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Description: A note from a mysterious person regarding Lucy Walker

Location: unused?

N -

I have a bug in the ear of one of the Watch Officers. 

I'll have him drop a line and give the woman a scare or two. 

If she's up to anything, she'll likely make a break for it and 

they can pick her up. Either way, she'll be trouble for us no longer.

- P


Description: unknown

Location: unused?

So High And Mighty Mister Priest -

Remember how you locked me up last year? 

For calling you out on the street? Remember 

you broke my fingers for "heresy" you called it? 

Well, I seen you now, I seen how the gear-heads are 

taking all the gold and the land that used to be all yours. 

So I say to you hah, and hah again, and I spit on your 

hammers and your builder and may the gear-heads murder 

you all in your beds


Description: A letter to Lord Signoli asking about the ferns he obtained

Location: unused?

Lord Signoli -

Do tell me, I beg you, where you found those most exquisite 

ferns? I have never seen such lush greenery in my life! 

I do not doubt that they must be birthed in some magical 

workshop, rather than plucked from the wilderness, for 

surely such fronds are the work of an artist, not rough nature!

 -Lady Bumbleson


Description: A letter from Lord Thorburn regarding gifts for the Mechanists

Location: unused?

Jerome -

I don't care about excuses. I am sick to death of being 

the last to receive a favor-gift from Karras and his church. 

Find out what he wants. Money? Invitations? More exotic 

plants? They are his. But see that I receive the first of 

whatever he designs next, or you will find yourself begging for 

alms in the street.


Description: unknown

Location: unused?


Know thou that our Lord Karras was most disappointed 

by the attendance at his sermon two nights past. Though 

thine own faces were well seen, it is not sufficient in the 

Builder's eyes for thee to come alone. Know that all of 

thee must not only attend in thine own person, but must 

seek to bring as many of the city's elite as thou canst 

turn the ear of. Master Karras desires this patronage, and 

I know his disciples shalt not disappoint.


Description: One of Karras' sermons

Location: unused?

When thou considerest thy place in the world, 

know that the Builder chose thee as a cog in the vast 

gear of His masterpiece. Take thy place and rejoice, 

for without all cogs in perfect order, the gear runs not! 

When thou lookest about thee, see thou that all proceeds in 

good order and know that it is a sign from the Builder that 

thou dost thine own part.



Description: unknown

Location: unused?


Leave not the boiler burning unattended, no 

more than thou wouldst leave thy child out in the 

wilderness alone! The forge and the boiler are 

granted by the Builder for our work, but they canst 

not function on their own without care!