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T2_Extra2 Edit

Extra2: ex20203B: That's what I heard. I hope that dirty smuggler brought us some spice. There's none to be found anywhere within this cursed city, anymore.
Extra2: ex20203D: It's as if all the plant life in The City up and died. Have you noticed that all the trees in Eastport are wilted and dead?
Extra2: ex20503B: Oh...they're looking for some guy the sheriff wants brought in.
Extra2: ex20503D: They say they want him dead or alive, but it looks to me like they'd prefer dead.
Extra2: ex20503F: I was at the pub, saw a couple of bluecoats ambush the guy there. He managed to get away, though. Never seen anyone move that fast before. He just vanished into the shadows.
Extra2: ex2a0co3: (Coughing) Oh...the air is getting so filthy, lately....
Extra2: ex2a1__2: Someone there?
Extra2: ex2a1__3: Yes...? Anyone there?
Extra2: ex2a1__4: Oh-wh-what's that?
Extra2: ex2a1h_1: (Small gasp) What-what's that sound?
Extra2: ex2a1h_2: Who's there? D-did you say something?
Extra2: ex2a1v_1: Who was that there? I-I saw something....
Extra2: ex2a1v_2: Hello? Someone over there...?
Extra2: ex2a2__1: Huh? Uh-I-I don't like this....
Extra2: ex2a2__2: What's that? Hey! Hey, is someone in here?
Extra2: ex2a2__3: Hello? Who's there?
Extra2: ex2a2__4: Yes...? Wh-what is it? Hello?
Extra2: ex2a3__3: (Shouting) What was that?
Extra2: ex2a3b_1: (High scream) You killed him!
Extra2: ex2a3s_1: (Almost pleading) Please...don't hurt me....
Extra2: ex2a3s_2: Ahh! I give up!
Extra2: ex2a3s_3: Wha--? I-I don't--I don't have any money!
Extra2: ex2a3s_4: (Startled cry) Help! Help! There's someone in here!
Extra2: ex2almw1: (Startled cry) Ring the alarm and get help!
Extra2: ex2bak_1: Oh well...I guess it was nothing....
Extra2: ex2bak_2: Okaaay....
Extra2: ex2bak_3: Hm...who knows what it was....
Extra2: ex2bak_4: Hmm...that was—that was weird....
Extra2: ex2bak_5: Boy...this place is getting to me....
Extra2: ex2bak_6: (Sighs) Nothing.
Extra2: ex2bak_7: Well...nothing here now....
Extra2: ex2bod_1: (Sounds of disgust) Is he—is he? Oh my god! He's dead!
Extra2: ex2bod_2: Oh my...murderers! Help! Over here!
Extra2: ex2bod_3: Over here! Help, there's been a murder!
Extra2: ex2bod_4: Ahh! There's a dead guy!
Extra2: ex2hlow1: (Small exhalation)! Help!
Extra2: ex2lar_1: Ahh! Look at this! Help!
Extra2: ex2lar_2: Oh no! Who's done this? Help! Heelp!
Extra2: ex2mis_1: Hey! Help! Thief!
Extra2: ex2mis_2: (Gasps) Wher-where is it?
Extra2: ex2rbod1: Did you see the body?
Extra2: ex2rint1: I just saw him. He's around here somewhere....
Extra2: ex2rint2: There's someone sneaking around here. I'm scared....
Extra2: ex2rmis1: There's a thief around. All sorts a' stuff is missing.
Extra2: ex2rob_1: Look at this mess...(Disgusted exhalation) Did someone do this?
Extra2: ex2roth1: Something weird is going on here....
Extra2: ex2roth2: Whole room's been trashed...have you seen someone?
Extra2: ex2rrob1: O-over there.... One of those things is destroyed. I-I saw it just a minute ago....
Extra2: ex2run_1: Help! Thief! Thief!
Extra2: ex2run_2: He's right here! Help!
Extra2: ex2run_3: I see him! Help! Over here!
Extra2: ex2run_4: Over here! He-he has a sword!
Extra2: ex2run_5: Someone get 'im!
Extra2: ex2run_6: Help! Help! There's someone in here!
Extra2: ex2sec_1: Anyone? Anyone? There's a prowler through here!
Extra2: ex2sec_2: Help! Heere!
Extra2: ex2sma_1: Hey! What's been going on here?
Extra2: ex2sma_2: W-what happened here?
Extra2: ex2telc1: He's right here! Help!
Extra2: ex2telc2: Over here! He has a sword!
Extra2: ex2telc3: I see him! Help! Over here!
Extra2: ex2torc1: These torches just don't work very well, do they?
Extra2: ex2torc2: Out again? Someone's gonna trip 'n' fall....

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