streets are pretty hot these days, so I'll take to the rooftops and approach the tower from above.
If I cut through a building or two I won't win any popularity contests, but...

T2D B11 14

...then, they don't call it the Thieves' Highway for nothing.

T2D B11 15