T2_Guard5 Edit

Guard5: sg50103B: Well, don't just make taff over it, light it up.
Guard5: sg50103D: I ain't the one that's complaining, am I now?
Guard5: sg50202A: Evening, Dante, you look exhausted. You should get some sleep.
Guard5: sg50202C: Buncha taffers in this city. I live near Dayport, and I used to have a nice view of the mountains. I used to watch the sunrise with my wife every morning. But now, that metal monstrosity casts a permanent shadow over my house.
Guard5: sg50202E: My whole neighborhood stinks of that blackened air. My house used to be white, but now it's gone gray with that smudge. And my son coughs constantly.
Guard5: sg50202G: (Sighs) Yeah, I know all about those metal Watchers. They installed some here in the Building B, the other day. I heard they plan on replacing us guards with them 'cause they don't have to give them pay at the end of the week. I heard rumors that we're all gonna be fired. If that's true, then I'll have to live in the a Pagan.
Guard5: sg50403A: You think your beloved 'Woodsie Lord' is going ta help you, now? Yer kind have caused enough trouble, around here. An' we're gonna put a stop to it.
Guard5: sg50403C: Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy watching you burn.
Guard5: sg50405A: You hear about the raid at the Overlord's Fancy? Truart led the bust, himself.
Guard5: sg50405C: (Laughs) Uh, you could say that. (Laughs)
Guard5: sg50405E: O-ho! Well, I guess we'll just have to arrest the sheriff, at that point.
Guard5: sg50405G: Does anyone know who the people the sheriff is working for are? I'm surprised that no one really talks about it.
Guard5: sg50407B: How does it know the difference between us and an intruder?
Guard5: sg50407D: What about maintenance for all these contraptions?
Guard5: sg50407F: What secure area?
Guard5: sg50501B: What's the sheriff want with a common thief? Why all the extra man-power?
Guard5: sg50501D: But why--?
Guard5: sg50501F: Yes, Sir!
Guard5: sg50701B: Naah, I'd rather the night watch. It's quiet...and I don't have to bow and scrape to the customers. (Mockingly) Let me carry your heavy, heavy gold for you, Lady Fat Bottom.
Guard5: sg50701D: Yeah, and see the bosses aren't around to listen to us talking tonight, either.
Guard5: sg50702B: Wonder what?
Guard5: sg50702D: W--from all the people who give the bank their money.
Guard5: sg50702F: W-w-well, maybe some of them die first and never ask for it back.
Guard5: sg50901A: How could the killer make his way through the estate, and up to the third floor, without being seen by any off the guards or servants? He must have been close to Truart.
Guard5: sg50901C: Good point. But I still think the killer had help on the inside.
Guard5: sg50901E: Not too surprising. Truart didn't show a lot of discretion when recruiting for the Watch. Hell, half the force used to work for the Downwinders...Ramirez, an'...every other crime boss in The City.
Guard5: sg50901G: I'm willing to bet a month's pay... the entire force is dry-eyed over this. No big secret that the sheriff was dirty. I figure Lt. Mosley will assume control of the City Watch, an' clean up the mess. As for me...I ain't gonna do a thing, except go back to my desk, fill out a report 'n' have a mug of coffee.
Guard5: sg50903A: Hurry! Sound the alarms! Seal off the area!
Guard5: sg50903C: Sheriff Truart has been killed! The killer must still be in the building!
Guard5: sg50903E: I don't know! Sound the alarms! Get help! There's a murderer loose!
Guard5: sg51101B: (Scoffing) Whoa-ho! Mighty fine words, coming from a knock-kneed, inbred, page-boy, such as yourself. Our good Master Willey wouldn't be caught near that frumpy, little trollop, unless he were holding her back at the end of a halberd.
Guard5: sg51101D: (Guffaws) Your lady, an 'angel?' You're lucky the Dockside whorekeeps aren't bashing down her door for stealing their clientele. Why, just last night, I saw her out back warming up the stable-boy.
Guard5: sg51101F: (Incensed) Is that a threat, you shriveled old maid? You go to prick us with your sewing needles? On this side a' the street, we shoot like soldiers, so don't make promises your arrows won't keep!
Guard5: sg51101H: (Roaring) Have at thee!
Guard5: sg5a0mu1: (Ho-hums) Notice there's never any birds around, anymore. Used to be birds.... Singin' in the mornin' an' wake you up. Singin' at night lookin' for girl birds to meet up with. Just don't hear them no more. Kinda sad.
Guard5: sg5a0mu2: Someday I'm not gonna be a guard, anymore. I'm gonna be a m...manor lord. An' I'm gonna hire lotsa guards to make them go on patrols an' night watch. An' I'm gonna sneak up on them...say, 'Didn't you hear something?' An' watch 'em jump.
Guard5: sg5a0mu3: (Grumbling) Hmm. Cook said we might get stew, today. With real cow.... Hope they save some. Bet the Baron gets to eat cows all the time. Not potato, potato, po-tato....
Guard5: sg5a0mu4: Got to put in the hours, if you want the promotions. You don't get the gold bars until you got the flat feet.
Guard5: sg5a0mu5: (Grumbling) Getting tired of going after these poor slobs. Didn't do much but be hungry. When do we go after the real villains?
Guard5: sg5a0mu6: Got to get the sheriff to spring for better uniforms. Things make us look like stupid little...pottery figures. Never going to impress the ladies this way....
Guard5: sg5a0mu7: (Irritated) I wanna know who came up with the stupid idea of (whiny tones) 'No drinking on duty.' (Self-justified) About the only thing that makes a cold watch go faster is a niice bottle.
Guard5: sg5a1__2: Who's there?
Guard5: sg5a1__3: What's that?
Guard5: sg5a1__4: Nooobody better be taffin' around down here....
Guard5: sg5a1__5: Jorrin...that you?
Guard5: sg5a1__6: Ww-what's over there?
Guard5: sg5a1__7: Who's there?
Guard5: sg5a1__8: Let's see what that was....
Guard5: sg5a1_w1: Hey...did you notice anything?
Guard5: sg5a1_w2: What was that, you think?
Guard5: sg5a1_w3: Think that was anything to worry about?
Guard5: sg5a1h_1: All right, who's makin' the racket?
Guard5: sg5a1h_2: (Suspicious) Hhnngh-didn't sound like rats this time....
Guard5: sg5a1h_3: (Makes an uneasy sighing grunt) I hate creepy noises....
Guard5: sg5a1h_4: That didn't sound like rats!
Guard5: sg5a1hw1: You hear that?
Guard5: sg5a1hw2: Was that you?
Guard5: sg5a1hw3: Y'hear that?
Guard5: sg5a1hw4: (Makes two hissing shush sounds) Hear anything now?
Guard5: sg5a1hw5: You hear that?
Guard5: sg5a1v_1: Whoo's over there...?
Guard5: sg5a1v_2: Hmmm...saw somethin' there (sighs)....
Guard5: sg5a1v_3: Who'd I see there?
Guard5: sg5a1vw1: see that?
Guard5: sg5a1vw2: See sumpin' there?
Guard5: sg5a1vw3: Ya see that?
Guard5: sg5a1vw4: You see that, too?
Guard5: sg5a1vw5: Hey! See that?
Guard5: sg5a1vw6: Sst! Look! There...!
Guard5: sg5a2__1: Okay...What's going on here?
Guard5: sg5a2__2: Quit taffin' with me, guys...!
Guard5: sg5a2__3: All right...what was that...?
Guard5: sg5a2__4: What's goin' on here?
Guard5: sg5a2__5: Look...I know you're around here somewhere....
Guard5: sg5a2__6: Who's that? Let's see some identification....
Guard5: sg5a2__7: Who's there? Get over here...!
Guard5: sg5a2__8: Hey! You there! Let's see your pie-hole...!
Guard5: sg5a2h_1: I heard that, you!
Guard5: sg5a2h_2: Hey, ya gave yourself away, that time....
Guard5: sg5a2h_3: Come out at once! With your hands up!
Guard5: sg5a2h_4: Who is that? Let's see ya....
Guard5: sg5a2v_1: I saw that, taffer!
Guard5: sg5a2v_2: Let's see yoou a bit closer....
Guard5: sg5a3__2: Heeyy!
Guard5: sg5a3__3: What the hell?
Guard5: sg5a3__4: W-w-w-what the hell?
Guard5: sg5a3b_1: (Short inhale) Heeyy! Put him down!
Guard5: sg5a3b_2: If he's dead, you're wishing you were!
Guard5: sg5a3na1: Don't give us anymore trouble, taffer!
Guard5: sg5a3na2: There he is!
Guard5: sg5a3na3: After him!
Guard5: sg5a3na4: Hurry! There!
Guard5: sg5a3na5: Look there!
Guard5: sg5a3na6: Got him, now!
Guard5: sg5a3na7: We've got our perp here!
Guard5: sg5a3na8: You can't take both of us, taffer!
Guard5: sg5a3na9: (Mockingly) Just surrender, and we'll give you a nice cozy cell...!
Guard5: sg5a3s_1: Hey! Hold it right there!
Guard5: sg5a3s_2: Dammit! How'd you get in here?
Guard5: sg5a3s_3: Stop right there!
Guard5: sg5a3s_4: You've messed with the wrong man, thief!
Guard5: sg5a3s_5: In the name a' Sheriff Truart--stop where you are!
Guard5: sg5a3s_6: Get the cuffs. Wee've got a thief on the loose.
Guard5: sg5a3s_7: Hey! Hands over your head!
Guard5: sg5a3se1: Just make one mistake....
Guard5: sg5a3se2: I'll find you! (Quietly) I'll find you....
Guard5: sg5a3se3: Come' face me, villain....
Guard5: sg5a3se4: I'll find you! Just you wait!
Guard5: sg5a3se5: Come back here....
Guard5: sg5a3se6: Fight me, you coward!
Guard5: sg5a3se7: Heere, chicky chicky chicky....
Guard5: sg5a3se8: I'll turn you up, soon enough....
Guard5: sg5alma1: To the alarm!
Guard5: sg5alma2: Better warn the house!
Guard5: sg5alma3: To aarms, ev'ryone!
Guard5: sg5alma4: Let's get some man-power, here!
Guard5: sg5alma5: Time ta earn your commissions!
Guard5: sg5almw1: Ring the alarm--I'll take 'im!
Guard5: sg5almw2: Wake the house! I'll stall this one....
Guard5: sg5almw3: Go grab some rookies, an' get back here!
Guard5: sg5amb_1: Aaah! Treachery!
Guard5: sg5amb_2: Heey, not me, you idiot!
Guard5: sg5amb_3: What the hell?
Guard5: sg5amb_4: Aaah--come try that again up close!
Guard5: sg5ambw1: I'm hit...!
Guard5: sg5ambw2: Aah! Healer! Help!
Guard5: sg5ambw3: Aaah! Assassin...!
Guard5: sg5atb_1: (Guffawing) Heh-here ya' go....
Guard5: sg5atb_2: Why don't you try this on for size?
Guard5: sg5atb_3: Here it coomes--right between the eyes!
Guard5: sg5atn_2: We'll see blood!
Guard5: sg5atw_1: I'll see your bones!
Guard5: sg5atw_2: Call this a fight?
Guard5: sg5atww1: Aaaw--he's falling, now...!
Guard5: sg5bak_1: Hmm...must be one a' them grubbers, again....
Guard5: sg5bak_2: Hm...not as exciting as I thought....
Guard5: sg5bak_3: (Sighs disappointedly) Looks like nothing....
Guard5: sg5bak_4: (Disappointedly) Oh well...back to work....
Guard5: sg5bak_5: (Sighs disappointedly) Guess it was nothing....
Guard5: sg5bak_6: (Disappointedly) Uhh, not this time....
Guard5: sg5bak_7: Probably just the Sir, checking up on things....
Guard5: sg5bak_8: Uh, gotta stay on my toes, anyway....
Guard5: sg5bak_9: Can't be too careful.
Guard5: sg5bak_a: (Grudgingly) Uhh, better a false alarm, than an emergency.
Guard5: sg5bak_b: (Sighs) Maybe it'll be a quiet shift, then.
Guard5: sg5bak_c: (Grudgingly) Oh, you get no medals for false alarms.
Guard5: sg5bkd_1: Getting scared, taffer?
Guard5: sg5bkd_2: Don't wanna get hurt?
Guard5: sg5bkd_3: I c'n wait!
Guard5: sg5bkdw1: See if you can get this guy from the back!
Guard5: sg5blk_1: (Taunting) Can't you do better?
Guard5: sg5blk_2: (Mocking) Ooh, were you trying to hit me?
Guard5: sg5blk_3: (Mocking) Want to try again?
Guard5: sg5blkw1: (Taunting) He can't even hit me...!
Guard5: sg5bod_1: Get help, somebody, I got a man down!
Guard5: sg5bod_2: Nooo!
Guard5: sg5bod_3: Who's done this?
Guard5: sg5bod_4: We've got a 'Code 99'!
Guard5: sg5bod_5: Get help, somebody, I got an officer down!
Guard5: sg5chga1: You're in for it, now!
Guard5: sg5chga2: Here's a blade I'd like you to meet...!
Guard5: sg5chga3: I'm takin' you in...!
Guard5: sg5chga4: Drop your weapons, taffer!
Guard5: sg5chgw1: Get him!
Guard5: sg5chgw2: Chaarge!
Guard5: sg5chgw3: Bet I get the taffer first!
Guard5: sg5chgw4: He's had it, now!
Guard5: sg5chgw5: Aww, cuff 'im!
Guard5: sg5chgw6: Come quietly, now!
Guard5: sg5det_1: Scared, are we?
Guard5: sg5det_2: Take your medicine, dammit!
Guard5: sg5det_3: Think you can stop me?
Guard5: sg5detw1: He's scared a' me, he is!
Guard5: sg5frus1: You won't be so cheery when my friends arrive!
Guard5: sg5frus2: Think you're so smart?
Guard5: sg5frus3: You'll be sorry, sooner or later!
Guard5: sg5frus4: Just you wait, taffer!
Guard5: sg5hit_1: Ready for another?
Guard5: sg5hit_2: Get ready ta feed the worms...!
Guard5: sg5hit_3: Say 'goodnight'...!
Guard5: sg5hit_4: Don't look too happy now, taffer!
Guard5: sg5hitw1: I've got 'im, now...!
Guard5: sg5hitw2: (Slight chuckling) Watch me finish this guy...!
Guard5: sg5hlow1: (Weak and dying) Help me...please...!
Guard5: sg5hnd_1: (Mocking) You ever heard of 'armor', taffer?
Guard5: sg5hnd_2: (Taunting) That the best you can do?
Guard5: sg5hnd_3: (Sarcastic) I thought that was a weapon you had...!
Guard5: sg5lar_1: (Grunts) Heey! What happened?
Guard5: sg5lar_2: There'll be hell to pay, here....
Guard5: sg5lar_3: Who's been through here?
Guard5: sg5lar_4: Who'd break in here?
Guard5: sg5lar_5: Who'd dare taff around here?
Guard5: sg5los_1: You...! Come back here!
Guard5: sg5los_2: Damn...! Where'd he go?
Guard5: sg5los_3: Gotta be around here somewhere....
Guard5: sg5los_4: Where'd that taffer go...?
Guard5: sg5los_5: No use hiding, scum...we always get our man.
Guard5: sg5los_6: Where'd our perp get to?
Guard5: sg5los_7: Damn...he's loose in the building, now.
Guard5: sg5los_8: Uhh...this is embarrassing....
Guard5: sg5mis_1: Thief!
Guard5: sg5mis_2: Hey! Where'd it go?
Guard5: sg5mis_3: Things...don't just walk off....
Guard5: sg5mis_4: All right...where is it?
Guard5: sg5mis_5: Getting pretty bad when we've got thieves in our own walls....
Guard5: sg5mis_6: Hey! Thieves in here?
Guard5: sg5rbod1: There's been murder, tonight....
Guard5: sg5rbod2: Someone's been killed!
Guard5: sg5rbod3: Someone's killed Jorgen!
Guard5: sg5rbod4: W-we're getting casualties! Watch...out!
Guard5: sg5rbod5: Got a man down!
Guard5: sg5rint1: Keep sharp...we've got an intruder....
Guard5: sg5rint2: Watch out...there's someone in the building....
Guard5: sg5rint3: (Started to say There's and corrected to Saw) Thaw a guy runnin' around in here...a few minutes back.
Guard5: sg5rint4: Got a 'breaking an' entering'. Perp's still here....
Guard5: sg5rmis1: Stuff's been walkin' out a' here....
Guard5: sg5rmis2: Something's been lifted. Keep a look-out....
Guard5: sg5rmis3: I think we've got a thief.
Guard5: sg5rmis4: Got some thing's missing. Watch for thieves....
Guard5: sg5rmis5: We've got a 'Code 6' on some valuables, here.
Guard5: sg5rmis6: Aaa--some valuables walked off. Keep an eye out....
Guard5: sg5rob_1: It's been vandalized! Look out for an intruder!
Guard5: sg5rob_2: This one's completely destroyed!
Guard5: sg5roth1: I think we've got someone in here....
Guard5: sg5roth2: I found evidence of an intruder....
Guard5: sg5roth3: Someone's been taffin' around in here....
Guard5: sg5roth4: Watch for an intruder...I've seen some problems.
Guard5: sg5roth5: Think there's an intruder in the building....
Guard5: sg5roth6: I think we've got a 'Code 6'.
Guard5: sg5roth7: Watch out for some taffer...thinks breakin' in here's a good idea....
Guard5: sg5rrob1: Look out for an intruder! It's been vandalized!
Guard5: sg5runa1: H-Hey! Over here! Heelp!
Guard5: sg5runa2: This way! Intruder here!
Guard5: sg5runa3: Intruder over here!
Guard5: sg5runa4: Quick! Some taffer's in here!
Guard5: sg5runa5: We've got a perp in the building!
Guard5: sg5runa6: Hey! Over here!
Guard5: sg5sec_1: Definitely an intruder....
Guard5: sg5sec_2: Someone's in the building....
Guard5: sg5sec_3: W-w-what the hell? This is trouble!
Guard5: sg5sec_4: Uhh...the Sir won't like this at all....
Guard5: sg5sec_5: Uhh...I guess I'd better investigate this....
Guard5: sg5sec_6: Guess it's not a quiet shift, after all....
Guard5: sg5sma_1: Strange....
Guard5: sg5sma_2: Hm.... Best fix this.
Guard5: sg5sma_3: W-what's with this?
Guard5: sg5sma_4: Mmmm...not quite right....
Guard5: sg5sma_5: Going ta be a reprimand for this....
Guard5: sg5sma_6: Looks like evidence...of a 'Code 12'.
Guard5: sg5telc1: Got 'im here!
Guard5: sg5telc2: Here's the taffer!
Guard5: sg5telc3: Found 'im! This way!
Guard5: sg5telc4: Here he is!
Guard5: sg5telc5: He's this way!
Guard5: sg5telc6: I see him!
Guard5: sg5telc7: Got a 'Code 12', over here!
Guard5: sg5telc8: Here's our perp!
Guard5: sg5telc9: Got 'im! Over this way!
Guard5: sg5telr1: Hey! There's a guy here!
Guard5: sg5telr2: W-wh-- Where'd this guy come from?
Guard5: sg5telr3: W-whoa-ah--! I've got trouble, here!
Guard5: sg5telr4: There's an intruder, over here!
Guard5: sg5telr5: We've got a 'Code 30'!
Guard5: sg5telr6: Got an intruder! Get the cuffs!
Guard5: sg5telr7: Heey! Got a clever boy breaking in, now...!
Guard5: sg5torc1: (Irritated) Uhhh--I so tired a' walkin' around the dark all the time....
Guard5: sg5torc2: Huh? What? (Sighs) This place is so drafty....