T2_Mech2 Edit

Mech2: mc20601B: How go thy works?
Mech2: mc20601D: The blind are always with us. Dragging down our efforts and prattling of…‘natural‘ things. But the light of The Builder shall sear open their eyes, someday. Would that it pains them more even than they pain us now.
Mech2: mc20602B: ‘Tis not surprising. The weight of all that The Builder has gifted us rests upon his shoulders. And the ‘plaints of smaller men are always squeaking in his ears, keeping him from rest.
Mech2: mc20602D: Aye. Karras is the tool in the hand of The Builder that shall re-forge the rot of forest and field into clean machinery.
Mech2: mc20604A: Thou art new to the movement, Friend.
Mech2: mc20604C: Aye. Many have come in such a wise. ‘Tis not a hard task to see that we are the future.
Mech2: mc20604E: Nay. Those brothers wert always too stern and righteous, for my choice. And they turned their faces away from our Lord Karras when he spoke of progress. When I heard of the great works he had made since he left them, I came.
Mech2: mc20605B: The Temple of the Hammer? Nay. Not since I joined with Karras.
Mech2: mc20605D: I do remember--now thou dost mention--they sought only to punish and threaten…and it gained them naught but fear. Karras seeks the friendship of the rich, blessing them with the works of his invention, and in return they do gift us well.
Mech2: mc20605F: If our ‘old‘ brothers suffer that so many have left for our order, ‘tis but their own fault for standing in opposition to progress.
Mech2: mc20607B: The sheriff? What dost he here?
Mech2: mc20607D: (Lying) Oh…the meeting. I hadst...forgotten that today wast the date.
Mech2: mc20801B: Perhaps we should return home...and forge thee a backbone.
Mech2: mc20801D: Very well…. Quiet thy fearful heart, and we shalt remain here.
Mech2: mc21004B: (Ghost voice) Yes, I have seen it. The wretched heathens did perform a ritual that allowed them to pass through, but alas…I could not follow.
Mech2: mc21004D: (Ghost voice) Yes, Friend, thou speakest the truth. Let us—Wait! Did you hear that? There is someone behind those trees….
Mech2: mc21203A: Ahh, Child…didst not hear thee. Thou art so silent I thought I was alone.
Mech2: mc21203C: So, thou likest my new dwelling as well. ‘Twas high time I replaced that old dotard, Norell. There was naught he could do for these people, save lead them into the muck that mires his own mind. That senile old fool doeth not realize...his time of faith is over.
Mech2: mc21203E: Following Lord Karras, ‘twas so easy to lure Gervaisius with choice baubles. Soon his exhibition will introduce more nobility to the wonders of our faith. They shalt wander through halls rendered safe by our craft, and be served by such docile helpers as thee. They shall gaze upon the wonders of fallen civilizations, and watch as we make it an attainable reality. How can they resist?
Mech2: mc21203G: Meanwhile, I will attend to Norell‘s former flock. ‘Twas some effort, bending Gervaisius to our will, but with Steward Duma‘s help, and the right temptation, ‘twas not that difficult.
Mech2: mc21203I: Goodnight, Child. Leave me to my preparation. Return to thy duties.
Mech2: mc21402B: The lighthouse seems sound enough. When once I were a Hammer--
Mech2: mc21402D: Aye. ‘Tis true that the old ways are crude, but they can be effective still. Look around you, Friend, at these rotting planks and beaten boards…. ‘Twould take but a hammer and nail to put things right again.
Mech2: mc21402F: Perhaps not, Friend, perhaps not…. Still, it troubles my heart to look upon such disrepair. (Sighs)
Mech2: mc21501A: An attack! To safety!
Mech2: mc21503B: (Angrily rebuking) Guard thy tongue! If thou must invoke Lord Karras‘ name, do it with respect!
Mech2: mc21503D: Nay. (Scornful) I keep my gears grinding, not sitting idle and gossiping.
Mech2: mc21503F: Hmm. ‘Twill indeed be hard to meet such a goal. ‘Twas hard enough before.
Mech2: mc21503H: (Scornful) What? Art thou a Hammer, to moan and whine? Surely there is no task that cannot be conquered with sufficient wit and skill. (Galvanizing himself) With Lord Karras as my example, I shall overcome…and so shalt thou!
Mech2: mc21504B: (Scornful and incredulous) What? Did thy mysterious visitors whisk in and out again, and never tarry to take up the many riches here?
Mech2: mc21504D: (Scornful and incredulous) Thou art, by far, too gullible, Sabine. ‘Twixt the burricks and the beasts of living fire, what man could survive here alone?
Mech2: mc21504F: (Sarcastic) Oh… and I suppose thy visitor had a lung of steel to swim ‘neath the waves, and thusly find his way in? Come… none could make their way here without the marvels of Lord Karras‘ creations. No. I think thou hast been taken in by our brothers‘ humors.
Mech2: mc21505B: Nay. Not a single beast.
Mech2: mc21505D: Certes. Save I think that time is now. (With growing cynicism) And yet, still we patrol lest a burrick‘s ghost should disturb poor Brother Cavador. Why… he still wears his mask… as though he might be attacked at any minute.
Mech2: mc21505F: May the Master Builder forgive my quick words. Thy words are true. I shall not let these dull caves weaken my faith nor turn me from my duty.
Mech2: mc2a0ch1: (Prayerfully) And Karras said, "Lay down thy hammer, friends, 'tis yesteryear's trappings!" And so we laid them down, and seeing this, Karras spoke again: "Now raise up thy mace, The Builder shall fuel thee...and all the followers of Karras."
Mech2: mc2a0ch2: (Prayerfully) The piston connected to the spiral valve, the spiral valve connected to the step gear, the step gear connected to the steam jack. O! hear, thee, the word of Karras!
Mech2: mc2a0ch3: (Prayerfully) Yesterday I built my home from brick and stone. A childish dwelling for childish times! Now I am a man and I have built my home from iron and steel. Blessed be The Builder for this and all His gifts!
Mech2: mc2a0ch4: (Prayerfully) O wretched wilderness, beset with slitherings, cursed above all places, find not thy way into my nightly sojourns, attach not thy foul denizens to mine dreams.
Mech2: mc2a0ch5: And there cameth an oxen and Karras smote it. And there cameth a sycamore and he did rain blows ‘til it, too, was sorely smoted. And two lamblings came, that he, one and the next, did smote bravely and well.
Mech2: mc2a0ch6: (Reciting poetry) And Karras said: "Hear ye, the rustling of the leaves, raise ye up and smite ye down the trees!". Verily we hacked and bled, lo! ‘til the last chestnut fled, and then knelt we down and wept for the dead.
Mech2: mc2a0ch7: (Prayerfully) O wretched wilderness, beset with slitherings, cursed above all places, find not thy way into my nightly sojourns, attach not thy foul denizens to mine dreams.
Mech2: mc2a1__1: Who treads there?
Mech2: mc2a1__2: What noise there that softly calls?
Mech2: mc2a1__3: What dragonfly flits about?
Mech2: mc2a1__4: Who's there? Who goes there?
Mech2: mc2a1_w1: Heyyy...didst thou note something amiss?
Mech2: mc2a1h_1: But soft, ‘twas a noise I heard!
Mech2: mc2a1h_2: Who's there? What noise dost make?
Mech2: mc2a1hw1: Hush a while! I...didst hear a noise.
Mech2: mc2a1hw2: Listen! Didst thou hear it? A sound!
Mech2: mc2a1hw3: Good cog, listen with me... What was that noise?
Mech2: mc2a1v_1: Didst that shadow move?
Mech2: mc2a1vw1: Should I trust mine vision, Friend, or did thou seest naught?
Mech2: mc2a1vw2: Look keenly there, Friend! Didst thy see aright?
Mech2: mc2a1vw3: I have spied something, I think!
Mech2: mc2a2__1: By Karras, I'll have no mischief on my watch!
Mech2: mc2a2__2: Mine instructions are clear: None...shall...pass!
Mech2: mc2a2__3: I'm ready for thee! Be thou there?
Mech2: mc2a2__4: Who troubles my watch? Show thyself!
Mech2: mc2a2h_1: Cease thy flutterings and show thyself!
Mech2: mc2a2h_2: Naaahaa! Thou art caught! Come into the light!
Mech2: mc2a2se1: I have the Builder's Patience on my side!
Mech2: mc2a2se2: Only cowards, and the vilest weeds, hides so...
Mech2: mc2a2se3: I'll lift every stone 'til I find thee, salamander!
Mech2: mc2a2se4: Reveal thyself and surrender!
Mech2: mc2a2v_1: You are spied! Who art thou, villain?
Mech2: mc2a3__2: What's this?
Mech2: mc2a3b_1: What's this? Murder? Friends! To me!
Mech2: mc2a3b_2: Vile criminal! Murderer! Prepare for The Builder's judgments!
Mech2: mc2a3na1: Is thy head...ready for my mace?
Mech2: mc2a3na2: Ahaa! I welcome the fight. Stand ready!
Mech2: mc2a3na3: Thou art revealed, foe! Defend thyself!
Mech2: mc2a3s_1: Hold! In Karras' name...hold!
Mech2: mc2a3s_2: Stop! Take, thou, no further action!
Mech2: mc2a3s_3: Halt, weed! Thou‘rt not welcomed here!
Mech2: mc2a3se1: I shall smite thee, when I find thee!
Mech2: mc2a3se2: I have found foes more goodly hid than thee!
Mech2: mc2a3se3: ‘Tis a coward's game you play!
Mech2: mc2a3se4: Thine evil stench shall unhide thee!
Mech2: mc2alma1: There be a thief! Sound the alarm!
Mech2: mc2alma2: I am for the alarms! Woe to you, thief!
Mech2: mc2alma3: Sound the alarms! Ring them out!
Mech2: mc2almw1: Get thee to an alarm! I'll face the foe!
Mech2: mc2amb_1: Ah! I am pummeled softly! Who dares it?
Mech2: mc2amb_2: Ah! Fear, thee, the mace? ‘Tis well, for thou shouldst!
Mech2: mc2amb_3: Ugh! Come out, coward, and try again your attack!
Mech2: mc2amb_4: Mmhrr!... Thou hast stirred my anger, shadow creeper!!
Mech2: mc2ambw1: I am besieged! Seest, thou, my foe?
Mech2: mc2ambw2: Help, Friend! What manner of foe did accost me?
Mech2: mc2ambw3: Uhh! Seest, thou, who unfuels me! I am hit!
Mech2: mc2atb_1: My bolt shall unseam thee!
Mech2: mc2atb_2: Taste stern iron, thief!
Mech2: mc2atb_3: My aim is true!
Mech2: mc2atl_1: (Strength failing) Lend aid, good Karras!
Mech2: mc2atl_2: (Strength failing) Karras! Fuel me!
Mech2: mc2atn_1: Thy days of sin end now, villain!
Mech2: mc2atn_2: Mace, find thy mark!
Mech2: mc2atn_6: I unroot thee, weed!
Mech2: mc2atn_7: Croak, treacherous toad!
Mech2: mc2atn_8: Thou art ended!
Mech2: mc2atn_9: How the unrighteous fall!
Mech2: mc2atn_a: Thou art surely smote!
Mech2: mc2ats_1: From The Builder's fist to thy heart!
Mech2: mc2ats_2: Karras, guide my power!
Mech2: mc2ats_3: The Builder shall clip thy branches!
Mech2: mc2atw_1: See, thee, the tunnel light, as yet?
Mech2: mc2atw_2: Cease! Expire! Unfuel!
Mech2: mc2atww1: One more on the mark and 'tis finished, fine cog!
Mech2: mc2bak_1: (Relaxing) Ahhh... 'Twas just a moss in my eyes, for now all's clear.
Mech2: mc2bak_2: Karras steel my nerves, for 'twas nothing after all.
Mech2: mc2bak_3: Hmm, quiet once more. Builder be praised.
Mech2: mc2bak_4: If 'twas a boiler, then it need be serviced, anon, for it should not ping so.
Mech2: mc2bak_5: Hm, all's quiet now.
Mech2: mc2bak_6: Rats would be wise to scurry elsewhere.
Mech2: mc2bkd_1: Thou shalt suffer soon…and diiie, too!
Mech2: mc2bkd_2: Oh, just let me smote thee, Herr Thief!
Mech2: mc2bkd_3: Well blocked, thief, but all for naught!
Mech2: mc2bkdw1: Once blocked, twice struck, eeeh, friend?
Mech2: mc2blk_1: I'll brag hearty on this exchange, thief!
Mech2: mc2blk_2: Hast thou the strength to try anon...villain?
Mech2: mc2blk_3: Thou shall needs move much faster, toad!
Mech2: mc2blkw1: He is lacking fuel now, Friend!
Mech2: mc2bod_1: MMUURRDEER! I shall pray for thee later, Friend, AND AVENGE THEE NOW!
Mech2: mc2bod_2: O murder most foul! I needs must find the evil doer.
Mech2: mc2bod_3: Murderer! Thou art most wicked! I will bring death to thee!
Mech2: mc2chga2: Stand and be crushed!
Mech2: mc2chga3: I shall cudgel thee!
Mech2: mc2chgw1: Swing thy mace also against the villain, Friend!
Mech2: mc2chgw2: Have at him, Friend!
Mech2: mc2chgw3: Swingest thou't, Cog, swing!
Mech2: mc2det_1: I am thy nightmare!
Mech2: mc2det_2: Death is thy fate, sinner!
Mech2: mc2det_3: 'Twould be more efficient if thee let me smote thee now!
Mech2: mc2detw1: See how the villain blocks? Aim past it!
Mech2: mc2diea1: Ooohm-mhh.. Bbulideeer...
Mech2: mc2diec1: (Dying) Aaaahhitt...growss... dark....
Mech2: mc2frus1: Thou shalt regret defying us!
Mech2: mc2frus2: Aarrhh… Curse thee!!
Mech2: mc2frus3: Thou may laugh for the moment, but thou wilt cry, ere long!
Mech2: mc2hit_1: A sinner's burial for you, rusty cog!
Mech2: mc2hit_2: Thy blood reeks from thy sinning!
Mech2: mc2hit_3: Dire villain! Expire quickly for me!
Mech2: mc2hit_4: Thou shalt learn the final lesson!
Mech2: mc2hitw1: Maces aready, and have at him!
Mech2: mc2hitw2: Finish, we, this twig's felling!
Mech2: mc2hlow1: (Wounded) Aaahhh…! Shelter me, friend!
Mech2: mc2hnd_1: I once knew a mayfly who struck me more hurtful!
Mech2: mc2hnd_2: Hah! No harm's on me! How be thy hand?
Mech2: mc2hnd_3: In The Builder's armor I am well dressed!
Mech2: mc2lar_1: Alas, a sinner doth menace our peace!
Mech2: mc2lar_2: Builder! I seek the villain who undoes your workings! That unfit cog will be reforged by my anger!
Mech2: mc2los_1: By The Builder, I've lost that scoundrel!
Mech2: mc2los_2: Hmmm… 'Tis as if the very shadows swallowed him up.
Mech2: mc2los_3: He was right there… and now that moss-eating thief has disappeared!
Mech2: mc2mis_1: No no! Thievery! Not while I'm still breathing!
Mech2: mc2mis_2: Thief! I shall unburden thee of thy mischievous hands!
Mech2: mc2rbod1: Join me! I seek vengeance for those who have fallen!
Mech2: mc2rbod2: A murderer stalks us! We must find him first!
Mech2: mc2rint1: Guard thy post, Friend! An armed intruder is nigh.
Mech2: mc2rint2: Keep mace aready! A thief this way does sneak!
Mech2: mc2rint3: Ware the villain...armed overmuch. He's close!
Mech2: mc2rmis2: 'Twas there then gone! We must stop this thief!
Mech2: mc2rob_1: A vandal is among us!
Mech2: mc2rob_2: No! ‘Tis ruined! Whoever did this, I shall find thee!
Mech2: mc2rob_3: Look! 'Tis a vandal's work!
Mech2: mc2roth1: Friend, awaken thyself! Something is amiss!
Mech2: mc2roth2: Keen thine eyes and ears! There is evil afoot!
Mech2: mc2roth3: Stay with me awhile! I think there might be trouble!
Mech2: mc2rrob1: A vandal is among us! Be thee watchful!
Mech2: mc2runa1: Bring thy numbers hither, Friends!
Mech2: mc2runa2: Lend me thy fuels! Hurry, Friends!
Mech2: mc2runa3: I am besieged! Bring me thine aids!
Mech2: mc2sec_1: Someone plays at mischief!
Mech2: mc2sec_2: Check all faces! A stranger walks among us.
Mech2: mc2sec_3: An intruder besets us!
Mech2: mc2sma_1: Undone or done? Which way was thou last seen?
Mech2: mc2sma_2: Hmmm… This sits strangely upon me.
Mech2: mc2telc1: Here! Here! The thief is here!
Mech2: mc2telc2: To me! The villain is spied!
Mech2: mc2telc3: Look here, Friends! The intruder!
Mech2: mc2telr1: Thief! Intruder! Aid my efforts, Mechanists!
Mech2: mc2telr2: Thief! Stop the treachery!
Mech2: mc2telr3: What manner of villain is this? Stop him!
Mech2: mc2telr4: An intruder! We'll end his treachery!
Mech2: mc2torc1: Hmmm… Odd to go dark so sudden.
Mech2: mc2torc2: Canst we not keep anything working?

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