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T2_Garrett Edit

Garrett: gar0100: Okay, Basso, you sit tight ‘til I give the signal.
Garrett: gar0101: Better check my map.
Garrett: gar0102: This must be the door Basso mentioned.
Garrett: gar0103: Good thing the butler's out for the night... He left his lights on.
Garrett: gar0104: Upstairs.... Basso isn't going to need to come up here.
Garrett: gar0105: Ooooh... Better stop and check out that light around the corner.
Garrett: gar0106: This hallway is too well lit. Better put a water arrow into that torch.
Garrett: gar0107: Careful.
Garrett: gar0108: Another guard up ahead. Time to knock him out while his back is turned.
Garrett: gar0109: Let's duck aside and wait for this.
Garrett: gar0110: Let's, uhh, duck aside and wait for this little chat to finish.
Garrett: gar0111: Steady-y... Steady-yy....
Garrett: gar0112: Well, that's her door. Guess Basso can open it. He's not much of a sneak, but he can sure handle a lock.
Garrett: gar0113: Looks like the coast is clear for Basso, now.
Garrett: gar0201: Shouldn't be too hard to find a spot to climb outta this place.
Garrett: gar0202: Hmm... Doesn't look like I can get up there.
Garrett: gar0203: A fall from this height could hurt.
Garrett: gar0204: I bet a guard or two around here may have a key for me to pick-pocket.
Garrett: gar0205: This place has lots of shadows to hide in.
Garrett: gar0206: That floor looks loud. I better find a way to walk across it quietly.
Garrett: gar0207: I need to find a key for this.
Garrett: gar0208: Look what's on that guy's belt.
Garrett: gar0209: I hear this guy's quite a popular musician. His unpublished work should be valuable.
Garrett: gar0210: This place looks like an inventor's shop. There's probably a valuable gadget or two around here.
Garrett: gar0211: Mynell makes the best steaks in the entire city. His recipes may catch me a pretty penny.
Garrett: Gar0212: Jerm is the man that makes those magic lenses. Ther're probably some valuable lenses in here.
Garrett: gar0213: That looks like Captain Davidson's cargo ship. He's a shady guy—into smuggling and piracy.
Garrett: gar0214: A large open door... That is bound to attract a guard or two. I should probably try to find a way to get it shut again.
Garrett: gar0215: Heh heh heh... ‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.'
Garrett: gar0216: Ewww... So that's Mynell's secret ingredient.
Garrett: gar0217: Hmm... The numbers above these doors may be important.
Garrett: gar0218: Only thing left for me to do is to make my exit.
Garrett: gar0219: If I aim right I could hit that button with an arrow and activate it.
Garrett: gar0401: I should take a look at those instructions.
Garrett: gar0402: Oooh yeah... he's gone.
Garrett: gar0403: He won't need that anymore.
Garrett: gar0404: Real classy. I guess it pays to be an officer.
Garrett: gar0405: Nice view.
Garrett: gar0406: Now... on to the vault.
Garrett: gar0407: Looks like this Mosley character's got a thing for plants. Well, I guess she can afford to.
Garrett: gar0408: Let's see what I can use against our Lieutenant Hagen.
Garrett: gar0409: Guess I could use some target practice.
Garrett: gar0410: I should be able to find something in here.
Garrett: gar0411: Mechanists—Always the do-gooders.
Garrett: gar0412: I better do this quick.
Garrett: gar0413: Fighting ‘em out would spoil the plan.
Garrett: gar0414: I don't think I want to go that way.
Garrett: gar0415: Hagen doesn't seem too... keen on Lieutenant Mosley, does he?
Garrett: gar0416: I should be careful in here. There're likely a few traps around.
Garrett: gar0417: Hey! I know who this guy is.
Garrett: gar0418: No thanks. I'm not ever that hungry.
Garrett: Gar0419: I should write that down... [pauses] Now... on to the vault.
Garrett: gar0420: Well, this is a snug fit.
Garrett: gar0421: [Chuckling] Yeah right. Life is tough when you don't have anyone waiting on you hand and foot.
Garrett: Gar045: I have a baaad feeling about this.
Garrett: Gar047: I wonder what happened here?
Garrett: gar0501: Better get moving before they see me.
Garrett: gar0502: A sewer never looked so appealing.
Garrett: gar0503: Judging from the guard post I'll bet that's Smith's place.
Garrett: gar0504: Hmm. Whipple and Helena Way... That's where that prisoner in Shoalsgate said he stashed some loot.
Garrett: gar0505: Home sweet home.
Garrett: gar0506: Looks like I'm gonna need a new address. But I'm gonna have to get to my stash first.
Garrett: gar0507: Good. Now time to relocate.
Garrett: gar0601: These Mechanists are just as bad as the Hammers.
Garrett: gar0602: It's no big secret that the Mechanists are the ones supplying Sheriff Truart with those machines.
Garrett: gar0603: I could really learn to hate these guys.
Garrett: gar0605: Strange. I wonder what kind of work the Mechanists do here?
Garrett: gar0606: Better not disturb them. I can hear the meeting just fine from out here.
Garrett: gar0607: I'd like to get a copy of that key myself.
Garrett: gar0608: I wonder how I knew I was going to need this wax key press?
Garrett: gar0609: If I can find some soft wax I can get an impression of the key and make a duplicate later.
Garrett: gar0610: Huh. Wrong key.
Garrett: gar0611: This is the right key.
Garrett: gar0612: That wasn't the right key.
Garrett: gar0613: Good thing I can still use this wax.
Garrett: gar0614: Nope.
Garrett: gar0615: Hope this is a safe place to drop this key and make a copy of it.
Garrett: gar0616: I better come back here and replace this key when I'm done with it.
Garrett: gar0617: That oughta do it.
Garrett: gar0618: I think my work here is done.
Garrett: gar0701: I wonder if any of the outside windows can be opened.
Garrett: gar0702: Looks like I might be able to climb onto the roof.
Garrett: gar0703: Some people in this city are too rich for their own good. Lucky they have me to give them a hand.
Garrett: gar0704: Now to find some useful information.
Garrett: gar0705: I'll never be able to cross through here with all those security machines active.
Garrett: gar0706: Maybe I can find a way to deactivate them.
Garrett: gar0707: The vault isn't gonna open until that locking bar is out of the way.
Garrett: gar0708: What a weird contraption. Let's see what these controls do.
Garrett: gar0709: Heh-heh-heh... Now I know I'm a master thief—Waltzing right into a bank vault. Time to find the recording.
Garrett: gar0801: Lieutenant Mosley, out for a little stroll. Let's see where you take me....
Garrett: gar0802: Somehow I doubt she dropped her note by accident. I better see what it says.
Garrett: gar0803: Looks like the good lieutenant is working with the Pagans.
Garrett: gar0804: Let's see who comes to claim the note.
Garrett: gar0805: A cemetery. Huh—that's original.
Garrett: gar0806: Wasn't expecting that.
Garrett: gar0807: Well, I'm not gonna wait around for him to come out. Fortunately cemeteries don't spook me.
Garrett: gar0808: Where did he go? Guess there must be another way out of here after all.
Garrett: gar0809: Damn! I guess I lost the trail.
Garrett: gar0901: Hmm. Looks like a gear is missing.
Garrett: gar0902: There's probably something in this room that will tell me who killed Truart.
Garrett: gar0903: Damn! Someone beat me to the Sheriff. I better keep a low profile or else I'll be pinned as the killer.
Garrett: gar0904: I better get out of here, now!
Garrett: gar0905: Truart doesn't do much to hide his vanity.
Garrett: gar0906: If I knew being Sheriff paid that well, I would've changed careers a long time ago.
Garrett: gar1001: Hmm. That letter the Pagan's carrying... it's gonna be late.
Garrett: gar1002: These people didn't have a chance against the Mechanists.
Garrett: gar1003: I hope this guy doesn't run outta blood.
Garrett: gar1004: Looks like I'm still on the right track.
Garrett: gar1005: So, it's been the Mechanists behind my problems this whole time.
Garrett: gar1006: Is this the Maw? Looks... different.
Garrett: gar1101: Well, well... housebreakers. Howw quaint.
Garrett: gar1102: That wasn't so tough. Maybe tower security isn't as tight as I thought.
Garrett: gar1103: Uh oh.... Time to get the goods an' get out of here while I still can.
Garrett: gar1104: Hey! The City almost looks bearable from up here.
Garrett: gar1105: Carrrefulll....
Garrett: gar1106: No need for alarm, Ladies, just passing through.
Garrett: gar1107: The front doors are locked. Looks like Karras wants a captive audience.
Garrett: gar1108: Sooo, that's the castle of the future. Hm... I'll take my tenement any day of the week.
Garrett: gar1109: So... Karras doesn't even show up for his own party.
Garrett: gar1110: If I follow this road north, it should take me right to the Mechanist tower.
Garrett: gar1111: One thing's for sure, this... ‘Karras' guy's lost his mind.
Garrett: gar1201: Better find a way in before I catch cold.
Garrett: gar1202: Ahh, storage. I'm sure Gervaisius has lots of things down here that he'll never miss. At least, not until it's too late.
Garrett: gar1203: Hmm. I may have to stop in here for a drink, later.
Garrett: gar1204: Maybe I'll stop in for a little light reading.
Garrett: gar1205: Either someone's hiding the evidence, or these guys got lost in ten feet of passage.
Garrett: gar1206: No wonder the spooks are restless around here.
Garrett: gar1207: Ash', you are a bastard.
Garrett: gar1301: Ah, early morning mist. All respectable people should be in bed now. Time for us disreputable types to get to work.
Garrett: gar1302: So this is what all the fuss was about. That old braggart's made quite a spectacle for his baubles.
Garrett: gar1303: I'll have to grab a bottle, and later drink a toast to Lord Gervaisius for his generosity.
Garrett: gar1304: All right. That's the last one.
Garrett: gar1305: Hmm, another Mechanist. Guess the Hammers just aren't chic any more.
Garrett: gar1306: Looks like I'll be able to get one of those 'Cultivators' when I come back.
Garrett: gar1307: Looks like I'll be able to get one of those 'Cultivators' while I'm here.
Garrett: gar1308: A Cultivator. That must be what Karras is writing to Gervaisius about. What a nice bonus.
Garrett: gar1309: A Cultivator. What a nice bonus.
Garrett: gar1401: Hmm. That must be the ‘Cetus Amicus.' Guess I'll sneak aboard and have a look around.
Garrett: gar1402: Tight fit. I hope it's a short ride.
Garrett: gar1403: If I were Cavador, where would I be?
Garrett: gar1404: Brrr... I wonder what they keep on ice?
Garrett: gar1405: Hmm... Doesn't look very dangerous. Good thing I know better.
Garrett: gar1406: It's a long way up.
Garrett: gar1407: The wheel seems to be missing a peg.
Garrett: gar1408: What the--?
Garrett: gar1409: This should fetch a nice price.
Garrett: gar1501: I'm back in the Lost City! I should have known. Guess I'll take the back door home.
Garrett: gar1502: Ahh... Knowing where Cavador is, that's half the battle.
Garrett: gar1503: What does he eat? Metal rivets?
Garrett: gar1504: Looks like my old route is still open.
Garrett: gar1505: This guy makes the Hammers sound sane.
Garrett: gar1506: 'Archeologist' sounds so much more dignified than 'Thief.'
Garrett: gar1507: Guess things have changed a bit.
Garrett: gar1508: Too bright for an ambush here. I prefer one of those dark corridors.
Garrett: gar1601: Yeah, just keep prattling away, Karras.
Garrett: gar1602: We'll see how well your protective chamber works against your own rust-gas.
Garrett: gar1603: This is just what I was looking for. Now I've got a real plan.
Garrett: gar1604: Hmm... There must be instructions on this thing somewhere.
Garrett: gar1605: Assuming the blueprints didn't leave anything out, this ought to do the trick.
Garrett: gar1606: Now I just have to switch the Signal Towers to use the Beacon instead of Karras's instructions.
Garrett: gar1607: Well, if Karras has any way to detect what I'm doing I'll know soon.
Garrett: gar1608: Karras didn't pipe up about the sabotage. I don't think he knows.
Garrett: gar9901: I'm not going to find what I'm looking for this way.
Garrett: gar9902: I need to find a better way than this.
Garrett: gar9903: I bet this is the right way.
Garrett: gar9904: I think I'm on the right track.
Garrett: gar9905: That should do it.
Garrett: gar9906: Heh heh heh... I think I deserve a pat on the back for that one.
Garrett: gar9907: That was helpful.
Garrett: gar9908: Oops!
Garrett: gar9909: Damn! I didn't mean for that to happen.
Garrett: gar9910: Umgh! That hurt....
Garrett: gar9911: Time to go....
Garrett: gar9912: Now to be on my way....
Garrett: gar9913: Time to get outta here....
Garrett: gar9914: This doesn't look safe.
Garrett: gar9915: This looks like a dangerous area.
Garrett: gar9916: Better watch my step around here.
Garrett: gar9917: This looks like a hard place to sneak through.
Garrett: gar9918: It would be tricky to get through here undetected.
Garrett: gar9919: I can't stay underwater too long... or I'll drown.
Garrett: gar9920: Huh... Not so secret anymore, is it?
Garrett: gar9921: I wonder how I can get up there?
Garrett: gar9922: Ahhh... a back door....
Garrett: gar9923: Can't go this way....
Garrett: gar9924: [Sigh] No point in going here.
Garrett: gar9925: I needn't bother here.
Garrett: gar9926: Nothing back here I care about.
Garrett: gar9927: This looks like the way in.
Garrett: gar9928: Ahhh... a hidden entrance....
Garrett: gar9929: This will make a nice little bonus.
Garrett: gar9930: Ahhh... my favorite year.
Garrett: Garm0326: Ahhhh. This is what I'm looking for.

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