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Sabotage at SoulforgeEdit

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Viktoria: Don't! The reaction will continue if it finds more organic material.
Garrett: For how long?
Viktoria: It seems that when all the rust gas settles into dust, then it is safe.
Garrett... for what purpose would the Mechanists use these... Cultivators?
Garrett: Well, we know Karras has installed them in the masks of servants.
Viktoria: Yes.
Garrett: And the servants have been placed in the homes of the wealthy.
Viktoria: Yes! The homes with the gardens. The plants there could sustain a
reaction large enough to destroy... everything!

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Garrett: Yes, we must think of a plan.
Viktoria: No, there's no time to think. We must go to the Mechanist cathedral.
The beacon you've heard about, you could find it, try to activate it, to
draw the servants to the cathedral! Then you must somehow get Karras to
signal them, to release the rust gas! You see, if I fill the cathedral
with plants, enough to fuel a chain reaction, then it should cause the same
effect we just saw, but it would take Karras with it, instead of the City!
Remember... the cathedral is sealed! air-tight!
Garrett: If we can get into the Mechanist cathedral, if you fill it with plants, if I
can find, let alone activate the beacon, all without being detected?! that's too
risky. We'll be killed!
Viktoria: Karras created these devices to destroy all that we know. And now they're
in place, he needs only say the word. There is no more time. We must act. Are you
too blind to see that?
Garrett: Your plan is suicide. I'll think of a better way. And I work alone.
Viktoria: Diane, Larkspur, I needs speak with you, now.

Keeper: I'm here against the wishes of the Keeper Council. I'm here as your friend,
Keeper: Listen. Viktoria has begun an assault on the Mechanist cathedral.
Garrett: No!
Keeper: I hope the glyphs are wrong.

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T2 B16 07

Robot: And the leaves ....
Viktoria: Face me yourself, manfool!

T2 B16 08

Garrett: Viktoria!!

T2 B16 09

Viktoria: Garrett! I've failed! This is not enough plant life to sustain the reaction.
These mechanical beasts detected me. But there is one more thing I can do.
Then it will be up to you... my good thief.

T2 B16 10 T2 B16 11

Garrett: Wait! Viktoria! Let's get—Viktoria!

T2 B16 12

Viktoria: I'm plant enough!

T2 B16 13

Garrett: Karras.

T2 B16 14