T2 m6 editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 291DU 243FT

Width: 316DU 263FT


Orientation: Dromed layout and in-game compass do not coincide, the Dromed map had to be rotated 90° clockwise to have up point north.

General Location: In the City (light brown area on the base map)

Based on the Surrounding Buildings, and the City Distant Art,Base Map

Mapping proj BASE city roads

Other information:

Location: Eastport, the name implies a port, so it may be near the ocean. The Distant Art is lowered giving the appearance that the map is on high ground. There are only Surrounding Buildings to the North-West, North, and North East, giving the impression that there may be no civilization to the South, perhaps a cliff, a field, or the ocean(even with the duplicated wrap around skybox).