T2_Extra1 Edit

Extra1: ex10202B: I remember what it was like to sleep. Boss left this morning and put me in charge of unloading and cataloging all the incoming shipment from the Mechanists. Every single bloody thing they order is made outta metal. I've been lifting heavy crates all day long, and I think my back is about to break.
Extra1: ex10202D: Oh...the Mechanist tower, you mean? The City has certainly changed over the last year. A lot a that's 'cause a' the Mechanists. I was in Dayport just last week.... All the trees are gone and there're giant chimneys spewing out foul soot.
Extra1: ex10202F: Well..there's more to the Mechanists than just factories. While I was Dayport I had to stop by the Mechanist tower to pick up a payment. I couldn't believe what I saw: they had these mechanical faces that watched me an' sent shivers down my spine, I tell you....
Extra1: ex10502A: What's the latest on the war, Raleigh?
Extra1: ex10502C: I think you worry too much. This city is like a fortress. With the Mechanists here to help us defend The City, we needn't fret about it.
Extra1: ex10502E: Well...until I see a battle going on outside my window, I shant worry about it.
Extra1: ex11205B: No...the 'M-stacks'. It's a section of bookcases. They're just called stacks.
Extra1: ex11205D: I tell you the place is haunted. One minute I was on my way to file the Lord's letters, then I heard this terrible sound...and when I turned around, the M-stacks were gone!
Extra1: ex11205F: (Fretful) You don't understand.... I dropped the letters on the floor and they were gone, too! I looked everywhere...!
Extra1: ex11205H: (Sullen) Some help you are....
Extra1: ex11302B: No. And I'm getting out of here before it gets any darker. Letters or no letters...I'm not sure I want the M-stacks to appear again if the ghosts don't want them to. I'll think of something to say to Lord Gervaisius.
Extra1: ex11302D: (Worried) Hasn't anybody else seen them?
Extra1: ex1a1__1: Yes? Is someone there?
Extra1: ex1a1__2: What was that?
Extra1: ex1a1__3: Hello? Who's there?
Extra1: ex1a1__4: Huh? Anybody there?
Extra1: ex1a1h_1: Wha-what was that noise?
Extra1: ex1a1h_2: (Frightened) What was that? I-is someone there?
Extra1: ex1a1v_1: Hmm...thought I saw something....
Extra1: ex1a1v_2: Uh-wh-wh-what's that over there?
Extra1: ex1a2__1: What was that?
Extra1: ex1a2__2: Someone there?
Extra1: ex1a2__3: Hey! Who was that?
Extra1: ex1a2__4: Is someone there? Hey!
Extra1: ex1a3b_1: Hey! Wha--what's going on?
Extra1: ex1a3s_1: (Gasps) Who are you?
Extra1: ex1a3s_2: Don't hurt me!
Extra1: ex1a3s_3: Leave me alone!
Extra1: ex1a3s_4: Help! Help!
Extra1: ex1almw1: The alarm! Hurry!
Extra1: ex1bak_1: Hmm...oh well....
Extra1: ex1bak_2: (Sighs) I hate rats.
Extra1: ex1bak_3: (Sighs) Guess it was nothin'....
Extra1: ex1bak_4: Nothin' there now....
Extra1: ex1bak_5: Hmm...I...guess it wasn't anything....
Extra1: ex1bak_6: Nevermind...there's no one here.
Extra1: ex1bak_7: Boy, there are straange noises everywhere....
Extra1: ex1bod_1: (Yelps) A body! Help! Heeelp!
Extra1: ex1bod_2: Oh no...! Help! Heeelp!
Extra1: ex1bod_3: (Sharp gasp) There's a body over here!
Extra1: ex1bod_4: (Sharp gasp) My god! There's been a murder!
Extra1: ex1hlow1: (Cries out faintly, then pleads) No more...please....
Extra1: ex1lar_1: What's all this? This is no good.... Help!
Extra1: ex1lar_2: Hey! Help! Look here!
Extra1: ex1mis_1: Hey.... Where is that?
Extra1: ex1rbod1: (Breathless) Did you hear? There's a killer on the loose!
Extra1: ex1rint1: Hey! There's a suspicious guy wandering around here.
Extra1: ex1rint2: There's an intruder in here!
Extra1: ex1rint3: Help! I saw someone...just a minute ago!
Extra1: ex1rmis1: There's stuff been stolen!
Extra1: ex1rob_1: Hmm...what's wrong with this thing?
Extra1: ex1roth1: (Fearful) I'm worried.... I think there's something going on....
Extra1: ex1roth2: I think there's something weird going on....
Extra1: ex1rrob1: (Frightened) Did you hear? One of those iron beasts has been vandalized. I don't like this at all....
Extra1: ex1run_1: Heelp!
Extra1: ex1run_2: Help me!
Extra1: ex1run_3: Help! Help! Don't let him get me!
Extra1: ex1run_4: Heelp! Heelp!
Extra1: ex1run_5: Look there! He's armed!
Extra1: ex1run_6: Hurry! Over here! Heelp!
Extra1: ex1sec_1: (Small gasp) There's been a break-in!
Extra1: ex1sec_2: Oh my! Help! Burglars!
Extra1: ex1sma_1: This...isn't right....
Extra1: ex1sma_2: Huh--Wh-what's going on?
Extra1: ex1telc1: Help! Help! Don't let him get me!
Extra1: ex1telc2: Here he is! Someone get him!
Extra1: ex1torc1: Why do these torches always go out?
Extra1: ex1torc2: (Sighs, then sarcastic) Oh great...that's just wonderful....

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