T2_Ape1 Edit

Ape1: ab11007A: Hey! Seesie you mines plumsies?
Ape1: ab11007C: No! Plumsie taker! Givin' them backsies!
Ape1: ab11007E: Ahhhh!
Ape1: ab11008B: No. Guards me in Summers.
Ape1: ab11008D: Nones guardsies it. For whats coulds gets that fars?
Ape1: ab11008F: Nones could makes it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whew!
Ape1: ab1a1__1: Whatsie that?
Ape1: ab1a1__3: Huhuh?
Ape1: ab1a1__4: Besie something?
Ape1: ab1a1__6: What [?]?
Ape1: ab1a1_w1: Hey... Whatsie that, you?
Ape1: ab1a1_w2: Something moves....
Ape1: ab1a1h_1: Hearsie that?
Ape1: ab1a1h_2: Huhuh? Odd noise....
Ape1: ab1a1hw_1: Hears you that?
Ape1: ab1a1hw_2: Did you hear that?
Ape1: ab1a1hw_3: Hush hush! Hears you the noise?
Ape1: ab1a1hw_4: (Sniff) Hear something?
Ape1: ab1a1hw_5: Hears that, too?
Ape1: ab1a1v_1: There! Eyes be trickster?
Ape1: ab1a1v_2: (Fearful?) What sees?
Ape1: ab1a1vw_1: You sees something?
Ape1: ab1a1vw_2: Hey! Sees someone over there?
Ape1: ab1a1vw_3: You looksie that, too?
Ape1: ab1a1vw_4: Over there... Something moved!
Ape1: ab1a2__1: (Grunt) Knowing you're there, now.
Ape1: ab1a2__2: Keep hiding. I'll still find you.
Ape1: ab1a2__3: Huh! What's that now?
Ape1: ab1a2__4: Who's creepsie around there?
Ape1: ab1a2__5: Hey! Come out at once!
Ape1: ab1a2__6: Who's there? Over there!
Ape1: ab1a3b_1: You slay him. Now I slay you!
Ape1: ab1a3na1: (Shouting) Out thief!
Ape1: ab1a3na2: (Growl) Got you now!
Ape1: ab1a3na3: Hah! Found you!
Ape1: ab1a3na4: You there! Hold you!
Ape1: ab1a3na5: Showsie your face, did you?
Ape1: ab1a3na6: (Growl) Where's your shadows now, manflesh?
Ape1: ab1a3s_1: (Startled) Ah! Whosie you here?
Ape1: ab1a3s_2: Hey! Grrrr....
Ape1: ab1a3s_3: (Startled) Yah! Hold, you!
Ape1: ab1a3s_4: (Startled) Ah! Halt!
Ape1: ab1a3s_5: Hey! Who're you?
Ape1: ab1alma1: Ringsie the alarm!
Ape1: ab1alma2: For the alarm! Aye!
Ape1: ab1alma3: Alarm for you! Sound your death...!
Ape1: ab1almw1: (Shouting) Sounds you the alarming!
Ape1: ab1amb_1: Fight me, sneaksie coward!
Ape1: ab1amb_2: Ah! Do shadow lurksie, taffer!
Ape1: ab1amb_3: Come spills your blood for me, coward!
Ape1: ab1amb_4: Agh! Comes out and fights!
Ape1: ab1ambw1: (Cries out) Ahh! A lurksie assassin hits me!
Ape1: ab1ambw2: We are ambushed!
Ape1: ab1ambw3: A manflesh coward snipes me!
Ape1: ab1atn_2: Hah!
Ape1: ab1atw_1: Die, you sneaksie!
Ape1: ab1atw_2: For the Woodsie!
Ape1: ab1atww1: We takes him!
Ape1: ab1bak_1: Hmm...nobodies now....
Ape1: ab1bak_2: Seemsie nothing....
Ape1: ab1bak_3: Musta been nothing....
Ape1: ab1bak_4: Creepsie gone now....
Ape1: ab1bak_5: Dark and quiet...nothing....
Ape1: ab1bak_6: All gones now....
Ape1: ab1bak_7: Nothing now....
Ape1: ab1bak_8: Probably nothing. Always nothing.
Ape1: ab1bkd_1: Next time you'll bleed.
Ape1: ab1bkd_2: The manflesh is quick.
Ape1: ab1bkd_3: Your bloods will flow, yet....
Ape1: ab1bkdw1: He's quick, the manflesh.
Ape1: ab1blk_1: Hah! Missed me.
Ape1: ab1blk_2: Manflesh's arm is weak!
Ape1: ab1blk_3: Might as well fight a little mouse.
Ape1: ab1blk_4: You fails....
Ape1: ab1blkw1: He's not hurting us.
Ape1: ab1bod_2: (Screams) Hhhgh! Our blood, he spills!
Ape1: ab1chga3: Fun for me, now!
Ape1: ab1chgw1: After hims!
Ape1: ab1chgw2: Help rend the manfleshes!
Ape1: ab1chgw3: On him!
Ape1: ab1chgw4: Helps me get the human!
Ape1: ab1chgw5: We slay him, brother-kin.
Ape1: ab1det_1: (Taunting) Hah! Scared?
Ape1: ab1det_2: (Taunting) Aww! The manflesh cowers!
Ape1: ab1det_3: (Taunting) Trembles, do you?
Ape1: ab1det_4: (Taunting) Run an' hide!
Ape1: ab1detw1: (Taunting) We scared the poor mansie.
Ape1: ab1hhi_3: (Cry of pain) Curse you!
Ape1: ab1hit_1: Hah! Sees you bleeding.
Ape1: ab1hit_2: Flows you red for our Lord!
Ape1: ab1hit_3: Your blood feeds the grasses!
Ape1: ab1hit_4: (Taunting) Ready to run, yet?
Ape1: ab1hit_5: Bleed, manflesh!
Ape1: ab1hit_6: I'll finds your heart next!
Ape1: ab1hitw1: He staggers, brother-kin!
Ape1: ab1hitw2: We drive him back!
Ape1: ab1hitw3: I cuts his fleshes!
Ape1: ab1hlow1: Ahh! I bleed, brother-kin!
Ape1: ab1hnd_1: Hah! No blood from me!
Ape1: ab1hnd_2: Meant the mansie to hurt?
Ape1: ab1hnd_3: My skins be tougher than your iron!
Ape1: ab1lar_1: Hey! See this?
Ape1: ab1lar_2: Seesie here? Get help!
Ape1: ab1lar_3: Help! Looksie here!
Ape1: ab1los_1: Grrr! Grrr! Wheresie go?
Ape1: ab1los_2: Grrr! Grrr! Catch you yet!
Ape1: ab1los_3: Sneaksie got away!
Ape1: ab1los_4: (Concerned) Ohh...wheresie now?
Ape1: ab1mis_1: Thief! Sneaksie thief been here!
Ape1: ab1mis_2: Hey! Where'd that go?
Ape1: ab1mis_3: Wheresie go? Thief!
Ape1: ab1rbod1: A manflesh kills us, brother-kin!
Ape1: ab1rbod2: Sees one of us slain, already....
Ape1: ab1rbod3: Watches for the human who kills us!
Ape1: ab1rint1: Sees for a creeper around?
Ape1: ab1rint2: I saws me a sneaksie not long ago. Watches, you....
Ape1: ab1rint3: Watch for the lurksie humans. I saw someone....
Ape1: ab1rmis1: A sneaksie thief robs us.
Ape1: ab1rmis2: Tells the others: Watch for stealer takes our things.
Ape1: ab1rmis3: The thief's come to steals us away....
Ape1: ab1roth1: Sees the prints a sneaksie makes!
Ape1: ab1roth2: Keeps watch careful... I see something....
Ape1: ab1roth3: Someone creepsie by among us. Watch it....
Ape1: ab1roth4: Be guards, you... I thinks there is something afoot....
Ape1: ab1roth5: I sees things. Watches you too....
Ape1: ab1runa1: Over heres!
Ape1: ab1runa2: (In pain) This way! I heard... shot... manflesh!
Ape1: ab1runa3: (In pain) Hurry! Here! Help!
Ape1: ab1runa4: Aye! The manflesh fleds with sword!
Ape1: ab1runa5: (In pain) Guard me! Help!
Ape1: ab1sec_1: (Sniffing the air) Manflesh been through here....
Ape1: ab1sec_2: Who does with this?
Ape1: ab1sec_3: Over here!
Ape1: ab1sec_4: Looksie this... someone's break in!
Ape1: ab1sma_1: Whatsie does this?
Ape1: ab1sma_2: Someone's a naughty boy....
Ape1: ab1sma_3: Who's been this here?
Ape1: ab1telc1: Foundsie the manflesh!
Ape1: ab1telc2: Manflesh over there!
Ape1: ab1telc3: Manflesh over here!
Ape1: ab1telc4: Sees him again!
Ape1: ab1telc5: Over here! Human here!
Ape1: ab1telc6: Found him!
Ape1: ab1telr1: Manflesh among us!
Ape1: ab1telr2: A human comesy here!
Ape1: ab1telr3: Looksie there! Be an intruder!
Ape1: ab1telr4: Hey! Someone is here!
Ape1: ab1telr5: Look there! A sneaksie....

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