T2_Mech1 Edit

Mech1: mc10407A: The Watcher is ready and operational. Now, to activate the alarm whenever an intruder doth approach.
Mech1: mc10407C: To find the answer to that question, thou must attend the Mechanist Seminary, and join our Order. The wisdom of Karras is not for the eyes of the 'common' man.
Mech1: mc10407E: Thy sheriff did insist that all information for thy security systems be left in the care of Lieutenant Hagen. Instructions are locked in thy 'Secure Records' area.
Mech1: mc10407G: The sheriff requested us to construct a 'Records Hall' that only he and his lieutenants may view. 'Tis no doubt to keep them from the eyes of incompetents such as thee.
Mech1: mc10601A: (Friendly) Hail, Friend!
Mech1: mc10601C: As always, there are those who wish blessings at no cost to themselves. But most see the wisdom of Karras and grant the demands we make of them.
Mech1: mc10603A: (Frustrated) A pox upon it! Never shall I finish my design. The springs and gears conspire to confound me.
Mech1: mc10603C: (Humble) I--I would be most grateful. Couldst thou help?
Mech1: mc10603E: (Impressed) Thou art wise.
Mech1: mc10603G: I will be glad to have this wretched task behind me that I may move to a more profitable position.
Mech1: mc10604B: 'Tis the truth. Time past, I served the Hammer, but my heart could no longer bear to see such hard times befall them, and such little spirit to carry on left. (Chuckles) And 'tis clear to see it profits little to be a Hammer in these times.
Mech1: mc10604D: (Wondering at) Thou wert not with the Hammer before?
Mech1: mc10604F: As a Hammer I was oft forced to suffer the silent scorn of the masses. (Proudly) But the garb of a Mechanist carries much prestige with it.
Mech1: mc10606B: Thou'rt not the first to be afeared of them. (Small chuckle) For their visage is wrought to strike terror into the enemies of Karrasss… or… those who might consider becoming enemies.
Mech1: mc10606D: Thinkest thou thy own soft body of leaky flesh and wheezing gasses is glorious to the eyes of The Builder? Nay! 'Tis thy soul that is the only thing of any worth. So it is with the children of Karras, for they are the blessed and immortal heirs of The Builder, while I and thou are but the paltry tools that forged them.
Mech1: mc10606F: (Quietly, to himself) What a fool…. Karras would be well rid of that one.
Mech1: mc10607A: Dost thou know whether the sheriff hath arrived?
Mech1: mc10607C: (Incredulous) In Karras name, man! Hast thou been stuffing leaves in thine ears? Hast thou not heard about the meeting?
Mech1: mc10607E: (Disgusted) Pfaugh! Thou hath no idea what I speak on. (Admonishing) Thou must learn to pay more attention, lest thee find thyself fallen by the wayside as the future passes thee by.
Mech1: MC11004A: (Ghost voice) Check thy map. Several have escaped from somewhere near the Gathering Place.
Mech1: mc11004C: (Ghost voice) The Builder will forgive us if we perform their pagan rituals in pursuit of his wishes.
Mech1: mc11104A: (Grudgingly) Humph! These are strange times, indeed, when The Builder's chosen must cater to the folly of the unworthy. Giving these Servants as gifts.
Mech1: mc11104C: (Placating) Naaay…nay, Vilnia. I meant no ill.
Mech1: mc11104E: Ah yes… the rust gas. (Unsure) It's just that… they look so weak… so unlike weapons.
Mech1: mc11106A: (Through a loudspeaker) Hearken Mechanists! Tower security has been breached! Guard thee well all exits, the streets, and rooftops. Let not thee intruder escape us!
Mech1: mc11402A: Construction is proceeding as planned, Friend. Even below thy feet we extend our workings. The structures those pirates left behind are... structurally adequate. But they show their unworthiness in the clear light of The Builder's torch. Soon, they will be replaced... by iron... and steel.
Mech1: mc11402C: (Mocking) The Order of the Hammer… Hah! The old ways are dead, my friend. Thou wert right to forsake the crudity of the hammer for the majesty of the Gear.
Mech1: mc11402E: (Rebuking) Again, you think of the past: of repairing the unworthy wood…. 'Tis folly! (Exhorting) Begin anew, so that thy buildings know the glory of metal and gear! Something so corruptible ddeserves not The Builder's regard.
Mech1: mc11503A: (Exclaiming) Name of the Master Builder, what could Lord Karras be thinking?
Mech1: mc11503C: Hast thou not heard the new orders?
Mech1: mc11503E: Well grind harder. Needs must we deliver not one crate, but two, by the next reading of scripture.
Mech1: mc11503G: Aye! And wherefore such haste? Thousands of years this city hath held its secrets awaiting our eyes. Surely it could hold them another week or so.
Mech1: mc11503I Ohh… Aye….
Mech1: mc11505A: Any luck on thy hunting, Friend?
Mech1: mc11505C: Good riddance, then. (Disgusted) Noxious things. 'Twill be a better world more worthy of Master Builder's work when not a single…stinking…burrick remains to plague it.
Mech1: mc11505E: (Rebuking) Nay... Speak not harshly of our Brother and leader. For does he not speak with Karras' own voice? Bereft of his leadership we should be rudderless. 'Tis only right and proper that he should guard himself most carefully.
Mech1: mc1a0ch1: And Karras said, "Let us give thanks to The Builder, for He hath formed my hands with fingers. And behold, my fingers interlock like cogs on a gear. I am part of His unbeholdable machine, and therein lies my salvation.'
Mech1: mc1a0ch2: (Chanting) Into position weld, thee, thy plate, matching A unto A, and B unto B, such that complete is thy seal, a barrier true that blocketh dust and dirt--the enemies of the goodly gear.
Mech1: mc1a0ch3: (Chanting) Loyalty is the fuel that burns away the writhing jungle...that lies beyond the house of Karras.
Mech1: mc1a0ch4: (Chanting) And behold: a Man will come unto thee, and he will be a leader of men; and he will be a wager of war, and he will be a shedder of sap, and he will be a spiller...of... blood!
Mech1: mc1a0ch5: Forge thou not the hammer, but be fortified with The Builder's knowledge and let then the higher things be wrought. Then shall thou prosper.
Mech1: mc1a0ch6: The saplings did so unnatural prance that we feared of the forms...most unholy-wrought, and did falter and take flight...'til he that it is Karras did raise us up against them, that we, one and next, did raise us up, too.
Mech1: mc1a0ch7: (Chanting) And Karras said, "Let us give thanks to The Builder, for He hath formed my hands with fingers. And behold, my fingers interlock with cogs on a gear. I am part of His unbeholdable machine. Therein lies my salvation.'
Mech1: mc1a0ch8: Into position weld, thee, thy plate, matching A unto A, and B unto B, such that complete is thy seal, a barrier true that blocketh dust and dirt--the enemies of the goodly gear.
Mech1: mc1a0ch9: And behold! A man will come unto thee, and he will be a leader of men...and he will be a wager of war, and he will be a shedder of sap, and he will be a spiller...of blood!
Mech1: mc1a0cha: The saplings did so unnatural prance that we feared of the forms--most unholy-wrought--and did falter and take flight...'til he that it is Karras did raise us up against them, that we, one and next, did raise us up, too.
Mech1: mc1a0chb: Loyalty is the fuel that burns away the writhing jungle that lies beyond the house...of Karras.
Mech1: mc1a1__1: For Karras's sake, is there someone there??
Mech1: mc1a1__2: If someone is there, then show thyself!
Mech1: mc1a1__3: Is that thou, Friend?
Mech1: mc1a1__4: Come into the light so that I might see thee!
Mech1: mc1a1_w1: Report friend. Did thou notice anything unsavory?
Mech1: mc1a1h_1: 'Tis the boiler, this, or perchance something worse?
Mech1: mc1a1h_2: A noise! I'm as sure of it as The Builder himself!
Mech1: mc1a1hw1: (Hoarse whisper) Softly! (Normal) I'm sure I heard something!
Mech1: mc1a1hw2: Quiet your gears! I did hear a noise!
Mech1: mc1a1hw3: There! Didst thou hear that?
Mech1: mc1a1v_1: Hmmm… What shadow passed my view?
Mech1: mc1a1vw1: Speak if thou did see something, Friend.
Mech1: mc1a1vw2: Dids thou see that shadow move?
Mech1: mc1a1vw3: Surely thou did see that, too?
Mech1: mc1a2__1: What mischief, this? Show thyself!
Mech1: mc1a2__2: In Karras name, reveal yourself to me!
Mech1: mc1a2__3: Bespeak thyself, and test my patience no more!
Mech1: mc1a2h_1: Ahaaa! I hearest thee, intruder! Step into the light!
Mech1: mc1a2h_2: Cease thy croaking and hop into view...vile toad!
Mech1: mc1a2se1: Come out, come out... wherever you aaare!
Mech1: mc1a2se2: I hearken unto thy fearful heart! Thump!... Thump!...
Mech1: mc1a2se3: Where hast thou gone??
Mech1: mc1a2se4: Which shadow fails thee??
Mech1: mc1a2v_1: You are revealed, weed! Speak thy name!
Mech1: mc1a3b_1: By Karras! Mischief most foul!
Mech1: mc1a3b_2: A murderer! May The Builder be your judge!
Mech1: mc1a3na1: Hold thief! Thine escape is foiled!
Mech1: mc1a3na2: Stop thy flutterings and hold!
Mech1: mc1a3na3: Halt, and receive thy chopping, sapling!
Mech1: mc1a3na4: Halt! Surrender thy weapon!
Mech1: mc1a3s_1: (Startled) Ahhh! From whence came thou, villain!
Mech1: mc1a3s_2: By Karras! A weed!
Mech1: mc1a3s_3: Boilers!
Mech1: mc1a3s_4: Thou art darkless pawned, villain!
Mech1: mc1a3se1: Inch by inch I'll search...'til I've found thee!
Mech1: mc1a3se2: I shall sniff thee out soon, filthy weed!
Mech1: mc1a3se3: Karras will guide mine search, heathen!
Mech1: mc1a3se4: Shadows cannot hide thy cowardice!
Mech1: mc1alma1: Hearken to the sound of thy doom, villain!
Mech1: mc1alma2: Sound the alarm! And summon death for our foe!
Mech1: mc1almw1: To the alarm and make haste!
Mech1: mc1amb_1: (Startled) Ahh! What mischief is this?
Mech1: mc1amb_2: (Startled) Ahh! It takes more than that to unfuel me!
Mech1: mc1amb_3: I shalt fight thee, shadow!
Mech1: mc1amb_4: (Startled) Ahhh! Coward! Face me and fight!
Mech1: mc1ambw1: (In pain) Ahhh! Shield me, Friend, I am injured!
Mech1: mc1ambw2: (Shocked) Ohh! Did you see what menace harmed me?
Mech1: mc1ambw3: (Stricken) Ohhh! I am bruised!
Mech1: mc1atb_1: Thou shalt not look so smug with my bolt in thee!
Mech1: mc1atb_2: Fly swift and sure!
Mech1: mc1atb_3: A bolt shall slow thee down!
Mech1: mc1atl_1: (Strength failing) Wreak unto me, O Builder!
Mech1: mc1atl_2: (Strength failing) Karras…strength to me!
Mech1: mc1atn_1: Thou art smashed!
Mech1: mc1atn_2: By the gears, you will DIE here!
Mech1: mc1atn_6: I uproot you, vile weed!
Mech1: mc1atn_7: You are filled, unholy growth!
Mech1: mc1atn_8: I crush you, faulty cog!
Mech1: mc1atn_9: For Karras, and the Builldeeeerr!
Mech1: mc1ats_1: Let Karras' will strike thee!
Mech1: mc1ats_2: Fall to my power!
Mech1: mc1ats_3: Thou shall trouble us no longer!
Mech1: mc1atw_1: Thy fuel is all but spent, intruder!
Mech1: mc1atw_2: Where's thy mettle now?
Mech1: mc1atww1: He is nearly spent!
Mech1: mc1bak_1: ‘Twas just the sweet pingings of a boiler...most probably.
Mech1: mc1bak_2: The wind plays tricks on me today.
Mech1: mc1bak_3: Twere leaves in my ears rustling so, but they are gone now.
Mech1: mc1bak_4: ‘Twas surely just moss in mine eyes.
Mech1: mc1bak_5: Rats! All filthy and unholy-wrought…surely that's all ‘twas.
Mech1: mc1bak_6: All is quiet once more, thanks be to Karras.
Mech1: mc1bak_7: Hmph… No noise now, Builder be blessed.
Mech1: mc1bak_8: ‘Twas nothing then? The drums in mine ears do overly strum.
Mech1: mc1bkd_1: One lucky block will not save thee!
Mech1: mc1bkd_2: My next stroke will find its mark, sprout!
Mech1: mc1bkd_3: Builder, guide my aim!
Mech1: mc1bkdw1: Seest, thou, how he foiled my blow?
Mech1: mc1blk_1: Haha! This time try a blow in earnest!
Mech1: mc1blk_2: I am faster than thee, villain!
Mech1: mc1blk_3: You are outmatched, toad!
Mech1: mc1blkw1: (Mocking) Ahh! See how the treacherous flounder!
Mech1: mc1bod_1: Karras help us…death most untimely…murder!
Mech1: mc1bod_2: The Builder shields his most faithful servants! Karras shields us now!
Mech1: mc1bod_3: Alas, poor cog! Friends, we are one less! Murder!
Mech1: mc1chga1: For Karras and The Builder!
Mech1: mc1chga3: I shall unroot you, villainous weed!
Mech1: mc1chgw1: Let us chop this sapling down!
Mech1: mc1chgw2: After him!
Mech1: mc1chgw3: Unroot this weed with me, Friend!
Mech1: mc1det_1: Accept the will of Karras!
Mech1: mc1det_2: He plays a coward's game!
Mech1: mc1det_3: Seek not to delay thy burial!
Mech1: mc1detw1: (Mocking) See how he wastes our time friend?
Mech1: mc1diec1: (Crying out in pain of death, a light gasp) I am…unfueled....
Mech1: mc1frus1: Thou'lt not be so happy when my Friends spy thee!
Mech1: mc1frus2: Thou shalt not defy us forever!
Mech1: mc1frus3: Karras shalt smite thee!
Mech1: mc1hit_1: Thy sap drains, moss eater!
Mech1: mc1hit_2: Thou weakens!
Mech1: mc1hit_3: Thy fate is sealed!
Mech1: mc1hit_4: What say thee now, villain?
Mech1: mc1hitw1: He's losing steam, Friend!
Mech1: mc1hitw2: Together we can unfuel him!
Mech1: mc1hlo_1: (Strength failing) Karras, grant me strength!
Mech1: mc1hlow1: (Strength failing) Shield me, lest I fall!
Mech1: mc1hnd_1: Poorly landed, villain, and no second chance!
Mech1: mc1hnd_2: Faith makes my skin as iron, and my bones as steel!
Mech1: mc1hnd_3: Do you fight me with straw?
Mech1: mc1lar_1: What occurrence is this?
Mech1: mc1lar_2: Do mine eyes see aright?
Mech1: mc1los_1: The very shadows do conspire against me! Where went the thief?
Mech1: mc1los_2: Where went that weed?
Mech1: mc1los_3: The noxious smell remains, but the interloper has fled!
Mech1: mc1mis_1: By Karras! Who dares practice thievery here?
Mech1: mc1mis_2: Gone! Thievery! Mischief!
Mech1: mc1rbod1: Relax not thy guard, Friend! There has been a murder.
Mech1: mc1rbod2: The intruder has visited death upon us! Pray The Builder the villain be next!
Mech1: mc1rint1: Clear the leaves from thine eyes, Friend. An armed intruder is amongst us.
Mech1: mc1rint2: I spied the thief myself! Keepest, thou, fuel in thy boiler!
Mech1: mc1rint3: I've seen the prowler. Stayest thou in readiness!
Mech1: mc1rmis1: By Karras, someone has dared steal form us!
Mech1: mc1rob_1: Vandal! Who dares meddle with Karras's works?
Mech1: mc1rob_2: There's a vandal in our midst. A child of Karras is destroyed!
Mech1: mc1rob_3: Look at this poor thing, ‘tis ruined! And an intruder is to blame!
Mech1: mc1roth1: Unroot thy feet, Friend! An intruder is amongst us.
Mech1: mc1roth2: Hast thou seen a menace, or did I have moss in mine eyes?
Mech1: mc1roth3: I fear an intruder, good cog!
Mech1: mc1runa1: Friends, to me! What boldness is this?
Mech1: mc1runa2: Arm thyselves and hither now!
Mech1: mc1runa3: Intruder! Bring thine aid to me, Friends!
Mech1: mc1sec_1: Be alert! An intruder hath come unto us!
Mech1: mc1sec_2: There's an intruder! Of this I'm sure!
Mech1: mc1sec_3: Karras, give me strength to face this foe!
Mech1: mc1sma_1: No Mechanist would be so careless!
Mech1: mc1sma_2: Who dares to meddle with the works?
Mech1: mc1telc1: Here! Here! The intruder is uncovered!
Mech1: mc1telc2: Make haste! The villain is here!
Mech1: mc1telc3: To me! He is found!
Mech1: mc1telr1: Intruder! Hurry! Lend aid!
Mech1: mc1telr2: Ware this intruder, Friend.
Mech1: mc1telr3: To me, good cog! We have an intruder!
Mech1: mc1torc1: Blast! Can we not keep anything working?
Mech1: mc1torc2: Of course...darkness. Trust a wood to fail a simple task!
Mech1: mc1torc3: Of course...darkness....

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